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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Just three for me, and a kiddie at that!


Python: Busch Gardens Africa, FL

Rockin' Rider (S.B.C. Galaxi): Canobie Lake Park, NH

Go-Gator: Palace Playland, ME


The list of coasters I wish I'd ridden before they closed (Psyclone, Drachen Fire esp.) is much longer...

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So, I searched a whole lot (so as not to emulate my hero!! (see title)) and couldn't come up with anything. So here goes:


I was thinking it would be cool if we could gauge age by rides we have ridden that others may not have heard of or only seen in pictures. I work in customer service and am always talking to people and it's funny to see the blank stares you get from people when you mention some of this stuff. Does it make anyone else feel old? You could list by park or just rides.


Kings Island

King Cobra

Flight Commander

Screamin Demon

Dolphin Show

The Bat (didn't ride, but watched it)


Cedar Point

Ferris Wheel in old location

Double Log Flume where Raptor is

Disaster Transport before it was enclosed

Dolphin Show



I've also been to Fantast Farm and Boblo Island.


What does everyone else have?

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Do you mean something like this?




If so, then mine are:




Parachute drop on the sky tower

Kingdom of the Dinosaurs





Spin Out



Original V2






Greased Lightnin


Cedar Point

Hopefully soon to be Mean Streak.



Added: Hersheypark's Canyon River Rapids

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Six Flags St. Louis

Remember seeing RailBlazer the day after the lady died on it.

Thunder River


Opryland USA

Grizzly River Rampage


King Dominion

Avalanche Bobsled

White Water Canyon


The North Pole/Santa's Workshop

Candy Cane Coaster



Yes, some scattered references. Best I have tonight.

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Little Dipper



Laser Loop

Super Round Up


Le Cachot

Roll O Plane and Loop O Plane

The Whip, in it's old location near Log Jammer

3 train operation on Jack Rabbit


Cedar Point


Avalanche Run

Jungle Larry Show (name???)


Geauga Lake




edit: added more kw stuff

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River King Mine Train (right side or south track)

Jet Scream

Injun Joe's Cave/Time Tunnel

Tiltmore Hotel

Adventures on the Mississippi

Mo-Mo the Monster

Sports Car Ride

Sky Chuter

Haunted House

many more




Orient Express




The Diving Bell and a bunch of stuff from the late 70s (some weird themed river ride?)

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Star Fish

Old V2






Unmodified Thrillshot (with saddle seats and vest restraints)




Kingdom of Dinosaurs

Spin Out? (was that the name? The indoor scrambler ride themed to under sea)

Parachute ride


Disney Land:

Old Space Mtn with Dick Dale soundtrack, best ever soundtrack IMO...


Universal Studios:

Back to the Future

E.T. (Only rode once, broke down 5 times during our ride, got real annoying...)


Great America:

Smurf Village (Wasn't really a ride, a themed area hiding the Blue Streak coaster and mushroom houses to run through... where Nick Central sits now)

Splat City (Same location, had the huge play structure infront of the Green Slime Mine Car coaster, now Runaway Reptar)

Greased Lightning/Tidal Wave

Days of Thunder! I miss that ride..lol

Triple Play

Dolphin & animal show (occupied by the nickelodeon show now)

Almost Orlean's Orbit. (Thank You Cedar Fair for saving this ride!)


Santa Cruz Boardwalk:

Great Auto Race

Wipeout (old ride by Giant Dipper)

Chaos (took Wipeout's place)

Spin Out (Tea Cup ride in pit area)


I think that's about all I can think of.

Some other random flats that I rode as a kid that I can't even remember

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knoebels :

Rode the jetstar the year it came to the park.

Rode the swinging car ferris wheel (now gone) when it was near the high speed thrill coaster.

Rode the small train from kiddieland when it went through the whole park.

Rode the real horses when they still had pony rides.

Remembers the rollerskating rink.

Rode the panther cars when they were in there original spot ( now in there 3rd spot do to flooding over the years ).


williamsgrove :

Rode the cyclone when i was a small kid.

Remembers when they used to have pretty big musicians perform there (my mom would go see them alot).



Remembers when it only had 3 coasters (comet, sooperdooperlooper, and trailblazer).


Haven't been there, but >

busch gardens:

Remembers seeing the advertisements on tv for the new loch ness monster rollercoaster and thinking wow that looks scary .

Remembers when the big bad wolf was in the news because it was too rough and injuring people.

Remembers when it was still called the old country.

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Spin Out

Circus Wheel

Sierra Twist




Wilderness Scrambler

Tapico Tumbler


Grand Slammer



Original Submarine Voyage








Geauga Lake-



Double Loop


Head Spin

Big Dipper

Texas Twister

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You know, I'm just not seeing the point to this--escpecially since a similar thread about "defunct" rides already exists (as pointed out in the second post in this thread).



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