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  1. well mine is pretty much self-explanetory. its a cat trying to hold in its laugh... lol
  2. www.myspace.com/vetpret invite me pleez!
  3. Age: 16 Middle Name: Arnold Pet Peeve: any... Color of your bathroom: white and green Best Movie of ALL time: Armaggeddon, Mean Girls and the Pirates of the carribean series Best Song of ALL time: Islands In A Stream Best TV Shows: Heroes, Simpsons and MTV Favorite Band/Artist: Nelly Furtado Favorite Ride at Disney Parks: Never been to a disney Yummiest Ice Cream: caramel If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be: My Grandfather Morning Person or Night Person: Morning person Pets: 3 dogs - lab, daschund and a border collie. 2 cats Favorite Color: Blue Where you would go for fun (not an amusement park): Cape Town Coke or Pepsi: Coke Opinion about Peanut Butter and Jelly: euww Best Vacation Spot: Oudshoorn - SA Cook or Go Out: go out Beach, Desert, or Mountains: Beach
  4. ek twyfel om enige iemand my sal verstaan want dis immers net Suid Afrikaners wat tog AFRIKAANS kan praat ag wel... so ek dag ek se net aar by dat TPR is maar net die koelste! (TPR is the coolest)
  5. omfg i won? lolz... i wasn't expecting this... oh someone hold me... i've never won anything in my life... no seriously its not that big a deal but thanks alot for those MANY people that voted. seeing that i only won by one vote i think its safe to say that everyones a winner here...
  6. i voted to see the reslults but then they were hidden! grr.... anyway, i don't wanna sound al political but please vote for me! lol
  7. yeah true that makes alot of sense. i just keep africana then
  8. yay thats good to know, can i post another entry?
  9. thanks alot but i must say its not my best. my best one was on a computor that crashed...
  10. here is my african themed park, Africana. enjoy EDIT: i noticed that my park is bigger than the rest but it can go any smaller. i don't know why but i think there is a glitch because if i make it on its smallest it freezes and i have to reset my computer. Africana.zip Download and Enjoy!
  11. its mergin one coaster type with another. vertical to floorless and then back again Kali - not finished yet with theming
  12. am i allowed to use hacked roller coasters? i already made a hug B&M dive machine and i'm not planning on deleting it...
  13. this sounds verynfun. i'm gonna do it just for the heck of it! i'll begin straight away!
  14. this is going to be simply amazing and i can just imagine that idead of lights all around DD's track and right before each train i light will fly as the train 'chases' it. Wonder how it will look if there is only one golden snitch and at each 'crossover' the snitch will look like it changes trains... now.. the great puzzle actually is if any of this made any sense at all...
  15. how a bout a nice B&M dive machine. remember to hack it if you can. that way it looks alot better
  16. nice TR and still, i haven't ridden nemesis or katun but katun looks soo much better! olol/ or actaully more equal.. i'm confused...
  17. i know this is a bit late but i couldn't help but notice! look at the little kid on the right. he's terrified!!
  18. try putting some trees and theming with your kiddoe coaster. it'll probaly boost its ratings as well/ keep up the good work!
  19. well if its gonna be anything like RCT3 then forget it. RCT3 was the biggest waste of cash i ever did. they should still make updates for rct2! yay
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