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  1. Sorry if someone has already said this but what will the Fairly Odd Coaster, Taxi Chase, and Runaway Reptar be named.
  2. Where in the park is the announcment going to be made?
  3. What time on wednesday will they make the announcment ?
  4. Can someone share the link to the FREE Griffon CTR download.
  5. How do you install a CTR and does it take away the origanal trains. For example when I put a flying train on an extended coaster track will it take away the standup,sitdown,and floorless trains??
  6. I heard that Carowinds used to have a theme song back in the 70's. Is this true??? If so I need help finding it.
  7. On July first my 7 year old little sister (who is scared of Taxi Chase) rode Carolina Cyclone and liked it. It was her first looping coaster! Now all she rides in the park is Runaway Reptar Goldrusher Ricochet Phantom Flyers Flying Dutchmens Revenge Fairly Odd Coaster CAROLINA CYCLONE! I am so proud of her. (She is still scared of Taxi Chase)
  8. Me and my dad were in line for the Time Michene at FSMP and this girl who was about 50 years old was talking to my dad and told him Roundabout went over 100 mph.
  9. my first coaster was 12 years ago when I was 6 months old. Taxi Chase at Carowinds. (I peed my pants) My first looping coaster was Rocknrollercoaster at MGM Studios in 2006. (I snuck on Thunder Road at Carowinds when I was only 5)
  10. Today my friend (who knows I am crazy about coasters) came up to me and told me he was in an argument about Afterburn at Carowinds with another one of my friends. They were fighting because they could not decide ifit was a coaster or not. my friend said it was but, my other friend said it was not because your feet hang and coasters do not do that.
  11. A few months ago our school went to Carowinds and the sky did NOT look good. Of course it started raining. One of my teachers was going to ride Vortex in the rain. I stopped her and told her it's closed because it was now raining VERY hard. She didn't belive me so she went up to the station only to find it was closed. Later that day it stopper raining and me and my friend were in line for Carolina Cobra and a fifteen year old boy goes ''are you guys scared.'' ''No why''. My friend said. ''This thing goes over 1,000 mph and has technology that will not be invented until 2030.
  12. I'm pretty shure it's 144 feet tall. Sorry for getting a little overheated. We all Cool.
  13. I am going tomorrow and I will see if I can find anything. I heard somewhere that it is going to be in the top 10 longest list in the US I think it was Carowinds Connection.
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