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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Black hole at Alton Towers

Corkscrew at Alton Towers

The new beast at Alton Towers

Thunder looper at Alton Towers

Klondike Mine at Drayton Manor

The Bullet at Flamingo Land

Magnum Force at Flamingo Land

Spinning Mouse at Pleasurewood Hills

Soopa Loopa at Lightwater Valley


Think that pretty much covers mine.

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Hercules - Dorneypark

Lazer - Dorneypark

Viper - Six Flags Great Adventure

Batman & Robin: The Chillder - Six Flags Great Adventure

Whirlwind - Knoebels

High Speed Thrill Coaster - Knoebels


At the time, I was debating whether or not to go on Viper (I just didn't feel like getting beat up on that particular day lol) but I'm glad I did. As painful as it was, I'll always remember getting awesome airtime on Viper

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Drachen Fire - BGE

Wild Maus - BGE

Python - BGA

The Jester - SFNO

Batman: The Ride - SFNO

Zydeco Scream - SFNO

Muskrat Scrambler - SFNO

Thunder Express - Dollywood

Viper - SFGAdv

Batman & Robin: The Chiller - SFGAdv

Psyclone - SFMM

Flashback - SFMM

Hercules - Dorney Park

Laser - Dorney Park


I don't know if these ones count, but the park *IS* closed:

Ozark Wildcat, Thunderbolt, and Jack Rabbit - Celebration City

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I rode a bunch at AstroWorld but I don't know which ones are defunct:

Ultra Twister

Batman The Escape

Greezed Lightnin'

Mayan Mindbender

Viper Steel


Serial Thriller

Texas Cyclone


Other than that:

King Cobra (KI)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (KI)

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Sauzer's Kiddieland, Schererville IN.:


Roller Coaster

Mad Mouse



Six Flags Great America:

Turn Of The Century (though half of it plus lift hill is still Demon)

Tidal Wave (Viper/Greezed Lightnin')

Z-Force (Flashback)

Rolling Thunder


Deja Vu


King's Island:

Screamin' Demon

King Cobra

Let's face it . . .Son Of Beast (with Loop)


Six Flags St. Louis:


(The Defunct and relocated side of) River King Mine Train


Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom:

(again, and I hate to see this happen) Twisted Twins


Busch Gardens (The Dark Continent/Africa):

The Python


Six Flags Magic Mountain:


Flashback (see Z-Force at SFGA above)

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