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  1. ^Yea im gonna have to agree with him! Patriot has one of the best first drops on a b&m invert i've ever been on!
  2. My fave is dudley The one I hate the most is "The Log Jam" at joyland,wichita kansas. haha
  3. ^ I think i found a better fit for a launch. Luv addict-This goes perfectly for any super high speed launch coaster!!! for example, Volcano, Hypersonic, TTD, ect.
  4. In The Ayer-Perfect for coaster like the hulk -"Revenge of the Tila" haha [revenge of the mummy] Stripper friends- Splash Mountain -Lollipop Remix-Space mountain/ RnRc Elevator-ToT
  5. La Plazzo -Coming soon in the summer of 08'! A brand new park in the Nation's Fastest Growing city!McKinney, TX This park has a vast amount of land, and is building up fast.This will be the first park to offer a High-End Night Club named "Club Cosmo". This park will also be the first park in the outskirts of Dallas, TX! This park will feature modern type buildings and fountains around the park. The park will also host a vast number of stores in the "Miracle Mile" shopping strip opening next season. The park will have a SoCal feel to it with all the palm trees and the fresh scent of beach and cologne through the air. Although there is no beach nowhere near McKinney. This park does not build by rides. This is the first park to build by phases. Phase one is going to be the biggest. The list of phases will be posted up later. STAY TUNED FOR THE GRAND OPENING OF LA PLAZZO! The "soon to be" Wildly popular Club Cosmo logo. -When this opens the grand opening will host celebrities from tila tequila, paris hilton, nicole richie, the victoria secret angels, The cast from the hills, Flo Rida, T-Pain, and Maroon 5 La Plazzo Logo
  6. Oh!! I forgot to lose the blocks on the breaks! other than that thanks!! Yes, i need to work on the pumps. ^ Btw, what do you mean"stupidly?" Im not mad, just asking!
  7. Pictures will be posted up soon!! Please check out the ride!! New for california's Disney Land!! Weee You'll find alot of these -> FontaineBleu.nltrack
  8. Oh! Thanks. I kinda made it pumpy on purpose, to give it that woodie /rickety feelin of a real wooden coaster that has been a little worn from the years. I can see the red g's though. Can you help me with that hill?? That hill makes me mad!! I GOT THROWN OUT OF MY SEAT!
  9. This coaster was sorta-kinda inspired by 'TimberWolf's first part "The station-lift-predrop. This is my one of my only woodiesI ever made!! Plus its my new favorite!! It came out soo good! -There is only one Red G on top of a hill right before the high speed overbank! Can someone tell me how to fix it? Comments please!! Mercy.nltrack Mercy-Woodie
  10. A rumor was spread through-out worlds of fun employees. That a new intamin type coaster is going into the back of the pak where fury of the nile is. I just went to worlds of fun last week, btw which was totally awesome, until we got rained on and flooded the park with 3 inches of rain. Oh well!! Yea but while I was on the boomerang on the back seat, i noticed some contruction going on behind the trees and some sort of track under the tarp. Then right before the ride dropped I saw a building being built, probably a station? I dont know. I asked one of the ride ops. "Whats behind those trees?". He replies"I think its some rollercoaster or somewhat new ride.". I respond "Do you know who made it?". He responds "The people who make rollercoasters.". I respond screaming "No. what manufacture". He replies "Oh! Um, I think some intamate, or something that starts with an I" In my mind I scream "Yes!! Finally an intamin coaster!!Hopefully......." Then I respond"Ok, thanks!" and run off to see my pictures.. But unfortunately, that day the camera was out of order!
  11. Oh, I didnt know. Crap, i shouldve joined. Then they should start an intamin rocket; intamin inverted impulse; Intamin wooden; B&M invert contest.. I love those coasters. Yea, matthew is picky about g's. But eurofighters are known to be forceful and tight/quick transitions.
  12. ^Ooh! thanks, yea. that kinda made me pissy. I was doing all i can to fix the dang pumps! The second part was kinda inspired by the first part of mystery mine. Oh well, maybe if there is another EuroFighter contest, i'll do better. *cough* Hint Hint: Someone needs to start a "Mini-Mega Intamin Contest" ex:Piraten.. *cough*
  13. ^Oh no its fine. I get that from alot of my friends at school. Haha, sometimes i just cant process it quick enough. Can you try to grade mine? If you have the time.
  14. ^Yes mines suck! Yours is more professional. The rules state "that you must have at least two inversions" thats what I meant. Oh well - we can all stick to yours.Its way more practical and useful. Mine i juts made up in a minute. Thanks for making the scoring board! Xcalibur / DBru: Forces [ ] All green- 10 [X] Mostly green, some yellow- 7 [ ] Mostly green, some red spikes- 5 [ ] Lots of yellow g's- 3 [ ] Scattered red- 1 Total:7 Layout [X] Flows well- 10 [X] Smooth track/transitions- 10 [X-I thought i've seen that double loop before in the pre mades.Still awesome] Well shaped elements- 5 [X] Good use of inversions- 5 [X] Decent amount of Airtime- 2 Total: 39 Originality [x] Unconventional track layout- 5 [x] Unique elements- 5 Total: 49 Grand Total: 49/52 Very good!
  15. ^ Oh thanks for the information! I was about to say...All this work for nothing. But hopefully we can get some judges if he doesn't have time!! I want to know who the winner is. For all who want to judge us:: Fill this out if wanted. On a scale of 1/10 1=Worst 10=Best Ride Intensity= Colors[scheme]= Drop= Excitment= Layout= Inversions= Loading Station times= G-forces= Scenery[Extra Cedit/up to 3 points.]= Smoothness= Add all the points up. Possible points are[--/90]Ninety. Total= Extra comments: Anything else you have to say?
  17. oh!! Well, I updated it and added supports. Here is my lastest and final one!! i also added more support structure to the loop! Capacity.nltrack
  18. Oh thanks for the pictures! They do tell a thousand words! ahaha whats wrong with the second picture? With the scaffolding? yea, I'm on it! Do you not have that coaster sims scenery pack thingy? With all the rides?' If you did, It would probably make the ride a little bit more interesting and fun!
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