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  1. I hope you have a great time! I'm going by myself (read: without my children) to Disneyland in September for the race weekend. I am so looking forward to it, since I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 17 years old. I think you have to go into the trip understanding it will be a different experience than visiting WDW! Either way, both parks have more Disney magic than I'll find anywhere at home!
  2. Whenever we go to a theme park we let each child pick one thing they *have* to do, and make sure we do those, before running out of time. That worked really well at WDW, because even spending a week there, we couldn't do everything. They already have lists going for "next time", whenever that may be. But the idea works on a smaller scale, even at Six Flags, so everyone knows that at some point during the day they will get to ride their favorite ride. Before our Disney trip the kids (we have 3) did little extra jobs around the house to earn "Mickey Money" which was to be their souvenir money. However, at the last minute Grandma gave each kid $100 to spend on the trip. Grandma rules! Last thing... I checked eBay listings for Disney trading pins almost daily, and bought cheap ones, that way, they started out with pins to trade. Although a lot of Grandma's money was spent on new pins as well.
  3. Very cool, we just stayed in Albuquerque overnight a few weeks ago. Our hotel was right across from Cliff's but, alas, we didn't get to stop and visit. I enjoyed your photos!
  4. Six Flags Over Texas. Bonus Points: it was only 38 degrees today. (That's cold for Tx!)
  5. Very cool. We drove past Dixie Landings this summer en route to WDW. It was all lit up with all the rides spinning, it looked great at night. Seems like a great local park, thanks for the photos!
  6. And watching football... and wine! Although I don't think any of these things are good if you are trying to lose weight.
  7. Fried Coke is basically fried uh...balls of dough drizzled with straight Coke syrup, then topped with whipped cream. So I guess, technically the Coke isn't fried, it's just fried stuff that tastes like Coke. However, I would not recommend it to anyone. It's pretty nasty.
  8. Great pics! I absolutely love the State Fair. We were there a few days later. You were smart to go on a weekday, I think I'll have to try that next year. (BTW, I have a picture of the same evil ostrich in my P:TR somewhere on the Random board)
  9. Now on to the midway. I have to say the rides at the State Fair are a bit expensive. I really wish they would offer a wrist band for unlimited rides, so we had to just choose a few we wanted to try. They even gave us a military escort out of the place. And yes, my car was still where I left it, thankfully! We ending the evening by checking out the RCT style swan boats and watching the parade. Pretty much the most disgusting food product ever invented, but at least I can say I tried it. In Texas, we fry everything. Don't worry children, fried food is good for you. Then the girls took a spin on the Love Bugs. We walked past the Enchanted House of Copyright Infringement. After hearing the terrified screams of the riders and the sadistic laughter of the ride op, we decided to just keep on walking! Say hello to Mr. Wacky Worm! Then we checked out the Crazy Mouse. Next up was the Zillerator, which was super fun, although super short. and Downtown Dallas on the other. You can see the midway on one side... Here we go! Here's the main event, the Texas Star. It's 212 ft tall. Ironically, it's much less scary to ride than the average ferris wheel at the local port-a-carneval.
  10. Fall in Texas means many things, none of which include cooler weather, changing leaves or sweaters. However, we do get to visit The State Fair of Texas, for exhibits, rides and fried food! Here is my visit with my family in early October... (Please note this is my first P:TR, be easy on me. Especially since I think my photos suffered while being compressed.) and new ones. Watch out, this kid will be a licenced driver in 10 years. Time to check out some old cars (advertising a possible stop on the TPR TX Trip?) "I'm a crazy pumpkin with a Texas sized pimple on my nose!" Next, we saw crazy pumpkin carving in action! And the Jonas...er...Biscuit Brothers!! her baby Beaureguard... We also met famous people, like Elsie, the Borden cow... Cheers Steve! Here lies Steve the Zebra, remember him well. You know. Damn straight. I took this picture about 30 seconds before he bit my son's finger. Luckily, it wasn't lethal. and the wooly mountain goat. Like the giraffe... I see you Midway! We'll be back to you after checking out the native animals of Texas. But the tiny people in the villiage by his feet still live in fear. He's a benevolent giant... Here's Big Tex. he watches over the fair grounds. Here we are at the entrance. We bought our tickets in advace at the grocery store, then paid some gentleman $5 to park in his front yard, and we are ready to go!
  11. Yep. I just saw a girl rockin' the skinny jeans with the zipper ankles and checkerboard Vans. I just had to laugh. (not at her, just at the fact that I've seen it all before)
  12. I'm sort of old school, so I love the Shockwave. I rode it the first time when I was 6 and have loved it ever since. I'll be gracefully declining riding Texas Giant on the trip, it's way too painful. But I think Judge Roy Scream is just plain old fun (not thrilling, but fun). Titan and Steel Eel are fun too!
  13. Oh man. I didn't know that there was a creative writing portion, I would have tried harder.
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