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  1. Here are some pics from me and Jim's trip. The Marching Dick Knoebel's Backseat Bill Stinker Bell Clowns were everywhere Clowns Clowns golden nugget car pics golden nugget car pics golden nugget car pics
  2. They loaded them that much faster. They have 2 people check restraints , one starts at the front, the other in the back and they go all the way through the train, so yes, everyone gets checked twice. Its stupid. For that ride there isnt a reason to check everyone twice.
  3. The steel pier mouse was worth a ride, i will miss that coaster. That was my first spinning mouse ride.
  4. The main bridge to twister is the next bridge down, which isnt a covered bridge. The covered bridge is the main entry way to the campgrounds. Also if you ever get to make it to knoebels again, you can use your tickets that you have left, there good anytime. The Loaf of bread building used to be a bakery years ago, but i do not recall what all they made in it.
  5. The ride you couldnt remember the name of is the power surge. Also the carousel was built in 1912. Knoebels has had it since 1941. Nice report.
  6. knoebels : Rode the jetstar the year it came to the park. Rode the swinging car ferris wheel (now gone) when it was near the high speed thrill coaster. Rode the small train from kiddieland when it went through the whole park. Rode the real horses when they still had pony rides. Remembers the rollerskating rink. Rode the panther cars when they were in there original spot ( now in there 3rd spot do to flooding over the years ). williamsgrove : Rode the cyclone when i was a small kid. Remembers when they used to have pretty big musicians perform there (my mom would go see them alot). hersheypark: Remembers when it only had 3 coasters (comet, sooperdooperlooper, and trailblazer). Haven't been there, but > busch gardens: Remembers seeing the advertisements on tv for the new loch ness monster rollercoaster and thinking wow that looks scary . Remembers when the big bad wolf was in the news because it was too rough and injuring people. Remembers when it was still called the old country.
  7. The Jet Star at knoebels The Whirlwind at knoebels The Cyclone at williamsgrove (In the 70's when i was alot younger )
  8. Trailblazer was closed on tuesday the 12th when i was there for my company picnic. So they must be having major issues.
  9. I will do my top 6, all the other parks i have been to are really small. 1. Cedar Point 2. Hersheypark 3. Six Flags Great Adventure 4. Dorney Park 5. Knoebels 6. Kennywood
  10. Now if we could just get Knoebels to do this. It would be a little harder to do since you dont pay for admission or parking, but it would be kinda neat to have a pass for the season. I wish i lived closer to pittsburgh than i do so i could visit more often. Maybe if they ever finish 99.
  11. A cheesesteak sandwich is thin steak chopped up into strips and fried , put into a hoagie submarine roll, with melted cheese on it. Different variations of it include fried onions, peppers, some put mayo on it, some nothing, some a red tomato sauce. But basically its chopped steak and cheese on a roll. Nice trip report.
  12. I knew that saudi women where allowed to wear what they wanted in there house as long as it was out of public eye, and if it was an all women get together , but i didnt know they where allowed to wear bikini's at a water park. I saw a show recently that a saudi women was swimming/scuba diving and she still had on alot of clothing. Interesting.
  13. Coastin Steve was wearing the goggles mostly because he is a goof ball, and is just a fun loving guy. He likes coasters and to have fun. He usually always shows up at PPP at knoebels. And yes he did work on The Flying Turns. Give the guy a break.
  14. Not sure if anyone has asked or not , i think i looked at this whole thread, but do you have anything to post in the future of knoebels and williamsgrove in pennsylvania ? I do have these couple things , the pamphlet i believe is from the 80's, it still has the jetstar on the front. Then i have the 2 post cards that where from the 80's, the one of the phoenix was when it was first built, you can still see part of the parking lot in front, i remember as a kid that was the main lot before they started using the field that they use now.
  15. That is the email address i have used. Maybe he is on vacation or something , i would just give him some time.
  16. Safe ?? I dont understand that statement. I have been to dorney many times, and have never felt unsafe because of the crowd that was there. So you must have had a off day. I would definetly go with dorney.
  17. Well i think thunder hawk at dorney would take the #1 slot with me since i cracked ribs on it, but i also hate Mantis. The bicycle seat was way too painful.
  18. Hersheypark charges as much as or more for there admission that cedar point does. And i am sorry, hersheypark is great, but it dont compare to cedar point for rides and location. So that isnt a bad price compared to other parks.
  19. Leap the dips goes very slow and has side rails , so i dont think it would be real dangerous to you when losing a wheel, may be a little painful when you skid though. But i still think lakemont is worth your going to, its a nice park. And i love leap the dips, plus if the day is slow, you can just stay on skyliner and not have to get off.
  20. Well it would depend on what area, but the whole state is loaded with parks. There is dorneypark in allentown, hersheypark in hershey, knoebels in elysburg, waldameer in erie and kennywood near pittsburgh. Then there are some smaller parks that are worth while going to like delgrosso's and lakemont which are both near altoona , and there is ildewild below kennywood, and dutch wonderland in lancaster . I guess that is about it. Here is a link to rcdb. www.rcdb.com/qs1.htm?quicksearch=pennsylvania
  21. I love great bear. The ride is a different ride if you ride in the front verses the back. I would suggest riding it in the front or second seat first. Its less intense and you can see where your going. In the back its more intense because you cant see when the turns are coming up and you get the usual back seat of a coaster ride. You should ride both areas. I think great bear is the best in the back , to me.
  22. As far as the parking lot is concerned , i have been to six flags great adventure, and they come out of that parking lot like its the indy 500. There was even a wreck not far in front of me because someone just had to get out before everyone else. So i would rather wait and get out safely. What a joke. And as far as the trees are concerned, i go to an amusement park to ride the rides, that is what i love about cedar point, they have great rides. If i want to see trees i will go to a forest. They have plenty of trees at that park. Also yes they do have too many garbage cans, but when you have that many and still have idiots who throw there garbage on the ground next to it, what can you say.
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