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  1. I know the Rush POV is a little blurry but I guess i cant fix it.
  2. Well someboby has to but not me! Oh yea the only custom scenery you can use is Pumpers Steelworx.
  3. Ok... I made the staion and the lift! Now who wants to make the drop?! Tennis Track .zip TEnnis track
  4. oK THEN ill start with the station and lift!! Who wants to make the drop?
  5. Lets try Floorless or Tilt Coaster. Which one do you want? How do you zip it up?
  6. ScreamWorx has aready been up for like 2 months!!! www.vodhin.net/Rct3Main Then click on custom scenery all of the Makers should pop up!!!!! Then you can download it by clicking on the Disk on the upper right
  7. Lets try that Track Tennis but instead on RCT3!! 1.You can use custum scenery but you must tell us you did so we know. 2.Who wants to build the station? 3.You can take pics of the element you just added. 4.The coaster must be at least 4000ft in length! 5.Have Fun!!!!! Oh yea How do you upload a park or track?
  8. I'm making a Cedar Fair type park for RCT3 + SOAKED + WILD Ive already made two coasters for the park but there is something else on its way over to the park and some peeps have spotted in the parking lot. Then the peeps spot fences and a Huge Sign A few weeks later we see some track! Afew months later Its almost opening day, its just testing Heres a good view of "Millenium Scream" from the parking lot There is also two other coasters at the park called Rush and Spinning Dragons This is Rush. Rush is a close to the ground coaster. This is Rush' Layout Here is spinning dragons more dragon well that will be it for this week! Rush vIDEO_0001.WMV Rush POV
  9. A new amusement park is being built at Kansas. www.wildwestworld.org
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