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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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1. Looping Star (Bobbejaanland)

2. Xtreme (Drievliet Family Park)

3. Achtbaan (Bobbejaanland)

4. Alpenblitz (Bobbejaanland)

5. Black Hole (Alton Towers)

6. Gebirgsbahn (Phantasialand)

7. Grand Canyon Bahn (Phantasialand)

8. Jumbo Jet (Walibi Belgium)

9. Super Spirale (Movie Park Germany)

10. Tornado (Walibi Belgium)

11. Traumlandbahn (Movie Park Germany)

12. Vikingar (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

13. Wervelwind (Bobbejaanland)

14. 4 Man Bob (Alton Towers)

15. Alpenblitz (Movie Park Germany)

16. Black Hole (Movie Park Germany)

17. Blauer Enzian (Movie Park Germany)

18. Cumbres (Parque de Atracciones Madrid)

19. Flitzer (Plopsaland)

20. Grand 8 (Walibi Belgium)

21. Jubilé (Plopsaland)

22. Keverbaan (Attractiepark Slagharen)

23. Marienkäferbahn (Movie Park Germany)

24. Münchner Bahn (Beekse Bergen)

25. Unknown (Movie Park Germany)

26. Vierer-Bob (Movie Park Germany)

27. Wilde Maus (Toverland)

28. La via volta (Walibi World)

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-All coasters at Opryland except for Hangman.

-Shockwave (SFGAM)

-Dejavu (SFGAM + SFOG)

-All coasters that operated in 2007 at Geauga Lake except for Raging Wolf Bobs and Thunderhawk.

-Chiller (Robin Side)

-Super Saturator at Carowinds (if it's taken out)

-Python (BGA)

-The powered coaster at Enchanted Castle


I think that's all. It's sad to see some of these coasters go, but I guess they'll just get replaced with bigger stuff.

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My defunct coaster list is:


White Lightnin' (Carowinds)

Flying Super Saturator (Carowinds)

Orient Express (WoF)

Psyclone (MM)

Python (BGA)

High Roller (Stratosphere Tower)


Im not entirely sure FSS is coming down yet, when Darkstitch and I passed by the park last saturday we both saw it still standing.


As for me, nothing at the moment unless FSS is taken down.

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Spellbreaker @ Legoland

Psyclone @ SFMM

Flashback @ SFMM

Dominator @ Geauga Lake

Villain @ Geauga Lake

Double Loop @ Geauga Lake

Thunderhawk @ Geauga Lake

Head Spin @ Geauga Lake

Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake

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Sauzer's Kiddieland, Schererville, IN-(Unnamed)roller coaster, Mad Mouse, Galaxi.


Six Flags Great America: Turn Of The Century, Tidal Wave (although I coud still re-ride this and have at SFOG and SFKK), Z-Force/Flashback, Rolling Thunder, Shockwave, Deja Vu.


King's Island: Screamin' Demon/Demon, King Cobra.


Busch Gardens The Dark Continent: Python.


Six Flags St. Louis- River King Mine Ride (track one), JetScream.


Six Flags Magic Mountain: Psyclone, Flashback/Z-Force.


Interestingly enough, I started visiting Cedar Point in 1982 and all the coasters that I have ever ridden there are still there. Gotta like that.

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I can name a couple.


From Kings Dominion - The Galaxy, King Kobra, (and hopefully not the Hypersonic - say it isn't so, Joe).


From Busch Gardens Europe - Drachen Fire and the Glissade (can't say Wild Maus cos that's been moved to Busch Gardens Africa)


From Six Flags America - Python


From Six Flags Magic Mountian- The Pysclone

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  • 2 months later...

This took awhile.


I broke it into 3 catagories: Gone, Moved, and SBNO




Motorcycle Chase/Wacky Soap Box Racers (KBF)

King Cobra (PKI)

Psyclone (SFMM)

Flashback (SFMM)

Chaos (Opryland)

Wabash Cannonball (Opryland)

Screamin’ Delta Demon (Opryland)

Lightning Bolt (MGM-Vegas)

Windjammer (KBF)

High Roller (Stratosphere Tower)

Python (BGA)

Zingo (Bell’s)

Orient Express (WoF)

Scooby Do’s Ghoster Coaster (PKI)

Hercules (Dorney)

Batman and Robin: The Chiller (SFGAd)

Viper (SFGAd)

Jumbo Jet (Coney Island)

Flyer Comet (Whalom)

Spellbreaker (Legoland, CA)

Dare Devil (FFC, Upland, CA)

Storm (Botton’s Pleasure Beach)

Bullet (Flamingoland)

Thunder Mountain (Flamingoland)

Cyclone (Southport)

King Solomon’s Mines (Southport)

Big Apple (Southport)

Wildcat (Southport)

Black Hole (Alton Towers)

Runaway Coaster (Rotunda)

Tornado (Walibi Belgium)

Texas Cyclone (SFAW)

Viper (SFAW)

Serpent (SFAW)


Beaver Land Mine Ride (GL)

Hypersonic XLC (PKD)

Wacky Worm (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix)

Hurricane: Category 5 (MBP)

Little Eagle (MBP)




Nightmare Mine (Frontier City)

Screachin’ Eagle (Lesourdsville Lake)

Big Dipper (GL)

Raging Wolf Bobs (GL)

Mind Eraser (GL)

Double Loop (GL)

Megazeph (SFNO)

Rex’s Rail Runner (SFNO)

Muskrat Scrambler (SFNO)

Mad Mouse (J’s Amusements)

Scenic Railway (Dreamland)

Villain (GL)

Zippin Pippin (Libertyland)

Cyclone (Williams Grove)

Blue Streak (CLP)

Devil’s Den (CLP)




Mountain Express (SFMM-> Now in Mexico)

Corkscrew (KBF->Silverwood)

Sarejevo Bobsleds (SFMM->SFAW->Scrap)

Rock-n-Roller Coaster (Opryland->Old Indiana->GE)

Shockwave (SFMM->SFAW->Scrap)

Hangman (Opryland->SFDK)

Vampire (SFKK->SFNE)

Super Screamer (Adventureland->Pharoah's Lost kingdom->Scrap)

Serpent (Lesourdsville Lake->Kokomo's Fun Center)

Serial Thriller (GL->MA)

Viper (SFoG-.SFKK)

Orient Express (SCBB->Palace Playland)

Greased Lightning (PGA->SFDK)

Stealth (PGA-.Carowinds)

Whirlwind (Knoebels->Parque de Diversiones)

Starliner (Miracle Strip->Cypress Gardens)

Magnum Force (Flamingoland->La Feria Chapultepec Magico)

Batflyer (Lightwater Valley->World in Miniature)

Traumatizer (Southport->BPB)

Gauntlet (Camelot->New Pleasureland Southport)

Klondike Gold Mine (Drayton->Funland Amusement Park)

Super Dragon (Drayton->Funland Amusement Park)

Looping Star (Dreamland->Loudoun Castle)

Blue Coaster (Dreamland->Khurais Plaza Shopping Mall)

Wild Mouse (Dreamland->Loudoun Castle)

Magic Mouse (Rotunda->Fantasia Luna Park)

Serial Thriller (SFAW->GE)

Mayan Mindbender (SFAW->Wonderland Amusement Park)

Ultratwister (SFAW->SFA)

Greased Lightning (SFAW->Joyland Amusement Park)

Steel Venom (GL->Dorney)

X-Flight (GL->PKI)

Dominator (GL->PKD)

Wild Maus (BGE->BGA)

Revolution (Libertyland->DelGrosso's)

Crazy Mouse (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix_>Wild West World->SBNO)

Wildcat (Williams Grove->Adventure Park USA)

Mad Mouse (MBP->NASCAR SpeedPark)

Deja’ Vu (SFGA->Silverwood)




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