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  1. I'd hate to see the loss of Thunderhawk just on classic principal. I'd much rather see a park put some work into a ride like that than simply do away with it. I've still never quite forgiven Dorney for removing Hercules. The Comet at Hersheypark is still quite old, but maintains great popularity with park goers. As for the roughness of Thunderhawk, it's mixed. I've been to Dorney three times this year. The first two times, I was extremely displeased with the ride and thought it was extremely rough. (Seated in the same position) Last month, I had the opportunity to take part in a commercial shoot for CF/Dorney at the park and I thought it was running good, if not great. As with all wood coasters, there are many factors that go into making each individual ride enjoyable or miserable.
  2. I was at the park on Thursday and was able to do RERIDES on Fahrenheit. It was a walk on. All depends on what day you go, though.
  3. FOR SURE. I've done Scorpion's Tail this year, and fortunately picked a good day. Walked on several times, although I was told there can be up to a 2 hour wait. Standing in that "phone booth" waiting to be dropped is intense!
  4. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/7933060/Naked-rollercoaster-record-smashed.html
  5. Arnolds had a Toboggan up until 1998. Outdated map?
  6. Thanks for the response. I'm doing all the parks in the midwest on this tour and VF! has the most credits, so I figured I'd check.
  7. I was fortunate to get to slide Scorpion's Tail last month as a WALK ON! Took several drops in my 2 hour visit to the park...even got on every other slide in the place. NO one there on a Saturday in June!
  8. Can anyone tell me how crowded Valleyfair! generally is in the second week of August (mid-week?) Is 5 hours enough time to get all the credits and ENJOY the park?
  9. I'm going to GAdv tomorrow myself. Not terribly excited about it, but I have several reasons for it. I too am worried about the crowds tomorrow due to the concert. I actually paid for the concert ticket ($20) since I have a Season Pass and wouldn't mind checking it out briefly (just want to see Simple Plan!) but I also need a credit or two at the park. I'm hoping that once the concert starts, lines will clear out. Who knows though.
  10. Apparently there was another fire at the park last week. Reports are that the Kiddieland rest rooms were burned down. The guys working on the Blue Streak reportedly spotted the fire, and took a garden hose to the carousel building to protect it until firefighters arrived.
  11. I guess I was right the first time. Totally closed up.
  12. Did a search on this on the forums and nothing returned... http://www.gobananasfun.com/index.php/Arlington-Heights/Arlington-Heights-is-CLOSED Anyone know how long they've been closed and if the coaster was relocated?
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