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  1. In about 3 weeks time, I'll be visiting Orlando from the UK. I've been about 8 times before over the last 20 or so years, but this will be the first time on my own (34 year old male, if it makes a difference!). Any tips specifically for a solo traveller in Orlando? I'll be doing all the usual theme parks etc., but I'd be interested in tips on what are good restaurants for dining out in the evening (I'd imagine many places don't particularly like people dining alone!) or anything else good to do that I might not have done before? I was hoping the Apopka Food Truck Roundup would be on while I was there, but looks like that is first Thursday of the month, and I'll be there 14th to 28th September. I'm looking forward to the trip, and being able to do what I want when I want
  2. We'll be going on Memorial Day as well. Hopefully crowds won't be too bad. We can't change the date we visit anyway - it's part of a long road trip of theme parks (and actually the first park on the trip - we land at PHL on the Sunday afternoon). We've decided not to bother with Flash Passes - hopefully getting there for opening time will enable us to get all the coasters in at least, if nothing else.
  3. We're also from the UK, and do a fair few trips to the US to visit theme parks. It's not worth the trip for just one park - you need to make it worthwhile by doing a few. This year we're going to Six Flags America & Great Adventure, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Kings Dominion, Kennywood, Lakemont, Hershey, Knoebels, Dorney and Moreys Piers. That's a full two week holiday, 2000 miles of driving, but getting our money's worth from the flights! Flights will cost you around £500 - both BA and Virgin have sales, normally around November, so buy flight tickets then to save money. Hire cars are fairly cheap - we're paying £300 for two weeks, but as above budget £70 a night for decent hotels. If you need to find other things to do to persuade others to go with you, then Cedar Point isn't ideal in my opinion, as there didn't seem like much else in the area. We did it as part of a road trip from Chicago to Boston, which included time in both those cities, Cedar Point, Darien Lake and a visit to Niagara Falls. You could look at going to LA - plenty of non-coaster things to do, Knotts & Disney on your doorstep and Magic Mountain just up the road. If you're looking at trips of less than a week, stick to Europe
  4. Thanks guys! We'll do as suggested then, and go back to get the FP's after we've done a few rides if the queue's are getting big. We were planning on doing X2 & Tatsu at the start of the day anyway, so that works well for us. Now we've just got to cross everything and hope Green Lantern is open by the time we go! We didn't plan our trip around that opening, so it's not the end of the world if it isn't open, but knowing it's opening soon but knowing our luck not in time for us is a bit frustrating! Oh, and we couldn't buy the FP's in advance anyway, or even park tickets, as they only let US/Canada residents buy them online If we don't find any other discounts while we are out there, we'll at least make use of the AAA discount through our AA/ARC Europe membership.
  5. We're coming to California in a weeks time, and we're planning to go to SFMM on Wednesday 8th June. What are the crowds likely to be like that day? Busy? Quiet? I'm thinking Gold FP's will be worth it, but I don't want to buy them if they really aren't needed. A few years ago we went to Six Flags America in Maryland, and bought FP's thinking it would be busy - in the end, all but Superman:ROS had less than 15 minute waits all day. I don't want to spend $115 on FP's for the two of us to find we could have done everything with time to spare anyway!
  6. I only subscribe to two: The Chris Moyles Show weekly podcast and Scott Mills daily podcast from Radio 1 in the UK. I used to listen to the shows most days, but can't at the moment so I subscribe to those podcasts.
  7. Finally managed to download it last night (my internet connection has been on a go-slow for the past few days ). Looks good so far though! Thanks for another free DVD!
  8. I read that yesterday Why on earth did they choose Swindon of all places? I'm unfortunate enough to being working in Swindon at the moment, and I'm just glad I don't live here to be honest (I live 40 miles away in Bath). Ugly concrete jungle spring to mind as a way to (politely) describe the place. Certainly nothing 'magical' or 'Disney' about it, that's for sure. I'm sure there would have been much better towns to choose from. Apparently Blackpool and Weston-super-mare were also in the shortlist. I mean, I know Blackpool isn't exactly the nicest town in the UK, but at least it's got the Pleasure Beach, and W-s-m has at least got the seaside and pier. Swindon has nothing that I know of!
  9. We've seen quite a few now in London, and a couple of others here and there. So far, my absolute favourite has to Avenue Q. I've never laughed so much in my life, and it's the only musical that I've got the soundtrack for on my iPhone. Spamalot was pretty good too, and I'm not even a huge Monty Python fan. Thought Rent was very good as well (which we saw in New York, rather than the London version).
  10. I imagine my first park of 2010 will be Disneyland Paris on 21st February. Not sure what will come after that, but I'll be heading to Alton Towers, Thorpe and Chessington early in the season to pick up the new credits they'll have to offer, and we'll be in Orlando in June so all the usual Orlando parks then.
  11. We went to the area a couple of years back. We only had 2 days available in DC, and while longer would have been nicer, we were able to fit quite a bit in to those two days in the city. We made it out to Arlington cemetary and had a good look around there, walked all the way up and down the mall area, saw all the big monuments, White House and Capitol (I don't think you are able to go in them if you're not a US resident), visited the Air & Space musuem on the mall, the National Archives, etc. We didn't have that long to spend at each place, but I think we got a pretty good taste of the city in those two days. We also went to SFA and KD while in the area. SFA definately doesn't need more than a day unless it's during peak season. We went at the start of June, and everything except Ride of Steel was a walk-on or near enough. We were sat down having lunch by 2pm, did a few more re-rides after that, then left.
  12. I had a pint of Gales HSB about an hour ago - lovely beer
  13. I assume it works roughly the same in America as it does in Britain, if so very few employers would want to see that you had two bachelors degrees, just one in a relevant subject. A Masters seems to be seen over here as a way to get a bit more education in a specific area if it is required for a job you want, if your first degree wasn't in a relevant area for the job you are going for. I work for computer software company, and while many graduates who join us have a BSc in thing like Computer Science, Mathematics, and other similar degrees, we've had people join with degree in things such as Bio-chemistry, who have then done a Masters in Computing or similar. In Britain, most people will just get a Bachelors degree, some will then go on to get a Masters if they need it, and then a small few will go to get a PhD. I don't know anyone personally who has got two Bachelors degrees, and can't say I've ever seen a job advert that requried it. My personal opinion? Don't get too hung up about getting a 'business' job in the theme park industry - there are plently of other industries that will be easier to get into. Get your degree, get a good job as a result of having that degree in any industry that you have a passing interest in, get experience, and then start hunting the 'dream job'. From what I've seen, experience counts for a lot more than a piece of paper that says you studied something at college for three years or whatever.
  14. I went for Rollercoaster in the end, though to be honest I almost went for Steeplechase just for the complete lack of any 'safety' devices, and Wild Mouse for the same reasons! The Big One just didn't seem that great at all - I'd prefer re-rides on Zipper Dipper to The Big One!
  15. The most I've done in a day is about 10 or 12 or so on Duelling Dragons during the preview opening of IOA. They were only letting something like 1000 - 2000 people into the park each day, so there were no queues for anything all day. I just kept looping round back onto it through the shortcut.
  16. Great pictures and report. We went last September for a couple of days and had a great time. For a park with such a small amount of space, they've really crammed the coasters in. The Crazy Mouse on the pier was still running where we there, but it was almost deserted. We had to go and find a ride op before we could go on it! If anyone wants some pictures from the top of the tower, there are some on my Facebook page - www.facebook.com/alanjonesbath . Blackpool Tower is quite far away from the Pleasure Beach, so unless you get a beautifully clear day, photos don't come out too well. The Blackpool Illuminations are so tacky, but it's just part of the Blackpool charm!
  17. I passed my bike test a year ago. I've got a Yamaha Diversion XJ600s (I think it was called the Seca II in America). Not exactly a new bike, but still great fun. I get withdrawl symptons if I go more than a week between rides. I'm starting to think about what bike to get next now, as I only bought that one as a cheap 'starter' bike. Quite fancy a Yamaha Fazer, Suzuki GSR600, BMW F800GS or even a Harley 883 Iron as the next bike
  18. My 'realistic' list: 1. Fly a plane over the Welsh mountains and hills 2. Ride a Harley along Route 66 3. Visit Japan and ride some of their coasters 4. Go bungee jumping and jet boating in New Zealand 5. Drive the Nurburgring in Porsche 911 (plenty of other cars I'd love to drive too, but if you drive the 'ring, I think I'd want a German car to do it in ) So many other things I could list, but I'd be pretty satisfied if I could fit all that in!
  19. Bought a pair of Sennheiser MM50 headphones (£40) to replace the standard iPhone headsphones I'm currently using. Should be a nice change to use some 'comfy' ear-bud headphones for a change!
  20. If you want a coaster that "dive among natural terrain", then I think you'd be hard pushed to beat Nemesis at Alton Towers. Can't say I've ever seen a coaster built like that anywhere else. Brilliant ride even now it's 15 years old just because of how close you come to the rocks.
  21. I've just started reading Gordon Ramsey's autobiography 'Humble Pie' - quite an interesting read, gives you an insight into why he is the way he is in the kitchen. If you like the bloke, it's an interesting read. If you already hate him, it's probably not for you
  22. Haven't got anything planned at the moment We're definately heading to Florida in June 2010 though, and Disneyland Paris in Feb 2010, but hopefully we'll fit a few more parks in before or between those!
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