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  1. ^Makes you wonder how accurate the TEA attendance report is every year. Their 2017 report lists Knott's at a hair over 4 million. If Hangtime brought in an additional 2 million people that is one hell of an investment. http://www.teaconnect.org/images/files/TEA_268_653730_180517.pdf
  2. I love the view of the park you get right before the drop. Only missing Behemoth from the skyline.
  3. Does anyone know why Shockwave gets left in this position for the winter? I would have just assumed it would be left in the loading position during the off season.
  4. ^I get that. Even with the Voyage’s aggressive second half, everytime the train would pull into the station I’d want to ride again. Raven was the only coaster I had no desire to re-ride.
  5. Why wouldn't the bat stay? They just painted the entire thing and gave it a brand new name and logo a few seasons ago. There's no indication whatsoever that the Bat is going anywhere. That Bat is awesome, and (contrary to your experience), I've never seen the thing without a line. You’re right, there has been no indication that it is going anywhere. I was just joining the speculation of the future of the Bat and Vortex. I really do hope it stays, as it’s a great ride and one of the best suspended coasters left. Also glad to hear it’s still popular with the GP. If it’s still getting a line way down there it must be a favourite with a lot of the public.
  6. Nice TR, I just went for the first time last weekend and your reviews sound pretty much bang on compared to mine. The Raven: How does this ride get so much love? This thing was way too rough to enjoy. The Legend: The only review I'll disagree with. It was rough but tolerable and I really enjoyed the twisty layout. The Voyage: Stellar roller coaster up until the MCBR, then uncomfortable from there. Can't imagine how painful the ending would be if it were to just fly through the MCBR. Thunderbird: Great ride, nice to ride something actually smooth in the park. I had some bad luck while I was at the park; at one point The Voyage, Raven, and Thunderbird were all down at the same time and Legend was only using one train so of course everyone flooded that ride. The Voyage only opened up with an hour before close and with only 1 train so waits were painful but those night rides were fantastic.
  7. If The Bat is going to stay, their next coaster should go right beside it with the entrance as close to The Bat's entrance as possible to increase its ridership. Even with Banshee close by, when I was there last weekend I rode it on two separate occasions and never saw a train more than half full. I think most of the public likes The Bat, but don't like the long hike back there to ride it.
  8. Wasn't me but the person a row ahead of me. I was in line for the last row on The Racer at KI at night when a man (probably around 50) got in line for the row in front of me. He wasn't looking too well, almost looked drunk as he grabbed the gates in the station. Anyway, we get on, and during the last drop before the turnaround I felt something wet hit my face, like a raindrop. The sky was clear so I had a pretty bad feeling I knew what it was, and sure enough as we pulled into the station he had thrown up all over himself. I felt really bad for him as when we came back into the station as a bunch of 13-14 year olds started yelling and pointing at him, making a scene. He grabbed his stuff quickly and got out of the station; the dispatching ride op actually had to lean over the booth and tell him to find first aid to wash his clothes while he was walking down the exit ramp as he didn't want to stick around and talk to any ride-ops. I'm just glad I didn't get hit with more than I did behind him, and I hope he was feeling better for the rest of the night.
  9. Mystic Timbers. The night rides on that thing are just as good as The Beast’s in my opinion.
  10. Sheesh thunder run gets worked on every year I just rode it last weekend and was expecting it to be a lot rougher than it was. The only part that I think needs a lot of work is the last turn before the station. T3 was down all day so I guess that roughness makes up for missing the hang’n’bang.
  11. Flight Deck, Behemoth, Stunt Coaster, The Fly, Leviathan, and maybe Guardian and Skyhawk. They take your picture to show your scores on those rides though I'm not sure if you can buy them. Flight Deck got rid of on-ride photos a couple of years ago. Backlot Stunt Coaster had finally gotten rid of the on-ride photos last year and the on-ride photo building was removed during the 2015/2016 off-season. Behemoth, Ghoster Coaster, Leviathan, The Fly, and Taxi Jam have on-ride photos available for purchase. Wonder Mountain's Guardian and Skyhawk do have on-ride photos, although they are not available for purchase as they're only momentarily featured on a TV at the exit. Thanks for correcting me, shows how much I pay attention to those photos.
  12. Flight Deck, Behemoth, Stunt Coaster, The Fly, Leviathan, and maybe Guardian and Skyhawk. They take your picture to show your scores on those rides though I'm not sure if you can buy them.
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