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  1. My pics are at myspace.com/coasterchick26 Sorry but Im at work and cant post pics. Hey guys, I went to Hershey on Monday June 1st. I absolutly loved it, it was such a blast. We got there at 9am and took a tour thru the chocolate factory, this was really neat. Gabby, Olympia, and Harmony were so cute. The chocolate factory was simply amazing and enjoyed the hershey bar when we exited. Next, we headed to the Hershey entrance, it was only about 9;40am at this time so we stood and waited, there were school trips like crazy, which made it very crowded while we were waiting at the entrance. We headed to Farehnheit first which was no wait first thing in the morning, turned into a 45min wait later on, but about a 15min wait by 6pm. This ride was amazing, I loved all the inversions and inline twists. I got a awesome pop of airtime on one the hills too, literally felt like I was going to fly out of my seat. Front seat was amazing on this!! Next we headed to storm runner, no wait again, but about a 25min wait later. The launch was better than Kingda Ka's IMO, so smooth and intense, not quite as intense as Hypersonics but close enough. This was insane because it was more than just a 1 trick pony like most launch coasters. Next was Sidewinder-I have heard so much about how rough this ride is, but I totally disagree, it was very tolerable, although thise ride was very disorienting but nontheless a good one. No wait here either. Trailblazer-Rode it only for the credit lol Great bear-a whopping 45min wait. But was no wait by 6pm. This was pretty good, just needs more inversions and increased speed. Nothing will top Alpie!! Superdooperlooper-this was very relaxing, IMO this was just a step above trailblazer. Wildcat-I loved this woodie, a little on the rough side but not bad, very enjoyable- same thing with lightning Racer. Comet-Very smooth. loved it Hershey was defintaly awesome and I will return, the staff was all great, and the food wasnt bad either. I got mozz sticks and french fries across from great bear. Got pics taken with the KIss, hershey bar, and hersheys chocolate syrup!!!
  2. Hey Has anyone heard the latest on storm runner? Is it open?
  3. Actually it better be open by june1st seeing thats when Im going. I have never rode it be4 either
  4. If storm runner is not open? what why wouldnt it be open Im looking forward to that ride.
  5. Hey guys, Im headed to Hershey and Dorney. Going to Hershey on Monday June 1st and Dorney Wednesday June3rd. Just wanting a general idea of what you guys have to say about these parks, and what the crowds might possibly be like. Food, cleanliness, park employees. How strict are they on rain policies? Are the parks easy/hard to navigate? Thanks for any info. Christy
  6. I love Alpie, Its my number 1 steel coaster. the only roughness I get from it(and I have ridden it 4 times THIS season) is in the cobra roll, and the brake run. Other than that no roughness at all to me, and always ride in the very back.
  7. Hey Nessie was my first coaster of 09 too, on March 22nd!! Great report thanks for the pics makes me want to go back right now, but it wont be long. Trappers omg they have the best food I have ever tasted in my life. Got the sampler platter even tho I only ate half of it, my eyes were ALOT bigger than my stomach.
  8. The only coaster that ever mad me nauseated(didnt throw up just nauseated) was Borg Assimalator at Carowinds and i think its something to do with Vekomas b/c of returning to the station on your back almost upside down. But it only bothered the first few times I rode it went back again and it didnt bother me at all. I cant handle most spinny rides especially the zipper.
  9. Slow or miserable looking ride ops Cold/nasty food Smokers smoking in line Horse playing in line Ride ops who push the restraints down to where you cant breathe groups who stand in the middle of the walkway( blocking it) Not running rides at full capacity when its necessary
  10. When I first started getting hot n heavy riding coasters. I used to would not eat anything for the fear of getting sick. But I have learned that is actually better to eat while riding. So yeah eating does not bother me at all while riding. I just dont eat anything too greasy. And dont overeat.
  11. I agree I find Dominator relativly loud at least at KD it is. The roar is just alot louder than your typical B&M. Also Hypersonic was loud too, during launch and especially the brakes, oh man the brakes.
  12. I have been on dominator and Medusa SFGradv - Dominator definatly won out. Although both are awesome
  13. -Kings Dominion -Carowinds -Family Kingdom -Six Flags Great adventure -Busch Gardens Europe
  14. Great Tr and photos. Makes me want to go. I went to SFgradv this year and am definatly going to hit SFOG next year. Does anyone if the flash pass at SFOG works just like the one at SFgradv?
  15. I rode el toro back in May. Rough doesnt even belong in the same sentence. It is super smooth. Like someone else said the turms are intense and violent but not rough in no way. Back seat is the best, i mean major ejector air. Its my 2nd favorite coaster overall right below Alpengeist, and my favorite woodie. There is nothing you wont like about it.
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