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  1. Welcome back CD5. Looking forward to another awesome storyline and great RCT3 designs.
  2. I've not posted often, but I have followed this timeline since page 1 and have always enjoyed not just the park but the storyline you created that really gave this park life! This is without a doubt, the best RCT3 park I have ever seen. It is a shame it had to end. All the best for future developments, CD5.
  3. "Hey, Joe. How's the brew?" "It's lookin' like a good batch, Fred."
  4. Could someone please send an email to Prince Desmond. A coaster like this surely deserves the same care and attention promised to The Big Dipper! I'm just saying!
  5. Hi all. I've started work on my new RCT2 project and thought I would get some feedback from the TPR Community. My new park is Birchmere Park Park Entrance 30-9-10 2_edited-1.bmp Birchmere Park's entrance area Buffalo Entrance 30-9-10.BMP The queue line for Birchmere Park's first coaster, Buffalo. Buffalo Overview 30-9-10.BMP The overview of Buffalo so far.
  6. Always been a fan of your work Nin. I will be following this one as closely as Charleston Gardens/SF South Carolina
  7. I am so stoked that this park is making a comeback. Shame about it being Six Flags though
  8. Okay, my first ever NL review, so here goes... In short, a great coaster. The layout is original with tell-tale signs of other tried-and-tested B&M Inverts. The pacing of the inversions works very well, enough to make me think I was riding Nemesis Inferno through half of it My only issues were the e-brake test and the placing of trees in some areas. After the MCBR, the train is unable to clear the second loop. This was easily remedied by editing the brake run to include the transport option at 16 mph, matching your minimum speed set on the brakes. The trees will need to be moved around a little as there are a number of collisions along the track. Overall, I enjoyed this coaster very much. It's exciting to look at as much as it is to ride! 8/10 I look forward to seeing what else you can come up with. Eric Lucas
  9. I'm afraid I am too forced to throw in the towel. I haven't been able to give the park much time and as a result is only around 50% complete. Best of luck to the completed entries.
  10. It's a nice addition to the park, one that I'm sure would be busy during the lunch hours as people rest from the rides. I do hope, however, that Charleston Gardens doesn't put too much emphasis on their gardens and end up like Cypress Gardens.
  11. Heard about this on the breakfast news this morning. Just had to look it up. Here's the link. news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wiltshire/8399996.stm I wonder if any high streets will be renamed Main Street or estates changed to Pirates of the Caribbean Road
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