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  1. ^Thanks guys! But the beginning was supposed to be like that. To get you guessing what comes next. Plus, its for the stand-by viewers to see and go "Oh It launches!" or "Hi Hunny!" Plus it can hype up people waiting in line.. They wont know what happens afterwards though! Haha
  2. ZuLa; pronounced as [Zoo-La]. This coaster is based on the shape of the hills at the new park in McKinney, TX. Steve Wynn quoted: -Im gonna start making coasters on NL based on the park. Then Ill take pictures and blend them together in photoshop!! To give you that even more realistic effects. RCT3 gets on my nerves. It keeps crashing on me Zula.nltrack ZuLa- 2008 ZuLa Logo Park Map;] Haha. I know its cheesy Zen.nltrack Zen-2010 Zen Logo Liquity.nltrack Liquity-2009 Prodigy.nltrack Prodigy-2009 Prodigy Logo
  3. Wow!! I love the logo! The ride itself was really fun and funny at the same time I can design logo's like that!! Anyone that wants one just ask me. Give me a name and theme.
  4. This park is incredible!! Breathtaking actually! The colors, the themeing, and the awesome coaster! That coaster is just what makes the park incredible! It kinda reminds me of nemesis, how it dives below the ground and under paths. It swoops over the entrance.. Im inspired now
  5. ^^ Well sorry. I was just being sarcastic on being an expert.. Jeez, do you guys not have a sense of humor; that a 14 now 15 year old knows all about vegas.noo.I dont know that much! If you want info, then just google it!! Btw if you ride desperado; be prepared.. That ride was rough as hell when i went on it with my mom. Plus i'm not here to talk to you and give you guys info. I gave the info to "edh".
  6. ^^ Haha ok. Yea i am a bit enthusiastic... Sorry ^You are soo lucky! Some of my friends live down there..
  7. ^ yea those are fun! The Shark reef is cool and its cheap. Its around the $10 i think? I forgot. Its mandaylay bay, no mantillian bay.. haha the imax at the luxor is my favorite! Dont forget to ride speed!! at the sahara!
  8. 1. Wood or steel? - steel 2. Type (launched, lift hill, etc)? - Launched lift. or half and half. 3. Inversions? -Cool original awkward type inversions are my favorite! Haha 4. Key elements (trick track, ejector hills etc)? - Ejector hills!! High speed low to the ground turns. 5. Manufacturer? - intamin or b&m
  9. 1. Wood or steel? - steel 2. Type (launched, lift hill, etc)? - Launched lift. or half and half. 3. Inversions? -Cool original awkward type inversions are my favorite! Haha 4. Key elements (trick track, ejector hills etc)? - Ejector hills!! High speed low to the ground turns. 5. Manufacturer? - intamin or b&m
  10. ^ Yea it probably is. Ka' isn't really the newest but its pretty new. I dont know for sure what the dress codes are but ;I know the expensive ones are strict like TrYst. i have no clue about shadow if they changed their name or not or just took it out. I dont check up on caesars alot.
  11. Awesome. I've been waiting for a 14 year old Vegas expert to tell me about the hottest clubs! While we're at it, can you also direct me to the best strip joint? Thanks in advance. Well uhh; most of the strip clubs are at the outskirts of vegas. But cesars palace has a bar with shadow dancing! Its called "Shadow." Haha, yeaa. My mom just tells me about the clubs and stuff. Plus to continue on. The best Shows: O- Bellagio La Reve- Wynn [My personal favorite] around $110 for minimal view seats. Ka'- MGM Grand"Cirque Du Soleil's newest show. The Beatles LOVE - Mirage Well I can just ensure you, whatever show you watch it will be good or decent, because come on these are multi billion dollar resorts. They cant have crappy entertainment. If you want cheaper shows or acts, go to the old side of vegas; you know where the golden nugget is? So yea, the reason I'm really good at this, is because i've been here twice each year since I was five. Haha. Also I forgot to mention two other clubs which are wildly popular: Tangerine- T.I. The Mix[On top of the mandalay bay] - Mandalay Bay If you want to avoid two- three hour long lines, make sure you get there early or when the clubs open. All these nighclubs have a dress code, some are different; but most say this "No sandals, No Crocs, Jacket Needed[for men], No converse, no casual, Trendy & Chic only. --- Off topic, but I have to advertize this for my uncle's company "empire society". This is for anybody that lives In houston, TX/ or anybody near that area!! Link to see whats its like.
  12. Okay here's a wierd/funny thing. We were in line for the ROTM in orlando. There was a group of blondes in front of us. Here is the story. They get in line. Girl 1: O.M.G! I hate haunted houses, plus mummies are ugly; dont they live in england or something? Girl 2: No mummies are from the pyramids in Hawaii. Girl 3: I wanna go to hawaii! After walking by a few signs that tell you that this is a high speed coaster. Girl 4: My friends told me that this is the fastest coolest haunted house ever. Girl 2: It takes your picture!Thats why i made my hair into a bun today; and got me this D&G mini dress. I chuckled while listening to their conversation and my friends conversations. We're almost to the loading platform. there are tv's showing how the ride is. Girl 4: This is a fast haunted house!!! Look!! It said it turns! Girl 3: Duhh, it has like 58 turns! We enter the loading[duel] platform and we ride the same car as them. As we were waiting at the gates they say this. Girl 2: This is a racing coaster!!!Thats cool! We better beat them! Girl 3: Im scared. The cars look really dirty. Girl 1: It looks like a trash can. As we are on the ride. We hit the rooms with the bugs. Girl 1: screams! I hate bugs!! I want to get off!! I hate this haunted house!! Then as we shoot backwards down the 10 ft drop Girl 2: Hol S***!! This is like the first haunted house that has a drop. As we approach the launch you can slightly see it by some ambience. Girl 1: Ooh!! Look a lift!! SO we can go to the second level!! I think we beat the other car!! Then as the train launches Girl 1: Oh my jesus!!! This is reallly fast!! "Then starts screaming like crazy." As we leave the ride. Girl 4: That haunted house felt like a rollercoaster!! They forgot to turn on the lights. It was soo dark. I laugh extremly hard after I walked away from them.
  13. Ok; i am the vegas expert..Funny thing is; that im in vegas right now!!! I get wifi in my room at the wynn..Which costs $20 a day.Im staying at the wynn's salon suite. Do you like nightlife? Well the best clubs are at: Wynn-TrYst Palms-Rain Luxor-LAX The Best Dining: Wynn; they have excellent dining, the first hotel to ever have a "AAA FIVE DIMOND" Award for a restraunt. Bellagio; They have the best breakfest and buffets. At a reasonable price. Cesars Palace; they have a the Average restraunts such as "CheeseCake Factory" The best free shows: Hands down the bellagio fointains are the best thing there.Its beautiful; that is a must see for anyone that visits vegas. the other are: Mirage Volcano Sirens at T.I. Watching Manhattan Express "Riders feeling the pain"-Haha The rain storm a tplanet hollywood in the "Miracle Mile" shopping center. Watching the "Wynn" sign. Heres a video and you'll see what I mean. Its the coolest sign i've seen! Wynn laser show/Waterfall. Circus Circus- Circus show in the casino. Mardi Gras- The Rio The Fremont Street experience-In old las vegas. The Best pools are at: Hard Rock-They let people in that aren't staying at their hotel on sundays. Mirage MGM Grand Wynn Palazzo. The best shopping: The Venetian/Palazzo- Canal Shoppes Cesars Palace- Fourm Shops Planet Hollywood- Miracle Mile Wynn - Wynn Esplanade [its for really rich people"Drop dead celebrity rich"] They have a Maserati Dealership!! Outlets located along the outskirts of the strip are nice too. Steve wynn= My inspiration. Without him we wouldn't have bellagio;mirage;wynn;encore;fontainebleu Imagine what the strip would look like without those major hotels. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWX-rT-_ank&feature=related Best hotel overall: The wynn- hands down best. They treat you like royalty; even if your pissy to the employees. Once you walk in you smell the aroma of like walking into a tropical resort in the air. The rooms are just flawless. Plus the view you get from the rooms "Breathtaking" My grandma cried when she first came here; due to the fact that it is just magnificant everywhere you go in this resort. this resort is more like a city in a building. This is the first hotel to ever get a "AAA FIVE DIAMON/5 STAR/5 RED PAVILLIONS" rating. www.wynnlasvegas.com
  14. Intamin should use this idea; it looks failsafe! Magnets/lims are always safe; unless the power goes down..
  15. Mine is set to 800x600 And every thing is set on normal and but "Texture detail level" is set to high. i dont know what processor i have. Its a mac; thats all I know. Haha Those commercials are true. They are faster and easier than a pc. Because when I first got it and turned it on. it was all like "Blablabbinggg!" then it just installed everything itself in a matter of seconds then I started playing around with it after-wards.
  16. ^i have a mac the"newer slim version" and i still get around 90-98 FPS
  17. Well then i apologize DBru. i didnt mean to. sorry. I just have anger issues. Well thanks for editing it? i guess? Anyways. don want to get off topic.
  18. Umm. no i was just using tpr to help transfer the freaking"im trying to not use cuss words here" track i made really quick for the layout to my mac. So yea, i didnt so-call "wuss" out. d*** . Plus - why would i need respect from you guys. Its not like im gonna see you. The only person I'm probly gonna meet is "Smartestcoasterkidever" because im going to the same high school as him. If you wanna see my crap i put together in just ten minutes before I headed out to the form shops at cesars palace and the canal shops a the venetian. Then i'll upload it to you.Im just trying to enjoy my time here. hawthorne_flyer_101.nltrack happy? Im working on it right now btw=]
  19. A quick coaster I made to get the taste of the layout. So when i get back home i can finish it up on a mac.
  20. [bad News: My computer crashed while making all this good stuff.. So I only got pictures of this stuff. I'll just make up a story for the loss. Because I dont wanna make all the rides again.] Soft Opening!! La Plazzo is stating to go down the drain. Due to such high construction costs. This may eny up like WWW in kansas.. Lets see. If it makes money today enough to keep it open for five more months that will help them get the money; then they will stay open.. other than that; the owners Dean Schuckman and Schuckman will have to file an "awful" bankrupcy.. causing the park to be demolished... Read the whole trip report to see whats happens!! The second ride... Kilimanjaro.. A below ground "jungle/safari" themed Huss Top Spin.. Unfortunately the park did not boast enough guests to help it surive... the park is now closed.. and the rides were torn down. A new contract is up for the land for 12 Mil.. -Steve Wynn has offered a massive amount for the land for 20mil. The deal shall close on 06/07/08. Lets see whats in hand for him. He has stated he will make a themepark and follow the Schuckman's dreams to make a hollywood type themed park. Plus he is following their name of the park "La Plazzo"; although he is not going to include "Club Cosmo" that the Schuckman's recently rendered in pictures. that were not shown to the public eye. He is also making a resort just like "Wynn Las Vegas" and "Wynn Macau" But it will have a different style of building and architecture. The airtime on this thing is crazy!! after the turning twist drop it becomes steeper than it already is... I know, its just rct3. but imagine a coaster like that=]] -no harsh comments please. go easy, haha Looks decent.. Ooh the entry way to the new most popular ride"allure" and the new [phase two] they might be able to build. What the park opened up for. Its just two rides.. wow. "Allure"-B&M Sitdown -This is a view from the road to get to the park. Parking Structure Smaller sign right next to parking ticket booths. La Plazzo sign.. Looks really high class. like something from vegas.hahaa
  21. I know this is off topic but. wow. talk about stapling! -btw this is not el toro. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6J0SXYkPUMI
  22. I believe that the new owners that bought wild west world is talking about a new steel coaster named"The Grand Doppler" which is very similar to Doppel Looping. Haha. Plus they said it will feature two inversions. Well I guess so.. As you all know. Kansas really needs some entertainment and at least a decent credit.
  23. They should invent an ipod jack you can stick in the car/seat right before you ride and you select your song and when the ride starts the spearkers in the headreast will bang with your tune you selected!!
  24. ^Yea im gonna have to agree with him! Patriot has one of the best first drops on a b&m invert i've ever been on!
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