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  1. Sorry for not ever gettin on in such a long time but here is my "socalled" best wooden coaster Ive made. FUSION [Dont ask about the name, i know it doesnt ft with a wooden coaster but please bare with me:] ] fusion.nltrack
  2. Sorry for the double post just had to bump up topic. Five more days guys!!. If you guys want critisizm for a more better coaster. send the coaster to me or post it and I will tell you what it needs. Please take screen shots now and post them up ASAP! in simulator mode. Try to make it a teaser pic. Not too obvious P.S. Im going to bed its 12:52 A.M. and im hecka tired!
  3. ^^^ yes you can join. ^^^^ Okay then i'll take you out . ^&^^ Yes you can do that to the nodes. as long as it looks similar to what i gave you
  4. ok your in. NOTE: remember everyone post teaser shots for people. One add on - After the contestants are judged the top 5 will be added onto a poll to be voted for the best coaster overall by members of TPR
  5. O_o Just by the looks of this i can just tell that you are gonna have a great park, plus look at the size of the land!
  6. ^ Your in! And yes your allow to move them. But just slightly [about ten feet] Haha. Thats all I did. You cant just move them all in one area, that defeats the purpose :]. Try to make this an environmentally friendly coaster.
  7. Here is an example. It isnt very smooth. but you will get the idea! Its called [The Republic] "inspired by my rock & republic jeans" The Republic.nltrack
  8. okay you guys are in :] Please post screen shots of what you have done so far.. I guess I will join too
  9. Alright you guys are in :] hope to see something good out of you guys Who wants to be judge? Just PM me about it and you can be a judge. Three spots left.
  10. This is the Terrain Invert Contest The Rules - Stay inside the blue border or be disqualified. - You must go through all the Red boxes. - Do NOT go inside the purple [X'ed] square; or be disqualified. - Do NOT delete any tree's that are already placed. You are free to add your own if you like. - Must pass the tunnel test. - Finish the track provided [Lift, Drop, First inversion] - Must have at least two trains. - If you go trough the Red Star you get an extra bonus 15 PTS. -Try to have at least one MCBR. You dont have to have one; but it will be nice if you did. - Try to have the coaster work with the terrain. - Have at LEAST 4-8 inversions. - The maximum Vert. G's is [4.9] - Do NOT go into the RED G's [it will deduct points from you] - Auto supports are allowed. There will be 15 contestants. This contest will start today and end 1/15/09 ; leaving you fifteen days to complete this project. There will be 3-4 judges including me. There will be a rating guide. Your name will turn black if you are disqualified. Rubric|Rating Guide [Overall layout] 25 PTS - Great layout, very intense and smooth, meets requirements. 15PTS - Great layout,intense, smooth for the most part, meets requirements. 10PTS- Good layout, forceful, pumpy, meets most requirements. 5PTS-Shows no effort in the layout, Fast and forceless, Extremely pumpy. [Technical difficulty] 25PTS - Extremely smooth and very well put together, flows great with terrain, fast paced. 15PTS- Smooth for the most part,fast paced,flows with terrain. 10PTS- A little pumpy, good pacing, flows with terrain. 5PTS- Very pumpy, crawls through the course of the layout, does not flow with terrain at all. [Testings] 25PTS-Passes tunnel tests, G test, E-stop tests with flying colors ;] 15PTS- Passes most of the tests but a few errors. 10PTS- Passes some of the tests, lots of errors. 5PTS-Fails all tests. [overall realism] 25PTS-Very realistic, with realistic supports and plenty trees. 15PTS- Realistic for the most part, Custom supports/Auto supports are very well put together. 10PTS- Seems like a fantasy coaster, impossible supports, and forces all auto supports. 5PTS- No effort a all, very unattractive coaster, looks like a death machine. TOTAL = 100 PTS [bONUS] Coaster goes trough star -= +15PTS to over all score [Judges] 1.Arrowhater 2.thrillrideseeker 3. 4. [Contestants] 1. the ghost 2. monkeyoverlord71 3. Jds03 4. jamesissoocool 5. Jamjar 6. zeke11793 7. Dbru 8. thrillseaker92 9. Arrowhater 10. Sasquatch 11. Vekoma Fan Boy 12. jamesissoocool 13. rollerboy 14. 15. [Please join and HAVE FUN!] Post screen shots of you work. to updats us on your coaster. Also come with a name for it - pick our own colors. Invert Terrain Contest.nltrack
  11. I like your idea of the company. I might just make one to save room in the forums.
  12. RockSlide is a coaster hidden in a forrest waiting for you to take it on and prepare for a ride that with whip you from side to side. plus lost of airtime Haha. -Dont let the size of the lift fool you. - "Most" of this coaster is under tree level. -Very low to the ground. RockSlide..nltrack The rest is hidden ;] Lots of sexy curves
  13. ^ wow; you are truly the best at making rct3 parks. This is the first ever Rollcercoaster video that made me emotional. Almost put me to tears. Your video making skills are amazing just like a movie. The rain, camera movements, music, ambience, everything!. Proud of you. You deserve a metal for this. Man, if only that were a real park... Hope to see you come back. & make more parks.
  14. A Cappella a brand new coaster under construction. here is a teaser pic ;] The ride will officially open on hopefully [1/1/09]
  15. - Aww thanks everone for viewing my ride. &Thank you dr. gumbo for that [good|bad] survey thingy or whatever. HAHA. i will take that to consideration. I can change the colors if you want i dont really care. - and yes thanks for uploading that video of my coaster for team thriller.
  16. oh thanks!! - yeah i tried to go out of the box/ bu not too crazy. Alright . You can get someone else to film the POV for you. I'll just host the Screen Shots.
  17. Intuition- this beamer is placed in my current [nl] park "La Plazzo" right next to the parking lot. You may need the "Coaster sims theme park pack" if want teh full experience. This coaster is the tallest floorless coaster in the world. Topping at around 210 ft. This also features the tallest loop in the world, topping at 165ft. This is probly the most intense b&m[floorless] out there intuition.nltrack
  18. The second drop is coming up slowly. The decend from that looks like it'll have an insane moment of airtime.
  19. ^ Haha thanks. Yeah there is alot of pumps. Sorry. Yeah im trying to fix that immelman. Ill give you guys the updaate on the track ASAP
  20. Here is my first ever b&m flyer! Haha. Just turn off the statistics so you wont be destracted by it since it will be wrong. Just ride it as it is and maybe move your camerdown a nudge to nake it look like your flying . Have fun! Zero.nltrack Zero-Ride. It looks fun;] Zero Logo
  21. Here is the track!! Have fun. Enjoy your ride on Zen Sorry if it is a little pumpy. & who doesnt like a little high g's? That makes the ride even more intense . I try to make it as smooth as I can as for it is a mighty B&M the one of the smoothest coaster manufacturer. Haha Zen.nltrack
  22. New for La Plazzo in 2010. -Heres the Trailer- Edit:: [it may take a while. It isnt done loading into youtube. Sorry. Check in an hour or so -arrowhater 11/15/08] Enjoy!!
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