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  1. Surely this must be one of the most famous ferris wheels in the world? Picture above taken from the Third Man film shot in 1949 Thanks for sharing
  2. Think it looks a bit dull and could do with some more theming. What they do, they appear to do well but they seem to just not do enough of it to make it worth the effort of the extra travel. For example it's like the viking area at their Windsor park - very good but rides just too shorts and could do with a more immersive level of theming instead of being on an attraction and thinking - oh look here's a themed bit coming up. Maybe it'll get better when it gets a bit more 'lived in look' and they add some additional content. That said however this doesn't seem to have happened at other Legoland locations. I'd personally not make an extra trip for this. In comparison look at the new pool area for the Nemo pool at the Art of Animation Disney hotel - now that's theming and touches like playing Nemo sounds under the water just shows some real smart thinking. I'd personally opt for a day at one of these hotel pools in preference to the Legoland water park. I'm not seeing anything innovative or new thinking at the Legoland park not already done elsewhere - they need to focus on doing something unique not found anywhere else then they'll make their mark.
  3. After the marketing for 13, very over hyped marketing, but an OK ride and now this I'm unfortunately getting put more and more off Alton Towers; which I hate to say as its got so much going for it as a location. It's all about integrity and if you don't live up to your hype then people start to have little trust in the park. I think they need to have a big re-think about how they plan to develop both theming and attractions in the future. We were last there for halloween and although we had a good time they really do need to get an improved focus on providing the overall feel for the park. To me it's becoming too focussed on certain scare features and not on providing an exhilarating fun day out. Both the park areas and attractions are becoming too disjointed - I've lost count how many times we've been over the years but the park is so blatantly becoming just a money extraction set up with poor park merchandise and less and less attention to customer satisfaction it's now becoming very obvious and in your face. Instead of pushing the next one trick pony to death with costly marketing what they need to do is make the customers feel valued and make sure you deliver what you promise. To me Alton Towers biggest appeal is always around halloween but they need to get a more coherent full event in place instead of a collection of disjointed and poorly supported range of attractions. With the next SW project now in swing I can just see them over-hyping more and continuing to deliver less. If it was a school report it would really be a case of shows potential but really must do better - a lot better. Stop showing off and make sure you deliver what you say.
  4. Happy 20th Birthday DLP - check out this awesome flashmob when the park opened today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOv9OK5BBhs By I'd wish I'd been there this morning.
  5. Looks like a new crane has arrived at DLP to help with the building of the new Ratatouille dark ride Really pleased this has got the green light now that DLP has the financial resources to further expand. Surprised that they haven't put this obviously French themed attraction in long before now. Will be interesting to see how this develops.
  6. Been waiting for this new show for months now and totally agree the last minute of this just builds and builds and then 'bang' - lasers, fire, fireworks, fountains, music and water and castle projectors all going full on - not sure what else you could chuck in to the mix. Off to see this in person in a couple of months and counting the days down. Disney always put on a great show but this pulls together all of the lessons learned from World of Color etc. DLP have been so lucky to have the skills of Steve Davison and his team work on this new show and I'm sure as the seasons pass DLP will make full use of the new set up - can see both a Halloween and Christmas make-over working just a well. This definitely puts DLP on the must do list for this year. Happy 20th birthday DLP.
  7. An alternative French TF1 live television coverage can be viewed using the following link: www.tf1.fr/disneyland-20ans/ The TF1 crew seemed to have a helicopter providing some awesome alternative views - well worth watching. This really was a ground breaking day for DLP.
  8. Check out this fantastic new show at DLP http://20e-anniversaire.disneylandparis.fr/video/live/disney_dreams.mp4 The 20th Anniversary starts officially 1st April but the press and media had a first official veiwing of the main evening show tonight. Absolutely awesome and must put DLP centre stage of the Disney parks at the moment.
  9. Checked out the following wiki link and surprised not to see references to Toad Hole http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waterborne_diseases Suggested to my kids that we try Lightwater Valley next Halloween in preference to Alton Towers and got a range of reactions: After they stopped laughing and falling around came the comments - how cheap can you go and finally - no way even if the tickets were free we wouldn't go. Obviously the youth of today have at least some level of good taste? You need to remember we have to travel past Lightwater Valley on our way south for a number of hours to get to Alton Towers. Think Lightwater Valley need to do some customer research on what younger guests expect using my kids.
  10. Build by British Rail and must be one of the worst coasters I've ever had to go on - bumpy and very very slow.... So pleased I spent my Halloween at Alton Towers. Don't know how Lightwater Valley can really class themselves as a theme park as they have almost no theming at all. Thanks for the trip report very interesting. Hope Lightwater Valley continue to improve but feel that they have a big uphill battle. If you compare Flamingoland and see how they keep growing in comparison as the next local geographical park then Lightwater Valley have to do a lot better than buying in second hand rides from a defunct park. Lightwater Valley depend far too much on cheap school trips to get their numbers.
  11. Off to Alton Towers for two days of Halloween fun tomorrow - love terror of the towers - very unique setting. Hoping the UK weather doesn't put a downer on the trip.
  12. I think this accident is both very unlucky and lucky at the same time. Very unfortunate for the pilot and Ferris Wheel riders but also very lucky at the same time - the wheel could have been full of riders or the whole structure could have come crashing down. I bet we don't see anything like this again in the near future.
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