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  1. ^That's just where the track has been repainted most recently. The lowest portions of the track don't require massive cranes so they can be repainted more easily and are done more frequently.
  2. Thanks for all the positive feedback on my video! I'm glad someone at Dollywood liked it enough to share!
  3. Speaking of that last trip, here's a quick glimpse of it through a video I've been editing for a total of about 20 hours. Please let me know what you think!
  4. ^I rode it 14 times last week; it is definitely worthy of my #1 spot. It was my first RMC and really blew me with incredible pacing and relentless airtime.
  5. Hey everybody, I know this is a little late, but here's a short video I put together from Media Day. I was hoping to make it longer, but this was the best I could do!
  6. Hey guys, quick question: How large are crowds around spring break time, say, two weeks from now on a week day? Average wait time? Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. Looks great! If that truly is an outward banked turn into a double down, as suggested a page or two back, that would be awesome!
  8. ^^I bet you're getting laid now that everyone knows that you were the one to go against the grain and say it would happen. Here's your cookie, m8.
  9. I'd like to point out I know the guy who made that in Auto CAD, and it is 100% fake. If you want proof I'll send pictures of his RMC Wildcat blueprint from HP in the same format. Sorry guys. Edit: I'm also not saying RMC Hurler won't happen or isn't plausible in the future, I'm simply stating that the picture posted is a fake render posted specifically to troll gullible enthusiasts.
  10. I know I'm some number of pages too late because we're all so busy talking in ridiculous circles, but can we go back to this? This is the best video on the internet. (Ok maybe I'm exaggerating, but not a lot) Very well done. Thank you!!
  11. Dawn your tinfoil hats, everybody, this one still seems to think they're fake!
  12. At the risk of being completely overshadowed by all of the Mean Streak & RMC talk, I'd like to share something with you guys. I finally completed my Cedar Point Cinematic/Slow Motion video; it took about 15-20 hours total, but it's finally done, and I hope you guys enjoy it! I have always wanted to visit CP and create a video like this for the park, and am really proud of the result. I'd really appreciate any feedback via a post below, comment on YouTube, or PM here on TPR. Let me know what you think! Without further ado, I present Cedar Point's Steel Giants (feat. wooden coasters) ______________________________________________________________ Also, here's a quick run down of some of the coasters we rode during our late-August visit: Maverick - It's my new favorite coaster. It packs so many different elements in one complete, intense package. It's themed decently, provides great ejector airtime, fast launches, tight transitions, and a really smooth ride. It's everything I could ask for in a coaster. Millennium Force - This coaster doesn't deserve the hate it gets. It's fast, smooth, has airtime that dwarfs that of the standard B&M hyper, and does all of this while providing a long ride through and over the treetops. Gatekeeper - Is it forceless? Basically. Is it an awesome ride? Definitely. I loved Gatekeeper, it was such a fantastic experience in the front row on the last train of the night during a spectacular summer sunset. Very smooth and graceful. Top Thrill Dragster - Loved everything about it except the length. I didn't feel it was fair to compare it to other coasters simply because there isn't enough substance to TTD. Valravn - It was a good, fun dive coaster, but the vests kill a lot of the potential floating that happens on Griffon. I'd still rank it above Griffon because the layout isn't as repetitive and its a longer ride, but the actual diving wasn't as pronounced. The view, however, was terrific. Raptor - A really fast paced B&M invert with snappy transitions and great forces. While I didn't appreciate the headbang the corkscrews provided, the rest of the coaster was a ton of fun. Rougarou - I actually liked this a lot more than I expected to. It wasn't rough in my experience, it shuffled at the bottom of the dive loop and through the corkscrew, but it was pretty smooth otherwise. I would rank it above Dominator; I really liked the twisting transitions. Magnum - I didn't really get the hype. It was fun I guess, but it was terribly uneventful. The coathangered arrow transitions that start banking about 100 yard too soon didn't help either. Wicked Twister - Rode it in the back row; every launch made it progressively more rattley. I'm sure its fine in the front, but I wasn't sticking around to test that theory. Skyhawk - Best. Flat. Ever.
  13. I ended up only getting 9 credits at Cedar Point because I was spending my time getting tons of re-rides on Maverick, MF, TTD, etc. rather than wasting my time at the kiddie and/or crap coasters. I don't regret it at all, and really felt like I got to take away so much more from my trip than if I had gotten the 17 credits and "checked it off the list." There was also the benefit of riding Maverick 8 times, which is never a bad thing!
  14. In anticipation of the completion of my Cedar Point Video TR (Cinematic style), here's a screenshot of one of my favorite shots of my favorite coaster, Maverick, in the video!
  15. I got back from my CP trip less than a week ago and am already jealous of those who are going soon! What a wonderful place and amazing trip I had. Maverick is coaster perfection.
  16. Just got off a MF night ride. It was my first experience on the coaster and was so much fun! There was really good floater air, the drop was stunning, and the speed was impeccable. Don't know why MF received so much hate.
  17. Thanks for the tips! What if I can only do one of the two: night rides tonight or fast lane tomorrow? What would you recommend then?
  18. While on the subject, I'd like some advice. Arriving at Breakers tonight around 5. The park closes at 10 tonight and 8 tomorrow night. With that in mind, would it be a good idea to spend tonight at the park and get night rides rather than saving that money for a possible fast lane for tomorrow? How are crowds typically on Sunday nights? This would be our only opportunity to get night rides, but I don't want to go to the park for 4 hours tonight if there's gonna be sizeable lines tomorrow that I could've otherwise skipped with an FL+, any suggestions?
  19. Yeah. Plus KD is the 3rd best CF park under CP and KI. (Although I personally would put KI and KD over CP, because quality over quantity, but I'm just going by the popular opinion.) I didn't know carowinds just closed. Carowinds has nothing outstanding other than Fury 325 and Afterburn (I really don't find I232 that impressive personally). Their flats prior to 2017 were really lacking, and the rest of their coasters range from decently mediocre to impressively bad. I love Fury; it's my favorite coaster, but the park as it stands currently isn't all that great. In my opinion, KD has a far better selection of coasters, flat rides, and landscaping. Even though I like Fury more than I305 and Afterburn more than Volcano, I still think KD takes the cake in nearly all categories here. Obviously, with so much investment in Carowinds recently, this is subject to change.
  20. In the hole in my heart that formed after KD's announcement.
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