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  1. I love your park!! Its beautiful! Especially the rides! Should i make you a coming soon logo too? Haha post it in the topic if you want it
  2. ^Thanks! Im certainly getting alot of buisness! In just two whole days!
  3. ^Has an awesome avatar!! V Loves watching 2girls1cup type videos!
  4. ^&^^ You guys are absolutely welcome!! Im glad you guys liked it! Lisberg4ever: Ride Logo; I personally like this one alot!! I named it Ozarka. Hope you dont mind, I know its a name of a water bottle but it sounds nice for a jungle/jurassic ride!Hope you like it! TopThrillMaverick: Avatar; Once again blending is very difficult to me; due to the fact that my version of photoshop it looks easy but it really isnt. Anyways, Hope you like it! Kraken613: Park Logo; I really like this one!! Making the lake reflection was really hard though!! Hope you like it!!
  5. Please fill out the form correctly, sorry. Read my instructions people!! Angryemobeaver: Ride Logos; I made both, to your specifacations, but I didnt have much time for the boomerang one, thats why It didnt look too good sorry. WildCat Boomerang
  6. Angryemobeaver: Park Logo; I made it but I'm not impressed with myself. I tried my hardest to make it look original. But to me it look generic. Sorry. Hope you like it!Im working on your ride logo's right now!
  7. Wow, thanks! But; no I couldn't it asked for your email or last name in order to add you. Off topic: Add me- Click Here
  8. ^ummm. You should fix that anything else..=]Go back to page one and read the whole thing
  9. ^ Oh thanks! If you need anything DBru just tell me, I'll make you one anytime! Haha
  10. ^^ Alright. ^ What does that mean? Haha, maverick isnt spotted there. But yeah, I'll make you another one, after I finish angyemobeaver's..
  11. I like what I'm seeing, but I dont think vegas has that big of a building for just one coaster and an indoor jungle! Ha ha. But I like the Idea;very original. Can you put up a download?
  12. andre8: Park Logo; here it is! It was pretty simple but it packs a punch! Hope you like it. I was just guesstimating on everything; due to the fact, you didint give me enough info for the sign/ so I tried to incorporate "Hawaiian" things.
  13. angryemobeaver: do you want the park logo's all in one like the astroworld and soak city or just two different signs? PM Me Théo the little french: Haha yep! but, i dont know why I chose the name; It sounds cool/fancy! Ha!But thanks for noticing though. andre8: Im working on yours right now, i just need more info from angryemobeaver.
  14. rolercstrluvr: Avatar; [ I tried hard.. It was difficult, especially blending all the pictures.. I hope you like it!!If you dont then tell me ] or Ben Burnett: Park Logo; This took me a while to come up with this idea and crop this picture like twenty times! Haha. Hope you like it! or
  15. ^ cough cough- you forgot the anything else. once again people. anything else?: Vice. sorry, if you edit your post then I will make it!! People, you're gonna have to pay attention to this and read it carefully!! [From Top- To Bottom]
  16. UNDER CONSTRUCTION -Hello everybody, I am back. After months of pracitice and training my photoshopping skills have advanced 10fold. Now I would like to share this talent with you! As you can see the name changed too. HYPEdesigns. Here are some examples of my new work. Its "nasty / ill / sick " (cool) as you can say. p.s. sorry if the size is too big, idk how to resize them in "forum code mode" haha. I only know HTML Btw: 8 at a time please!! When the open sign is green; it is open. When it is black; it is closed. OPEN
  17. Wheres the ride download? Btw that logo just gave me a head ache looking at it. Its nice but, it makes me kinda sick..
  18. Whoa!! thanks!! I didnt know I was that good?!! Well I guess it pays off after soo much practice over the years. I've been doing this since I was 11. Haha BTW: Should I open one on TPR? Edit: Me and you should partner up and open one on here . I can also make GIFS!
  19. ^ Ok thanks! Ill try to work out those pumps. Plus in the off season those two coasters will be repainted! Stay tuned for 2010!
  20. Thanks!! But yeah, prodigy was kinda inspired by that bullet ride a flamingoland that was removed. Plus the station was really ard due to the banking! Haha Thanks! I appreciate what your trying to say. Ill try to work out those bumps and such. You must really like that song!! It was not my remix, it was remixed by the infamous Dj Pickee. Ill post the song up on here for you to download! edit: Sorry coastb2: I couldnt get it to upload on here. You can try to download limewire then search it and you'll find it/ Or search on myspace[key words: dj pickee] ^ Does anyone know the name of this song? It starts at 0:48 on the video
  21. Sorry for double post. One day in febuary[month before opening] i was channel surfing on the TV; and i ran into this!!I guess "sex sells!!" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - But here is a major update. The 2009 season has started, and I ecstatic!! The new rides Prodigy and Liquity[pronounced:: Li-Qui-Tee] are going to open!! Both on the same day!! Prodigy was finished months ago, but Liquity looks amazing! Talk about speed and airtime!! La Plazzo offered free passes to tpr members for the grand opening!! - - - - - - I just got off of both, and all I have to say that they are amazing! Well at least Liquity is!! Now its your turn to ride it!! Come on, its not that scary! Liquity.nltrack Liquity - No logo yet, still in the process of designing! Prodigy.nltrack Prodigy - Now its your turn to ride! prodigy logo
  22. Nope, im not sea sick. But it does look fast!!! really fast; for a spinning coaster, at least.
  23. Construction has started on Prodigy this season. A wall is up! Orange & Blue. hmmm, very "goliath". But I like it! Its different tones from goliath though. I think? Omg!! track and supports have came already!! Lets see if there is anything over it! I came back a week later and I found out that they just painted the wall blue! im excited! i wonder if the other one Steve is talking about, the secret project. Will pop up soon!!! Its not that big though
  24. ^ Whoooo!!Thanks.. Stay tuned everyone. The 2009 season is coming up!! Steve Wynn Quoted: We, already see some signs up!! I took a picture of one!! edit: changed 209 into 2009 "haha" "must've been a typo a typo a typo, must've been a typo; it cant be true!". OMG!!! THIS LOOKS SOOO COOL!! CANT WAIT TO SEE THE OTHER ONE. This one is being built first! Looks amazing.
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