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  1. I'm an "Oh Sh*t!" kind of guy. The only rides I still get butterflies in my stomach and still get freaked out on are drop towers and skycoasters.
  2. Uncle Will, will probably be able to fot on Vortex, which is the stand-up at CGA. I have seen some tall people that were able to fit. I don't know what the SFDK policy is, but at CGA since there are no test seats for any of the rides in the park, you can always have them go through the exit and try out a seat, and if they fit, then go back and wait in line.
  3. Switchfoot rode Vortex before they played at the Spring Celebration concert at CGA last year.
  4. If CGA gets sold, who says that the park is actually going to close? If the 49er's buy the park and decide to keep it open, they could hire someone to manage the park.
  5. Why would you be excited about riding Kong? Canada's Wonderland has Flight Deck which is identical to Kong.
  6. If it weren't for Xcelerator, I would have not gone to Knott's this past summer. There coasters are mediocre and Silver Bullet is the worst coaster in the park IMO. There are absolutely no forces on that ride what-so-ever. Unless I get in the park free, paying to go there with Xcelerator running is not worth it to me.
  7. According to the park website, they raised the general parking to $12. I checked Knott's website and it is also $12. Maybe it's a California CF park thing because the other CF parks I checked are still $10. Maybe this is a move to get more people to buy a season pass since it includes free parking.
  8. No Do you watch any of those dating shows (Rock of Love, Flavor of Love, etc.) on VH1?
  9. Thats true. I guess time will tell, but I'm mostly thinking how many of their woodies at their parks are considered rough and use trim brakes. And they're also doing some major work on the first turnaround on the Grizzly at CGA.
  10. The only ones for me is the helix on Goliath at SFMM, and the turn right after the loop on Flight Deck at CGA.
  11. A lot of parks have multiple coasters with same colors. The primary two seem to be yellow and red. At SFMM they Viper, X2, and Ninja that are all red. Anyways, the name "Nighthawk" doesn't signal yellow to me.
  12. If they can't think of a better name other than Possessed to fit the dark "theme", then "theme" it differently. I mean, the only themeing the ride has is the sign. I would rather see it called Steel Venom than Possessed. For God sakes, Impulse is even a better name.
  13. "Hey Bob, you wanna go ride Possessed?" Definitely takes the cake for worst Cedar Fair name; it's even worse than Drop Tower. And Possessed isn't even a noun, it's an adjective!
  14. According to the SCBB calendar, the park will NOT be in limited operation the last Saturday of Feb.
  15. ^Ok, that's understandable but the park is not going to be some gigantic coaster park! It's not going to be SFMM in a million years! You wanna know why? Because they don't have the room! Sure they can fit that new wooden coaster in, but unless they somehow have a path that can lead to the parking lot from inside the park, I can only see a maximum of two more coasters being able to fit in the park. The only other way of course is to remove another one.
  16. ^^Definitely go to San Francisco. There's a lot more stuff to do there than anywhere else in the Bay Area. And with tons of public transit in the city, I would suggest leave the car if possible. Too bad you didn't come this week because one day the weather in SF got up to 80 degrees which is really rare for SF in the winter.
  17. Still kind of far away, but is anyone going opening day? Or plan to go to the park at all even with the omission of a new coaster/ride?
  18. Hopefully they spruce up the Redwood Ampitheater by giving it some new paint and fixing up the seats because that place needs a makeover. ^^Don't forget that when the park was Marriott's, they were known for their shows, so it's nice to be getting back to the parks original "roots". It's also nice them getting more use out of that theater since last year it was only used for the cheerleading competition and a few other concerts. As for the new coaster, now that the park has some more time to talk to Prudential next door about the noise issue; even though they brought in a third party noise study and they said it would not cause a problem.
  19. Wooden Out & Back - Giant Dipper (SCBB) Wooden Twister - Roar (SFDK) Wooden Racing/Dueling - N/A Mine Train - Goldrusher (SFMM) Wild Mouse - Psycho Mouse (CGA) Bobsled - N/A Stand Up - Riddler's Revenge (SFMM) Floorless - Medusa (SFDK) Mega Looper - N/A Flying - Tatsu (SFMM) Suspended - Ninja (SFMM) Inverted/SLC - Flight Deck (CGA) Non Looper Mega Coaster - Goliath (SFMM) Hypercoaster - N/A Giga Coaster - N/A Strata Coaster - N/A Boomerang - Deja Vu (SFMM) LIM - N/A Arrow Multi Looper - Viper (SFMM) Spinning - Sierra Sidewinder (KBF) Shuttle - Greased Lightnin' (CGA, defunct)
  20. Triple Play has been gone from the employee parking lot for a long time. I believe it's been gone from the employee parking lot sine 2005.
  21. Looks like Grizzly is getting some major re-tracking. cfpl3.cagreatamerica.com/public/fun/blog/index.cfm And according to the blog, the announcement is coming next week.
  22. Really, really random, but with the mention of Vortex never having a line, I found some pretty good pictures showing off one of CGA's rare busy days of the 2008 season. It's nice seeing pictures with queue lines full, at least for CGA. picasaweb.google.com/filly.ho/05102008GreatAmerica#5199026785058467042
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