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  1. I got the same camera for Christmas, but none of the many pics I've already taken look as good! Excellent work!
  2. Steel top 10: (Favorite wood, El Toro) 1- Bizarro @ SFNE 2- Behemoth 3- Nitro 4- Maverick 5- Top Thrill Dragster 6- Storm Runner 7- Kumba 8- Montu 9- Wicked Twister 10- Gemini
  3. 1- El Toro @ GAdv 2- Favorite Steel (SFNE Bizarro) 3- Boulder Dash 4- Lightning Racer Thunder 5- Lightning Racer Lightning 6- Phoenix 7- Thunderbolt @ SFNE 8- Blue Streak 9- Cyclone @ SFNE 10- Twister @ Knoebels 11- Comet @ Hershey 12- Wildcat @ Hershey 13- Mighty Canadian Mine Buster 14- Gwazi Tiger 15- Gwazi Lion 16- Wildcat @ Lake Compounce 17- Rolling Thunder 18- Wilde Beast 19- Mean Streak
  4. Wooden Out & Back- El Toro, Boulder Dash Wooden Twister- Phoenix Wooden Racing/Dueling- Lightning Racer Mine Train- Runaway Mine Train- GAdv Wild Mouse- TDK coaster- GAdv Bobsled- Disaster Transport Stand Up- Mantis Floorless- Medusa/Bizarro- GAdv Mega-Looper- Kumba Flying- Superman: UF- GAdv Suspended- Vortex- Canada's Wonderland Inverted/SLC- Montu Non Looper Mega Coaster- I believe Gemini at CP counts. Hypercoaster- S:Ros/Bizarro, Behemoth Giga Coaster- Millennium Force (only one and it sucks) Strata Coaster- Top Thrill Dragster>>Kingda Ka Boomerang- Zoomerang @ Lake Compounce LIM- The Chiller, formerly at GAdv Arrow Multi Looper- GASM @ GAdv
  5. Ocean Beach is in New London, two towns away from me! Too bad I'm off to college in a week and can't meet the big man when he's nearby. Why not cruise up to Mt. Monadnock in NH and say hi!
  6. Exactly. There's even been articles in the montreal news touting la ronde as the tallest woodie in the world: http://www.leaderpost.com/travel/Monstre+running+best+roller+coaster+poll/1835630/story.html (wtf?) so yeah. We really need to at least keep it reasonable.
  7. Bumping this up in hopes of getting some real fans to vote for the ride that really should win. even though this is really a pointless competition, le monstre at la ronde cannot be declared better than El Toro. ie go silence the crazy canadians! http://www.facebook.com/sixflags?v=app_90891003784
  8. Something is certainly wrong with the voting page. I hope it gets fixed soon!
  9. El Toro obviously, and more under the radar I'd say Cyclone at SFNE in the backseat. Halfway down the drop off the chain there's one of the most violent moments of ejector air I've felt.
  10. Just a month ago, one of my friends noses. I was slightly concussed and his nose was a tad crooked. (A tad meaning extremely)
  11. I'm just a tiny bit of a photography nut!
  12. Do they still have single rider line? Yeah but it doesn't branch off until you enter the station so you still have to basically go through the line if there is one. Also, got in six more rides on Bizarro today and closed out the day on it as well.
  13. Bizarro at SFNE back on media day. Good thing I'll finally be back at the park on Friday!
  14. 1. Bizarro (SFNE) 51 2. Thunderbolt (SFNE) 21 3. Batman - The Dark Knight 16 4. Boulder Dash 16 5. Pandemonium 15
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