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  1. Early entry returning as mentioned above is great news. I really missed not getting to the park last year!
  2. That stinks the Skyrush path is gone. I loved chilling out there because it was shady and beautiful, away from the hustle and bustle of The Hollow yet still close to the action. Thanks for chiming in.
  3. Thanks Elissa. Looking forward to a hopefully positive update! I love all your reports and got a good chuckle out of your Universal video. For those of us who cannot attend parks this year it's great to live vicariously through the posts here!
  4. Really enjoying seeing the updates from HP! Can anyone tell me if that little covered secret path to SkyRush on the far right side that passes by the water is still there? Or did they get rid of it for Candymonium? Thank you Ryan for chiming in about the Storm Runner/Toro/TTD restraints. It's always interesting to hear about how rides work!
  5. Hey Robb I was wondering if you guys ended up revisiting SWO and if so, how did it go? Hopefully it wasn't disaster day #2 but after your last report I wouldn't be surprised.
  6. That’s very interesting! I’ll have to remember to keep an eye out for the special to air or hopefully someone here will post. How did you find out they’re going to be filming that? I didn’t see any Xmas lights going up when I was there 2 weeks ago so it must have just started!
  7. We are in Pigeon Forge for the week. Does anyone know if Dollywood puts on a special fireworks show for the 4th? I know they do a so-so fireworks show every evening in the summer but wondered if they amped it up for the 4th. Has anyone been to the new Dolly Parton Pirates Voyage (I think it’s called?) dinner show? It opened last month. Wondering how it is. There are evidently other locations around the US that have the show too.
  8. Finally catching up on your last couple installments! I am really intrigued by the person who was restoring the painting at the one museum with a teeny tiny paintbrush. It's cool they're doing it with a curtain pulling back inch by inch. It would be even more neat to have a divider of sorts so that you could see the active restoration side as well as the yet-to-be restored side! Your hotel checkin experience with wildly inaccurate room and trolley info was definitely, um, less than ideal. I got a really good laugh out of the way you wrote about the corner room that does indeed exist! I've never stayed in a corner room but it does look nice and spacious! How long were you visiting inside the courthouse? The whispering wall someone else mentioned sounds neat and sorry but I laughed at Nick turning his phone off while you went off to explore, then you having to hike back up the 4 staircases for photos.
  9. Hooray your TR has begun!! I knew you’d get it going quickly! What a disappointment to hear that zoo carousel doesn’t play traditional music, which means no organ. But the various animals are absolutely fantastic on it so I guess it evens out. FYI the unidentified zebra-giraffe you photographed is an African animal called an Okapi. The waterfalls and beautiful pathways all over the zoo are really incredible. I had no idea St. Louis had such a pretty zoo! Thanks for all the pics of it. I do love that mosaic mural. Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your trip!
  10. This unexpectedly hilarious statement of yours needs to be repeated: “Great Adventure has El Toro and then you can ride El Toro again.“ LOL! I can confirm the metal detectors at Steel Vengeance are implemented in a much better way than KD has them set up at Timbers. Cedar Point does everything better though so I’m not surprised. Avalanche Bobsled is awesome and I’m happy to see someone else enjoys it. Glad you had a good day at Kings Dominion!
  11. Hey Zach - one thing to note when you’re setting up your bunny is the passcode. They’ll ask you twice in a row for a 4 digit code to use for the day. The number keypad flashed on the screen may be different from a typical number pad at first. Then when they then ask you to confirm your chosen code, the number order will be scrambled on screen. This really trips up a lot of people. Have a great time and don’t forget to ride Cedar Downs!
  12. I am super excited for your reports especially since the thread topic specifically includes ANIMALS! I get CoasterBill adventure updates without having to plead for a next installment and an extra dose of animals included. You are my new favorite person because of this and I hope you enjoy the stuff I’m sending you guys next week!
  13. Sure thing, Bill! Other people on here have helped me get stuff from parks before so I’m glad to pay it forward in that sense. Bert - I love those pics of us so much!! Thanks for posting them and making me smile! We had such an awesome time hanging out with you (and you too Canadian Bill) and it’s hard to believe that was 2 years ago already. Also hard to believe I still have not been able to participate in CoasterMania despite seeming to frequently be here over the event weekend LOL. Too many curve balls in my life but one of these days I’ll get on that darn peninsula cruise!
  14. JJLehto - they are serious, it’s been opening late. Quick update since I’m at The Point: SV opened at 12:07pm today (Thurs) and was pulling huge lines all day. The rest of the park was easy waits for most of the day except for TTD which also had enormous crowds queuing every time I looked over there. We suffered through SV’s wait at noon but skipped TTD today since we got on it last night. Got on a heck of a lot of rides at a leisurely pace and am hoping for another nice day tomorrow. We did the Monster Jam monster truck ride and it was a riot! It’s free and the ride itself was a unique experience. They did a good job with the course I thought, especially considering the small area they had to work with. The acrobatic show Vertical Impact by Iron Dragon was changed up a bit this year for the better. Improved music and stunts over last year. We ate at Hugo’s and had a great meal for lunch. Highly recommend the chicken parm sub and the tiramisu. My ride partner had a meatball sub and liked it. Happy CoasterMania Day to everyone who is attending! I’m attempting to attach some pics from last night and today. Beach View from the room this AM. It was cloudy and cold. Later in the afternoon it got really hot and sunny. Someone encountered some bugs... It’s still my favorite ride anywhere Snaggged this and something else for CoasterBill Millennium Force. Enough said! We missed the actual sunset but saw the pink clouds from the beach. I caught this when we got back to the room! Ferris wheel looking delightful
  15. The weather looked perfect for your quick trip up there. Is that Lighthouse Point sitting area off of some of the individual cabins or is that a sitting area for any Lighthouse Point people? Seems like a great way to relax for a while.
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