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  1. The website says opening weekend is March 9-10. I may be in the area the following week, but the website doesn’t show anything about the operating schedule. I’m assuming they’ll be open the next week, but if I buy a pass with the sale and they’re not open I’d be a bit boned. Can I rely on them being open?
  2. I rode Superman last weekend then it started to rain. Then I rode it another 6 times in a row.
  3. ACCURATE!!! But the pain is so worth it once the coaster really gets going! Even if the shin pads hurt too much just remember what peninsula you're on.
  4. Toboggans are fun when you're at the age where you're invincible and could fall down the steps and the only lasting damage is "wow that was embarrassing" That time of my life is long gone.
  5. I don't get why everyone says that El Toro is the greatest wooden coaster on earth. When it's really not. There are several wooden coasters out there that are far superior than El Toro. . . I mean, El Toro isn't "bad" but it really isn't the "greatest woodie on earth." See 1:08
  6. Yeah knowing dorney it probably isn't much other than the new cafe in wwk. Maybe 2019 will be the year. Maybe Cedar Fair will relocate Cedar Point's Woodstock Express to Dorney as a show of sympathy. That's a bit much.
  7. That's pretty amazing. I never thought of that. And SF says Magic Mountain is the "undisputed Thrill Capital of the World” And they don't even have a giant circle?
  8. If I did my research correctly, yes i hate myself enough to research all of this Cedar Point is in first place with 6 roller coasters over 200 feet, while there's a many way tie for second, each having two. That's a pretty good lineup if I said so.
  9. If you can't handle Skyrush, Cocoa Cruiser is nearby and i once waited 45 minutes for it
  10. I may be a little late to the discussion but as a Hersheypark ride operator I can assure you all that this is indeed a coaster
  11. I didn't see Wild Waves running and didn't care to go to Gillian's.
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