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  1. Hard Rock Park is proud to announce "Fly" its a B&M Flying coaster set to the storyline of "Pink Floyds" Learning to Fly. Which is about flying and at the end of the song the pilot dies in a plane crash which is the meaning of the burning plane on the runway when you enter the rides que. Then you go up into the station and begin your own flying adventure through a Pretzel Loop, 2 Over banked turns and a heartline roll. You will dive into ravines and fly over water on this amazing ride, unlike the song you will not die in the plane crash. Now onto the media shots. Early Morning Media Helicopter shot. View from the Hard Rock Hotel! Themeing up close Dual Station and trains up close. Taken from a lift truck, ride over view. Swooping Over Water! Taken from across the street, you cannot get on the other side, thats owned by Hard Rock Inc. Media Helicopter Zooming in! Fly! at night! Fly! at night 2nd shot!
  2. Lets see here. Booker T and his wife shops where I work Bruce Bohanon Ex Astronaught I used to hang out at his hanger when I was younger.
  3. I took the fireworks out, but a company I have done shows with here in TX just bought 150 acres of land and has a HUGE storage site on there. Also got the next coaster in the works, working on the Custom Supports will have pics tommrow.
  4. Chaos were removed due to High Maint and High Accident Ratios I do believe, did a search and brought up the Chaos accident at MA where it broke off and rolled like a wheel, I like the Chaos and have no fears in riding but I will NOT eat before I ride it.
  5. Well I have restarted HRP Texas and redone some things, took the major pyro site away and redid the hotel and added some stuff to the entrance. Here is some shots of the reworks and such. I will be adding to the ride line up soon so hang on tight the fun has just begun.
  6. All of SFAW Coasters inlcuding Excalibur (RIP) Zingo at Bells in Tulsa
  7. I know its been awhile but I have been working extra hours at work for the past 2 months I have not had much time to work on Texas Hard Rock Park, so I decided to finally restart work on this project. I will be showing updates soon once I get back in full work!
  8. Well I saved the park afterall. Went to the Atari forums and found a way to open a file that I thought was corrupt. I will be showing new pics shortly of what I have accomplished since my save!
  9. And btw I have helped with some Pro firework shows, for show I have planned will use all the mortars.
  10. Well I am going to have to start ALL over, somehow the park file got corrupt. Oh well I can change some things that I wanted but it will take alot longer!!!!!
  11. Well not much has happened ride wise since the tornado hit, the unnamed coaster has a name, its called Syrnix dedicated to the rock group RUSH, next to Syrinx the RUSH Cafe was built and Neil Perts first drum set and Alex Liferson gave Hard Rock Park a guitar and amp to put on display. Also world reknown Zambelli Fireworks of Newcastle PA set up their high class launch site, the fireworks show which no one knows what will be like will happen every night and if the performer that performs in the unbuilt amphitheater needs pyro they will also shoot the concerts as well. The fireworks show is shot by computer and sends out the cues to a relay box that the shells ematches are hooked into for exact precision. Here is some shots of the site and bunker for the computer as well as the containers the fireworks are held in. Here is the RUSH Cafe, lots of variety of food to be bought here. And you can see donated RUSH Intruments! First Shot of Syrnixs station and train storage and themeing. The Radars are dedicated to RUSHs "Test for Echo CD" and the Weird base is supposed to be the "Temple of Syrnix" And finally as I left Brenham after getting a tour of the fireworks site I took a pic of under construction rebuilt hotel. The Cranes were not around that day so I did not see anyone working but looks like the roof is all the needs to be built. BTW reason no one working, it was Thanksgiving holiday! Here is an overview of the Zambelli site. The show is supposedly going to be one of the best shows in the world! Here are the shipping containers that all the explosives are stored in. Zambelli resupplys the containers once a month with the shells they make as well as shipped in from China to keep all the shells needed in supply. Here are the pics of the relay boxs that the computer sends the signal to, each pod or rack including the finale and large shells have a relay. Picture taken facing the bunker, the technicians are safe from any low bursts as well as the computer. The computer that shoots the show!
  12. Well a big storm hit the area the other night in Brenham and the Hard Rock Resort was totalled by a F5 Twister. Luckily the entrance was not hit as well as the unnamed Coaster. Speaking of the coaster one of the construction worker has sent me even more shots and my friend in the helicopter took a shot as well. Here are the shots of the coaster and pretty soon once I can get on scene I will get pics of whats left of the Resort. As you can see all that really needs to be done is the themeing and naming of this coaster but Hard Rock is keeping that secret right now. If you wonder why the footers are so big, its because the city of Brenham required those footers for some reason. And finally up close pics of the coasters train, rumor is B&M is going to have the lead car of train #1 at IAAPA in a couple weeks. Taken from a basket hooked onto a crane by a construction worker, this B&M coaster is huge and looks to be fun! First shot taken from a scissor lift by a construction worker. Friend got a little lower and zoomed in, look at the GIANT Cobra Roll. First photo taken by friend
  13. Update Hard Rock Park Texas Found out that not only is that a Resort Hotel, with the passing of Texas Casino Law changes, Hard Rock Decided to open up a Casino in the Resort as well, there will be hundreds of Slot Machines, Craps, Blackjack and Poker tables. And also a construction worker sent me a teaser of Hard Rock parks first coaster, he called it "Project Heavy Metal" could this coaster be themed to the movie Heavy Metal that was made in the 70s? I dont know but here is the shot of the coaster. He said it was a Launched Floorless Coaster, I know B&M said Hulk would be their only launched coaster but I guess Money talks. "Project Heavy Metal"
  14. Nope cannot crop, thats why its called a Resort, not a Hotel, needs lots of rooms. And Entry way not too big either, but not done with that area either.
  15. Well driving down to Brenham, what did I spy? Looks like the Resort is done and they are soon going to get rides, I could not get into the park so no pics of track YET. But I will find a way. Look at the main entrance way now, this photo was taken by a friend who flys Helicopters in the area. I like the Pond shaped like a compass, pointing all directions. Resort built, guess Hard Rock wanted to take the Balconys off but it looks like a nice place to stay.
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