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Explain your avatar

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My avatar is a meat popsicle.


At the time of this post (11-7-2007), it's the stone sign and fountain at the entrance of Roman Rapids at BGE (That's near Apollo's Charriot for you folks who need a better landmark ).


When you future people read this (especially you drinking the warm Dr. Pepper there, yes I CAN see you,) it may be something else that is likely rapids or wetness related.


Go forth, now that your life is enriched by my pointless (yet mildly entertaining) blathering!

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My avatar was drawn by me in a graphic design class several years ago. We had to develop a personal logo that demonstrated part of our personality....so mine naturally was a roller coaster. It is actually based on an photo of the last part of the Texas Giant (looking backwards right before the brakes and station). After we developed a logo, we were told that we now had to incorporate our first or last initial into the drawing. Mine was already kind of shaped like a "P", so adding a circle in the middle was my solution.



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Was helping cut up a tree today with a chainsaw and thought, hey, get a picture of me with a chainsaw running as a avatar. Well, my chainsaw decided not smoke like it had before so you cant even tell it is running. Me with a chainsaw, as if we didn't have enough idiots with chainsaws running around the world.

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The "Starliner" was the 1st wooden coaster in Florida and has recently been saved by CG, it has a lovely Out n Back layout designed by John C. Allen and I bet it gives a good dos-age of


I wish the original station and manual brake could of been used, but I guess it was not safe enough to have the station on a curve due to all the Health n Safety restrictions of today.


I'll love to see a layout like this somewhere in the UK, the wood painted white, track is red and flags and chaser lights on the lift-hill.


Thank You CG for saving another special woody and hopefully I can get to Florida and ride this scream machine some-day.

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Three years ago, I tried thinking of making a "signature smiley", so I came up with one that has four buck teeth. I still use it to this day, and I recently made a series of emoticons, so to speak, including "huh?" "D'oh!" "mad" etc.

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