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  1. Hey guys! Just letting you know job applications are now up for Ride Operations at Cedar Point. Going to Cedar Point and getting away from my hometown for a while was the best learning experience I have ever had and helped me grow tremendously as a person. Housing is provided, and you get to work and ride some of the coolest rides in the world all while meeting new friends and making money! If anyone has any questions about what it's like to work at Cedar Point, you can email me at blakelemay@yahoo.com !
  2. Hey Bluestreak!, Glad you found yourself a souvenir! My crew had a blast this season, and it was another succesful season of Von Rolling.
  3. Had a great first visit to the park before I process in at Cedar Point this week to prep the park for the summer. Notes: love a hill-y park. Powder Keg was a huge surprise, never saw it have any downtime. Back row was by far the best and packed some good airtime. Wild Fire was pretty cool, my friend lost his phone after not using a locker or a bin (no sympathy for him). Thunderation was just OK IMO, didn't find it to be re-rideable. Outlaw Run became my second favorite RMC under Texas Giant, Outlaw Run is more intense but I love the length of NTG. I was surprised I liked the front better on this ride than the back (except for on the first drop). Can't say I'm a big fan of those RMC lap bars. This was my second inverting wooden coaster, rode Son of Beast with and without the loop (RIP). Staff was very friendly, theming was top notch. Tried the cinnamon bread (original and peach cobbler), and the blueberry ice cream (yum). Love the mini S&S towers, best airtime IMO. The park had a pretty confusing layout. My favorite thing: There is so much to do there that the park was very packed, but the rides were still walk ons. Loved it. Hope to be back soon, and hope to see some of you at Cedar Point this season!
  4. Lol sorry, haven't been paying much attention to this project. Could of sworn it was supposed to be a Mack Extreme Spinner, but I guess it was just speculation.
  5. I'll be at the park tomorrow, first visit and 3rd RMC! I hope they stayed with Mack and just changed the product to something like Helix or Blue Fire.
  6. What a strange place for that. But then again.. would a creepy statue of a hot dog showering himself in ketchup fit anywhere in the park?
  7. Quick shoutout to Coasterkyle, he designed multiple designs for Sky Ride crew to choose between for crew buttons this season! He did a great job, can't wait to see one of these brought to life this season!
  8. Coasters: Fury 325 Maverick Top Thrill Dragster Diamondback El Toro Gold Striker Lightning Rod Montu Kumba Valravn (with the old restraints..BAM) Big Bad Wolf (RIP) Verbolten Mind Bender (SFOG) The Voyage Lightning Run Dominator And Woodstock Express and the kiddie invert from KI for the kids. Flat rides: SWAT (SFAW) (RIP) Skyhawk Maxair Superman: Tower of Power (SFOT) and the classics ofcourse Transportational rides: Von Roll Skyride Train Water Rides: Dudley do rights Popeyes river barge (not familiar with the whole name)
  9. Anybody else ridden The Voyage at night? Personally my absolute favorite night rides on any coaster.
  10. I would be perfectly fine if Six Flags started building small, compact, forceful B&M's like the Batman clones again.
  11. Happy Friday! Here is a rare Skyride pic and 2 rare pictures that have both Von Rolls in them!
  12. I went to Six Flags Astroworld the week they announced it would be closing forever. It was the fourth of July, there were so many gangs there that they had to have police in the park separating people wearing blue from people wearing red. They cancelled the fireworks, and if i remember correctly the park closed early (not sure, i was very young). A gang that left the park went to a nearby shell station and looted it. As a kid i remember not liking the park, SWAT was my favorite ride, XLR8 was pretty unique, Viper was a beaut, the drop tower was cool, Serial Thriller was my first invert, and the Texas Cyclone was just awful. The stand-up coaster was pretty terrible too, very similar to Vortex at Carowinds. I wish the park would have been successful, its a shame it had to close.
  13. It looks like to me the shed will be a themed enclosed area that also serves as a transfer table, so instead of going through a normal transfer area they are going to spice it up.. because why not? I like the idea. I don't think there will be a drop track, or a jojo roll or anything special, but just a neat lighted area that hides the fact its a transfer table.
  14. From looking at the document, it looks like the "20 year" thing is just being able to operate already existing rides and existing park hours for the next 20 years. If you look at estimated carbon dioxide emissions almost all of it will be in 2017. The proposed new rides may all be for 2017-18.
  15. Because compared to the other two Dive Coasters in the US, Valravn kinda sucks. My main complaint about Valravn are the restraints. The restraints kill any chance for you to get the really awesome airtime that dive coasters are known for. The only redeeming factor for Valravn is the views from the top of the ride. Other than that it is a pretty forgettable, and meh coaster. I'll add the Carowinds Fury v Intimidator aspect here. The main vertical drop is nothing unique--especially to CP. Home to steep drops on Dragster, MF, and Maverick (beyond vertical). People whined about how Fury seemed too similar to Intimidator and now Fury just completely blows Intimidator away. Many recommend riding Intimidator before Fury because of this reason. Intimidator still gets riders, but not as many as it used to. There's no denying the GP appears to love this ride and it is a people-eater. It will be interesting to see its ridership numbers and queue wait times in future years, especially after RMC Streak opens. I was never impressed with Intimidator before and after Fury. Fury is just beautiful though, now that is what i call a complete ride. Fury has everything you could want in a coaster.
  16. Tough one! It came down to Kumba and Montu Ill go with Kumba. Busch Gardens Williamsburg
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