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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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^ Whoa... that's really cool. I know some people on this site would be really pleased if you posted some pictures of that coaster.


Anyway, I've been on the following that are defunct (or believed to be, in the case of SFNO)


Shockwave-SFGAm--my most missed ride

Mega Zeph-SFNO--I don't think it will ever come back

Jester-SFNO--Cool, crazy Vekoma Backwardsness... a tad rough.

Batman: The Ride-SFNO--I suppose this one could be easily relocated... it's far above water level.

Zydeco Scream-SFNO--Smooth Vekoma Boomerang

Muskrat Scrambler-SFNO--Boring L&T mouse

Python-BGT--Arrow Corkscrew... adios!

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For me it's Quantum Loop that was at Seabreeze, and some rinky dink kiddie that was at this park (not really amusement park, more like a tree, side walk, bench type park, with minimal rides, just little stuff) thats in my city. It's Emerson Park in Auburn, New york, just in case anyone recognizes it, they used to have a big roller coaster before I was around. But so yea I don't even think that kiddie coaster had a name.

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Black Hole at Alton Towers.

Mini Apple at Alton Towers.

All the coasters at Southport.

Log-related-coaster-one at Gulliver's Land Milton Keynes.

Flying Fish at Thorpe Park (until 07)

Clown Coaster at Chessington.

Klondike at Drayton Manor has moved.



Bigger then I thought, 11?



Also, soon-to-include Python over at BGA.

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-Greased Lightnin - Great America, Santa Clara

-Stealth - Great America, Santa Clara

-Physclone - Six Flags Magic Mountain

-Zonga - Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

-Viper - Darien Lake (Before It Was Six Flags)

-Predator - Darien Lake (Before It Was Six Flags)

-Nightmare - Darien Lake (Before It Was Six Flags)

-Python - Busch Gardens, Tampa

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This is my list...I left some relocated rides off the list, but included several as well, so there is no reason or rhyme here. These are the ones I could think of just by reading this thread thus far and pondering on it a little afterwards:


Black Hole, Alton Towers

Black Widow, Six Flags New England / Riverside

Blue Coaster, Margate

Bullet, Flamingoland

Comet Jr., Lincoln Park

Cyclone, Pleasureland Southport

Drachen Fire, BGW

Flyer Comet, Whalom Park

Golden Nugget Mine Ride, Wildwood (SBNO)

Greased Lightnin', PGA

Hercules, Dorney

High Roller, Stratosphere

Hurricane, Myrtle Beach

Jack Rabbit, Clementon Lake (SBNO)

Jet Star, Casino Pier

Joker's Revenge, SFFT

Jumbo Jet, Coney Island

King Kobra, PKI

King Solomon’s Mines, Pleasureland Southport (SBNO? or destroyed?)

Lightnin' Loops, SFGAdv

Little Eagle, MBP

Looping Star, Margate

Mad Mouse, Lakemont Park

Mad Mouse, MBP

Magnum Force, Flamingoland

Mayan Mindbender, SFAW

Nightmare Mine, Frontier City

Orient Express, WOF

Pipeline Express, Myrtle Beach (borderline as to whether it was a coaster)

Psyclone, SFMM

Python, SFA (which was once part of the aforementioned Lightnin' Loops)

Quantum Loop, Seabreeze

RC-48, Morey's Piers

Rockin' Rider, Canobie Lake Park

Runaway Coaster, Rotunda

Scenic Railway, Margate (SBNO)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster, PKI

Screechin’ Eagle, LeSourdsville (SBNO)

Serpent, Lesourdsville Lake

Serpent, SFAW

Shockwave, SFGAdv / Batman: The Escape, SFAW

Shockwave, SFGAm

Space Mountain (original version), Disneyland

Spellbreaker, Legoland California

Starliner, MSAP (relocated)

Steel Phantom (Heavily modified)

Texas Cyclone, SFAW

Texas Tornado, SFAW

Ultra Twister, Astroworld

Viper, SFAW

Viper, SFGAdv

Whirlwind (Relocated, ridden at Rye and Knoebels)

Wild Mouse, Margate

Williams Grove Cyclone, Williams Grove (SBNO)

Wildcat, Williams Grove (relocated)

Wizards Cavern, Casino Pier


Zambezi Zinger, WOF (Relocated)



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