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  1. I just had a pretty wild idea: what if they took one side of space mountain out, kept one side as a classic/family side and the new side would become an RMC Raptor coaster in the dark (since the trains would closely resemble its predecessor) , a more aggressive high thrill side. Similar to mission space orange and green teams.
  2. My only question is, why did they use Full Throttle for the Ad; with that being said I think FT would make an amazing Virtual Reality coaster. The reverse launch could be something coming after you (Launched backwards), you dodge it (Backwards Snake-dive), and you fly back to fight it (Full launch forward)
  3. Wow, that is so cool that you had that idea for the new element because I just recently finished a coaster with that exact element!! Great minds think alike
  4. Ember Lake The park is an american park inspired by the aesthetics of a european theme park. "The theme park of tomorrow" History The park was conceived in the early 2000's the perfect time to invest in a park with all of today's newest technology to ensure a great park experience for everyone; from ages 4-75. The park itself takes up a corner of a great lake: 200+ Acres for this mega-park (I'll let you use your imagination). Having a total of 15 coasters, FIFTEEN! I created the park wanting to use predominately original RCT3 Platinum scenery. You'll find hints of custom scenery. I will post updates of sections of the park, I made this park about 4 months ago, so after 6 replies I'll continue the park tour. I saved a section of the land for future updates/construction/expansion of the recreation area in the future. So please tune in and give me your thoughts! Ember Lake Logo The park entrance pavilion, inspired by the LACMA urban lights The modern day stonehenge, giant pillars create a great instagram-worthy shot Ember Lake entrance gate As soon as you get your RFID wristband scanned (which can also be loaded with cash for easy pay throughout the park's vendors and shops) you're greeted by the entrance garden -- and the massive intamin drop tower "Mayday" Again, this park is made for instagramming. Directly to the right of the entrance there is an organic burger restaurant named Modeaux, with outdoor dining next to the park's B&M invert Look to your left you will find the park's most intense ride "Oblitorate" B&M's greatest creation since nemesis. A wing rider on crack The beginning of the ride features a swooping drop, a first for wing riders, a zero-g roll into a high speed turn and a cliff dive. The intensity. Look to the right of the entrance again, behind the coffee shop is "Protocol" and it's massive cobra roll. Behind mayday is a family friendly Polyp ride that came all the way from Germany Down the main entrance plaza on the left is the park's RMC "Ole' Thrasher" The station was designed to interact with the people in line This RMC doesn't feature any inversions but packs a huge punch with crazy airtime The ending of the ride, and a chairswing nestled nicely around the final curve. Continue down the main entrance plaza and you'll find a hidden super loop behind the trees Keep making your way down and you'll find this.. what is it? Reminder: I will post an update/new section after 6 replies. Please note on what direction you want me to head in!
  5. The new solid blue color on scream looks incredible! I can't wait to see how the orange looks on the first drop supports next to that blue.
  6. Will do! It hits 7Gs on the batwing, definitely not a good thing. Do you know of any programs for the mac that's like AHG?
  7. I'm going to be brief with this -- I've been off the forums for quite some time now. I almost forgot how to post crap on here. I've been playing around with this coaster and created some conceptual elements that could possibly bring B&M back to it's intense-former-glory. Name: Kinsletto Completion: 67% Mind the support work, because these are placed just to give a feel of an idea. Custom supports will be added in later updates. A carrousel taken at high speed Inclined barrel roll A tease : With the sunset environment
  8. I personally love finding the girls with unique rave outfits.
  9. Is vegas going to add a Intamin rocket coaster?? If you look closely on the main image of the Skyvue project you see an outline of what appears to be an Intamin rocket coaster. http://skyvuelasvegas.com/ I hope to god this is true, there needs to be a better outdoor coaster than Manhattan Express and Desperado.
  10. Now if FT gets a superman rehab by turning the cars backwards the ride would be insane; while superman gets another fix by making the seats lay down like a vekoma flyer... Idea.
  11. Are those chrome painted supports?! That would be amazing if they actually were. Such a sleek look.
  12. That sucks. I'm totes sad that KASKADE won't be performing. I'm more of a trance junkie rather than drum & bass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Xirg8mPPxc&feature=related
  13. Who's going?!?!?! Let me know! We han make the first TPR Trip Report @ EDC. Filled with carnival rides and electronic music and half naked people. FUN. Insomniac's press release
  14. The new superman will end up being like the newly opened Tower of Terror II @ dreamworld. ^This is a video of the new ride. ^Video of the new cars & launch
  15. Oh wow! Looks like you had a blast. You are so lucky to meet DeadMau5. Luckily for me and my friends, we had a VIP cabana, we got escorts to kinetic field whenever we wanted. I did get to meet Kaskade though. Kaskade was mindblowing with his Dynasty intro. Afrojack was amazing also. DONT forget about Benny Benassi when he dropped "The Otherside - Red Hot Chili Peppers" remix. That was epic. I was jumping and screaming. Steve Aoki should've been on main stage.
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8riR1Rvg3co NAKED BLOOD - this clip right here makes my skin crawl and my eyes twitch. [if you dont have guts or easisy squemish, PLEASE do not watch this]
  17. ELECTRIC DAISY CARNIVAL MAP - I was mainly at kinetic field and carnival midway. Oh, my, god. No words can described the adrenaline I had at this event. Well worth your money. What can be better than this. HOT GIRLS, CARNIVAL RIDES, TRANCE/TECHNO/ELECTRONIC music blaring through your ears to the point where it makes your legs tremble. This event was in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Opened at 2:00 PM - 4:AM . All i have to say is, Kaskade - Afrojack -Swedish House Mafia killed the show. Kaskades performace was so incredible almost to the point of tears. -As soon as i went through the main gates to go down to Kinetic Field my eyes started to water, hearing the music get louder and louder as the bassline starts to get heavier and heavier. I had fun at this event even without "rolling" this is the only down side. haha
  18. DId anyone goto this event at either park? If so can you upload some pictures? I will Upload a few from last night here in a bit. This event is to celebrate the Filipino community, but you don't have to be filipino to come, Im vietnamese - its basically an asian festival. Heres the group I was with, funny how people say we all look the same. I disagree. LOL , find me near the middle with a red hat. Why cant TPR be in this picture also Ill post more late once I get some from friends, and more coaster pictures. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLePCXBreH4 Here is a great america Video.
  19. -Oh yeah sure you can team up! Sure. haha i see how everyone still puts vice, thats no longer needed, just tell us what you want. & KPWoCkAxX can you do this one? I'm kinda busy this week and next cause next week is springbreak and i gotta study for mid-terms:]
  20. well excuse me. i said i was only inspired by the supports. i added my own twists to everything. I only liked the lift hill okay? everything else has unique elements and mega super air time. ahah. So dont mis judge, just like how people mis judge lady gaga. ahah i love her.. people need to stop saying she has a penis... ANYWAYS. off topic
  21. This coaster was was inspired by I305's supports but with a different twist to it. This coaster is full of high-speed twists and turns. And stomach churning drops and tons of airtime. ENJOY YOUR RIDE. [comments and suggestions on the ride please ] THEtrance teaser. THEtrance teaser.
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