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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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It's sad to see that out of my small list of coaster credits there's still a few that have gone. I don't know if some of these have been moved so if they are still in existance somewhere else I apologise!


-Runaway Coaster (Side-Friction), Rotunda Folkestone

-Magic Mouse, Rotunda Folkestone

-Big Apple, Dreamland Margate

-Blue Coaster, Dreamland Margate

-Ladybird, Dreamland Margate

-Wild Mouse, Dreamland Margate

-Dragon Coaster, Butlins Minehead


I guess it's not so bad as it's mostly Kiddie coasters I went on when I was younger that have gone. I also went to two parks that are no longer in existance: Rotunda, Folkestone and The American Adventure - unfortunately I was too young for any of the coasters they had at AA so I only went on two powered coasters - The Mine Train and The Buffalo Coaster, but it is wierd to think that at 18years old I have already seen two theme parks dissapear aswell as a handful of rides! Luckily though Dreamland is still just hanging in there - got to love that Scenic Railway!

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I hate to see all these coasters gone. Whalom Park was not much for some people, but I have many good memories there. When I was a kid my aunt would take me and my cousins there just about every weekend in the summer. I've seen some photos of coasters that have been put in this topic, they look cool. Too bad, I'll never get a chance to ride them. I'm a roller coaster addict,I get a rush from them.

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Hm. I remember being on one... I think it was a wild mouse, but not sure. Blue construction of tracks in the middle of a square in Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. Had yellow cars with faces, 2 cars per train I think. Chain was quite noisy. Small arcade thing under it (more like win-a-toy games). Around it was the main entrance, flying swans, maybe a flying carpet, Ladybird coaster, and Vintage cars (looking front to left when coming from Odin Ekspressen).

If anyone can confirm this, please do. I'm afraid I'm going nuts here (only dreamt it).



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I hope you mean Python. Scorpion is the Schwarzkopf, Python is the Arrow



My current list:





Southport Pleasureland (UK)-

Wacky Worm


King Solomon's Mines


Alton Towers-

Black Hole


Geauga Lake-

Big Dipper


Dominator (relocated)

Thunderhawk (relocated)

Beaver Creek Mine Ride (probably relocated)

Double Loop

Boomerang (probably relocated)



Deja Vu (relocated)



Deja Vu (probably relocated)


Riverview (WI Dells)-

Galaxi (?)

Mouse Coaster (?)

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