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  1. DOH ROBB I have a hockey tournament that weekend in Vacaville. If anyone who's going wants to take a trip to a cold rink and watch some women play hockey feel free. I'm sad that I'm missing this!
  2. Well.. I'm a Graduate Student Researcher in a veterinary genetics lab, which of course also means I'm a graduate student. Finishing my Masters this summer, as a matter of fact! Basically, I do research on naturally occurring feline genetic traits and diseases, and I oversee the health and breeding of our cat colony. My thesis is on familial aggregation of response to catnip. I also work at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at my University, as a clinical Microbiology assistant. There I set up animal clinical samples and then run various biochemical tests and immunologic assays in order to isolate and identify microorganisms that cause disease and quantify their susceptibility to various antibacterial agents. Last but not least, I start my first year of a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine program in a month and a half. I'll keep my job at the VMTH but won't be doing research during the school year anymore. And for anyone who thinks grad school is putting off "the real world" or whatever...look between my index and ring fingers for my opinion on that.
  3. why would we get sick they filled the cups with water not hantavirus??
  4. I have a close friend who is a Sabres fan and I told him to look at it this way. The Sabres provided the opportunity for the Bruins to make choking hall of fame history. Honestly, this ranks up there with 18-1* as two of the most hilarious sports occurrences of the last decade, and to have Boston fans be the object of ridicule for both of them...well, that warms the cockles of my heart. And Lindy Ruff made it possible! edit: And as for the Bills...well, condolences.
  5. Defending champions losing to the #8 seed is somehow not the biggest choke job of these playoffs. For this I have the Bruins and Capitals to thank.
  6. editing because the post was deleted that I responded to. Sorry for contributing to the hijack!
  7. As a girl who is originally from the Pittsburgh area and has played ice hockey for 25 years, let me assure you that I realize that there is a rivalry between the Flyers and the Penguins. That said, let me also tell you that the majority of hockey players will dive if they think they can draw a penalty, and can be a bit dirty when the refs aren't paying attention. Lastly, the name "Sidney" is in itself a more popular name for girls than for boys. So there's really no reason to alter it because you are jealous that the Penguins have one of the most talented players in the league. You can go ahead and giggle to yourself that he has a girls name, and you can even make jokes about using the women's tee at the golf course right now. That would be clever trash talking. What you did was just lazy.
  8. Well then maybe you should do a little bit more research on the topic on your own (hint: not at PeTA's website). If you're unaware of something your first impulse should not be to assume the worst and comment as if that's truth. I didn't see your original post but from this one I assume it had something to do with disagreeing with using animals as entertainment or whatever your deal is. SFDK is an AZA accredited institution that participates in conservation breeding management programs, and they use operant conditioning (in the form of positive reinforcement) to "capture" natural behaviors for training purposes. Their mission is education first, and it's very clear across the park and in the animal shows. edit: It appears that you joined this site specifically to post about the animals at SFDK. Classy.
  9. classy, typical Philly fan. Gonna throw batteries next?
  10. I didn't feed the elephant after tug of war because I am a poor sport.
  11. Hey, that hard brake before the lift really caught a lot of us off guard the first time!!
  12. Signed up for the SFDK day! If I take TWO days away from campus the lab might explode or something. So I'll be there, just me this time most likely. edit: If I find someone who wants to go, and there are still spaces left, can I still register someone else as a guest with me?
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