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  1. Started on some station railings today before work which is really starting to tie it together. Unfortunately I haven't done much with the track past C9 due to coming down with a bad cold. Hoping I'll have some free time coming up.
  2. The station is actually scaled to within a quarter inch. All of the lumber is to actual dimensional scale (an 8" beam actually being 7 1/4" etc). The station railings are 42" which was easy to figure out since they keep the height stick attached to them. The rest of the models are a mix of guesswork/known measurements and Google Earth measurements but I think are fairly close. The whole ride will likely be custom supported when I get to that point and the areas immediately surrounding the ride will be pretty highly detailed (probably the midway between BD and wildcat will be as far as I go).
  3. The turnaround and triple up could use some work but I didn't think it was that overly rough this year - at least not as bad as it got in 06 when there were two major potholes that destroyed your back and the thing was running so slow it barely made it into the turnaround. It's also running very fast this year and on my trip Sunday it had the strongest air I've ever felt on it. It felt like an Intamin for a couple of rides. The trains do need huge work though, they were making some creaking noises I've never heard PTCs make and the seats are ripped to hell. That and they need to get the problems with the blue train engaging the lift sorted out, it's going to rip itself apart eventually.
  4. Haunted Graveyard. Park is open til 11 on Friday-Saturday and 10 on Sunday, and it gets dark around 6. Saturdays are usually busy (but they run two trains so it's not a big deal) but this past Sunday was the deadest I've ever seen the park. I got like 25 rides on BD in and had time to eat and ride Downtime once.
  5. Hi there, for the last 10 years or so I've wanted to recreate Boulder Dash in Nolimits. Through various drafts I found that it didn't actually fit in NL1, so I kind of gave up on it until NL2 came out. I'm currently about 30% of the way through the track and have some 3d models of the station and surrounding buildings in progress. I'm building with FVD++ and hand building in NoLimits 1 and porting over to NoLimits2 as I feel it gives me more control and is a better way to approach the circle/straight geometry that the ride uses. I'm fairly confident the ride will be as accurate as possible. Right now I'm working on the approach to curve 9, and I'm hoping to be into the turnaround by next week. Motivation has been iffy at times lately going a few weeks between doing anything, so I'm hoping if there's some interest that will push me into working on it more. Anyway, here are some pictures of what I have thus far: Thanks for looking, and feedback is appreciated.
  6. There has to be a certain number of people in the park for 2 trains. BD's lift hill has had some issues the last couple years (I think the blue train is the problem with it) so they are reluctant to use two and face the possibility of extended down time for the season. If you watch when both trains are on, you'll see the blue one catches a lot harder than the green one. I know they've replaced the motor recently, and I don't know whether that was a result of the train beating on it or an attempt to fix it, but I'm sure they're making an effort to get through the season and only using one train is part of that. For what it's worth, 3/4 time I've been so far this season they have used both, so they WILL do it if they need to. But if they don't need to, they won't with the lift the way it is.
  7. Mack spinner will come after the waterpark, it's no secret and has been talked about since 2005-2006. The bureaucracy with Southington and Bristol about moving the road and getting construction permits for the waterpark is what has delayed everything so much.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for something rather specific and not having much luck through my usual channels. I'm working on an accurate 3d model of Boulder Dash's station and I'm not having much luck finding pictures of the back side of the station's exit ramp (the section before you cross back under the station to the front side). I know the configuration but I'm having trouble figuring out what connects where and getting a general idea of sizing. If anyone knows of or has any pictures of this section it would be much appreciated. It doesn't matter if has people or it's a group shot, the more info I have to piece this together the better. Thanks in advance!
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