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Cedar Point (CP) Discussion Thread

P. 1989: Wicked Twister's permanent closure announced!

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I love how it's coming together and the colors are growing on me! Tony's latest tweet pic with the turn out of the station is great. Thanks to everyone who is posting pics of the construction and especially the different footers before they're filled in. I never really thought about the footers under the ground being absolutely massive! It's neat to see the different shapes and then they pile ground back on top to show a tiny percentage of the footer. What has always surprised me is the bolts for the footers and track. It's funny to see huge footers with a couple dozen "small" looking (comparatively) bolts holding everything together. Enjoying the constant updates, thanks Tony and everyone else!

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What will the capacity of the wifi be? Will the color scheme be more orange? When will they start construction? Does Cedar Point need wifi? I bet CP stole the wifi from a small park like Michigan's Adventure.



It was actually stolen from Canadas Wonderland and Kings Dominion

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Well sadly the lift hill did not start going vertical today. However the last piece of track before the lift hill starts has been placed.





If you look closely you can see the track starting to curve up for the lift hill in this photo! Hopefully the lift hill will start going vertical tomorrow!!

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Based on the trajectory of that turn simple math tells us that the ride is not heartlined, the trains will rattle and the ride will be completely forceless.

Don't forget the chest crushing. Never forget the chest crushing.

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