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  1. That sounds like it sucks. Living 2 minutes from my Uni campus where lectures could start anywhere from 9am - 5pm depending on the day is pretty luxurious in comparison. Except we're dealing with hangovers.
  2. Thanks for the reminder, just got a cheeky little enty in.
  3. Reginald D Hunter and Dylan Moran right now.
  4. 1. Knights of the Old Republic 2. Timesplitters 2 3. Bioshock 4. Metal Gear Solid 3 5. Resident Evil 4 6. Portal 7. Batman: Arkham Asylum 8. Mass Effect 2 9. Pokemon Gold 10. Dead Space
  5. I like what I'm seeing here. I don't know how bees destroy buildings but it all looks like some quality theming regardless.
  6. Many straight females in high school like Lady Gaga, so, you're far from alone.
  7. The Fifth Element was pretty damn bad. Never thought I'd say that about a film starring Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman.
  8. Are there any problems in life that UV and or foam can't fix?
  9. Muse At Wembley stadium, aka, "arguably the best live band at the best venue in the country" After a hearing about a worryingly pop song filled setlist for the Friday gig I lost hope for Saturday. I shouldn't have done. After three amazing support bands, Muse came, bringing with them an electrical atmosphere. The pop nonsense was removed in favor of great, rocking songs; old and new. Crowd pleasers, fan favorites and rarities were all played. The band were in absolute top-form and the production employed one of the best stages I've ever seen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgkwKgDjrzQ My only concern now is going back to normality after experiencing the pinnacle of enjoyment.
  10. Though I don't see why this makes sense at a salon I do think in places like airport, weight should be taken into consideration. Either prices or permitted luggage weight should be taken into account with passenger weight. Fact of the matter is, it costs more money to get a morbidly obese person airbourne than it would to get me airbourne.
  11. Please tell me this was just the video and it hasn't been adapted into a feature film.
  12. Wolf Creek, not very scary as a film really, but the acting is superb throughout making you believe that people like this could still exist. That's the scary part, it stays with you a bit.
  13. On my first playthrough, I want to say I had something like 30-40 hours into it. But that included a LOT of exploring, side-quests, and random goofing around. Once you get past the slightly high difficulty curve in the beginning (low ammo, health, powerful enemies, etc.), you'll love it. That's something that should have stuck around, it was the best part in my opinion. An apocalyptic evironment isn't really all that impressive or daunting when you've got near infinite health kits and alien lasers. Hopefully New Vegas' will fix that with hardcore mode, not that I'll get to try it for a while, damn it uni.
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