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I thought it would be funny to look like I was banned, but still be posting. Unfortunatly, nobody seems to have really noticed it, or atleast not commented about it.


EDIT: Looks like a mod caught on and removed it. Back to the Sonic Rush checkpoint GIF then.

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I have no memory of posting in this thread so I will go ahead and post. Mine is a picture of my "Donkey" hat while in a bathroom stall right next to the Magic Kingdom's Space Mountain. It was during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party in 2005.

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It's quite funny to see a 360 with the ring of death error. Nice that Microsoft have extended the warranty for 360's to 3 years. Wonder if this is the same for the UK.


I bought a "fan" for my PS3, it locks onto the top of the console and has 2 small fans and 1 large one which blows cool air into the machine. It will never over heat now.


Even has variable speed, have the 2 small fans working and the larger fan in the middle idle.

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Mine was snagged from Barry's video footage of Liseberg from the TPR UK 2006 trip. We're on Balder doing the Gator Chomp. I'm the one on the right, and I believe LarryGator is the one on the left. If you look closely, we have the ride ops behind us enjoying the ride too.

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This is a picture of me when I first went on Lisebergbanan. Dated 2005/09/24.


Oh, and this thing would work better if people didn't change their avatar so often, or if they remember to come back and edit their posts.



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