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  1. Pleasure Beach Blackpool's relocated Vekoma SLC Infusion is to be officially opened by TV/Radio presenter Vernon Kay on wednesday June 6th. I rode this last wednesday 30th May and i thought for an SLC, it was very good. Some good inline twists before the last corner and the brake run. Definately the best standard SLC in the world.
  2. Sorry Marcus Sheen, i should of given you the credit for these pictures, thank you for getting them though, they're fantastic. Once again sorry. Everyone hail Marcus Sheen lol!
  3. Ye i wanted to and then realised i'd put it in the wrong section, is there anyway i can move it?
  4. Hey everyone, these are some construction photos from 1994 of The Pepsi Max Big One located in Blackpool, UK. There's not many photos of this around but i thought it might be good to show some seen as it was the a major achievement for Blackpool, even if it is an Arrow lol. If anyone else has some photos, i'd love to see them. keep posting
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