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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Jet Star (Knoebels)

Whirlwind (Knoebels)

Flying Dutchman (Dorney Park)

Hercules (Dorney Park)

Steel Phantom (Kennywood)

Quantam Loop (Seabreeze)

Nightmare at Phantom Cave (Darien Lake)

Wildcat (Martins Fantasy Island)

Zyklon (Morey's Pier and Mariner's Landing)

City Jet (Gillian's Wonderland Pier)

Python (Busch Gardens Tampa)

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Ok here is my list.


Keverbaan @ Attractiepark Slagharen

Avonturenslang @ Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Rioolrat @ Avonturenpark Hellendoorn

Greased Lightnin' @ PGA

Stealth @ PGA

Cop Car Chase @ Moviepark Germany

La Via Volta @ Walibi World (Only operational till the end of this month)

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I searched around for this, but couldn't find anything. So sorry in advance if there is already a topic on this.


What defunct (removed) roller coasters have you ridden? This includes relocated rides and semi-portable coasters. However a modification to a ride's track (like with V2 at SFDK) does not count as a removed ride.


Mine are: Windjammer (red track) - KBF

Zonga - SFDK

Flashback - SFMM (Just because it's scheduled to be removed later in 2007)

Stealth - GA

Greased Lightnin - GA



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First, the truly defunct ones I've ridden:


Python at BGA

Shockwave at SFGAm

Hercules at Dorney Park




Rolling Thunder at SFGAm (originally Sarajevo Bobsleds, now Alpine Bobsleds)


Whirlwind at Knoebels (now Bocaraca)



I probably miss Shockwave the most, and Python was postcard-pretty too. I wonder if all the O.G. Arrow corkscrews are gonna disappear. I really want to ride Greezed Lightning because I never got a chance when it was Tidal Wave at SFGAm.

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Here's my list:


Euclid Beach Park:

Racing Derby

Flying Turns


Aero Dips


Chippewa Lake park:

Big Dipper

Wild Mouse

L'll dipper


Geauga Lake:


Wild Cat

(their old wooden kid coaster)


Conneaut Lake Park: (currently SBNO, but may change)

Wild Mouse

Blue Streak



Cedar Point:

Wild Mouse

Jumbo Jets

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Partial list, off the top of my head:


Black Widow at SFNE (then Riverside)


Viper at SFGADV


Python at BGA


And since the flat and coaster threads have been merged:


Every ride still in operation upon closing at Whalom Park


Most rides at Rocky Point (Warwick RI)


Most rides at Lincoln Park (Dartmouth MA)


WDW's Mr. Toad's Wild Ride - my very mostest favoritest dark ride EVAH!


Colossus, Joker's Wild Card, and Poland Spring Plunge, SFNE


And just to be totally random, the former Riverside Park Speedway, now home to DC Adventures (I used to drive a street stock there).


EDIT: 400th post. Big effin' whoop.

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