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  1. ^That's pretty crazy. Did they reopen Crazanity? Wonder what caused the outage, if it's internal or from there power source outside the park
  2. And Battlestar Galactica at Universal Singapore? *Edit* I think this might be the first continuous coaster and not 2 separate coasters. Kinda like TC where you get to ride both sides before the ride comes to an end as opposed to having to get off and back on again?
  3. Definitely Looking forward to West Coast Racers! Love TC, now WCR looks like it will be a blast as well. Another racing coaster can't help but make me think that Knott's was way ahead of their time with the short lived, and horrid Windjammer Surf Racers. Looks like Jet Stream will stay, thankfully. I couldn't imagine loosing another water ride there after the Log Ride closed.
  4. Excellent post. Would love the opportunity to visit the Imagineering head quarters one day. Seems like it would be an awesome place to work
  5. You can take an Uber over to Downtown Disney for an evening, tons of restaurants, shopping and dinning. Splitsville should be opening any day now there. Locally Knott's Chicken Dinner Restaurant, Rock N' Brews (although kind of expensive) is pretty good, and Portillo's Hot Dogs are all great options near Knott's.
  6. That wasn't an "almost" that actually did happen back in the 90's thay installed and operated, briefly a looping waterslide.
  7. I don't understand the hate Green Lantern gets around here. I've ridden it a few times and actually really like the ride. I think it's rather unique.
  8. I don't see either Apocolypse or Green Lantern going anywhere. They just spent a ton of money reinvesting in Apocalypse over the summer with it's retracking. And Green Lantern is not even 7 years old yet, and is very compact. If anything I could see it being relocated to another park, maybe to SFStL as they haven't had a new coaster in quiet some time. Or really any seasonal park where they would be able to refurb it in the off season. It will be interesting to see what season pass pricing is on the new passes.
  9. For sure: -Disneyland/DCA -Disney World -Six Flags Magic Mountain Hopeful: -Six Flags America -Six Flags: Discovery Kingdom -Six Flags Fiesta Texas -Six Flags Over Texas -Six Flags Great Adventure -Six Flags Great America -Six Flags Over Georga -Six Flags: St. Louis. -Six Flags: New England -Universal Studios Hollywood -Knott's Berry Farm (hangtime looks awesome). -Cedar Point (if I can do all the Six Flags parks first, next year all the Cedar Fair Parks). -Silverwood.
  10. Anytime during the school year on a weekday is usually great. The park is located in the desert and summers days (June/July/August) can often push 100°+. If you do go during these months make sure to have plenty of water. If you visit during October they *include admission* to Fright Fest. The event usually draws a larger crowed than normal and the catch is you have to buy a wristband to do all the mazes and extra activities other than walking around and riding the coasters. I use to live about an hour from the park so I don't have a ton of information on the hotels. I do know there is the Hilton Garden Inn right near the park (maybe a 2 minute drive). According to Trip Advisor past guests say there is a shuttle but I would call the hotel to confirm. Otherwise should be a $5-7 uber each way. When you do overcome that fear of flying make sure you take a ride on Tatsu where you can "Fly at the Speed of Fear". Have a great time at the park. It truly is an amazing park for any coaster enthusiast. *Edit* If you do visit in the summer, Hurricane Harbor is also on property but a separate admission ticket. If you have a couple of days to spend it's a nice water park, a bit small though. Also look for when the season pass holders have the "Bring a friend free day!" They tend to be extremely crowded.
  11. Excellent work on the TPR Coaster Poll. I remember Mitch Hawker's Wood Coaster Poll's from a few years back. I still think El Toro holds the top spot for wood. That coaster is one for the ages. Thank you for doing this! I'm super excited to see the results.
  12. this ride will be much better if it's racing than just single track OP's What do you guys think the chances are of the coaster racing after the first year? Also will we get to ride backwards during Fright Fest???
  13. it seems as it's gone from no access page to page not found? hmm... Where are you hiding Twisted Colossus?
  14. Glad to see i'm not the only one who couldn't sleep tonight waiting for the new announcement. So Twisted Colossus, bet the trains run backwards all the time! Rides more fun that way. 3 minutes togo.
  15. some more photos of Windjammer from Knott's *Photos taken by Karl DeAngelo.
  16. I can confirm this is correct, most of the ride has actually been sitting outdoors except for the cars which were stored inside one of the ghost rider maintenance sheds, I use to walk past it every day on my way to work you can see it from Google maps: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=205243508764989521639.0004cd7b53bbe0cb97ebf&msa=0&ll=33.842146,-117.998327&spn=0.001972,0.002009 zoom in all the way between Ghost Rider and the shops ( behind the tree ) you will see the red center piece from the ride and the cars with the rest of the ride are stored across the walkway on the other side of the tree in that first maintenance shed.
  17. Is anyone planning on visiting the park on 9/23? I'll be there and can't wait! It's going to be my first trip to SFA! So far looks like im going alone so if any TPR members are in the area and want to meet up let me know! Should be a blast.
  18. This rides not neglected at all. I use to walk under the ride almost every day from 2007-summer 2011 and they do work on it all the time, i've seen them replacing wood hours before the park opened so it was running that day. Poor thing just hasn't aged well at all.
  19. that track goes way to close to the Knott's Hotel, no way they would do that. More than likely right behind PP's fence is the employee parking lot. They could build the coaster over the road, and use the land up back there. They have another parking lot rarely used off of La Palma Ave they could have employees park at.
  20. talk about lack of support! The Original X is still a ride ill never forget riding, the twists and turns your not really knowing when to expect the first or second time on the ride really add an element of surprise!
  21. I love all your ideas, I like the amount of time and thought you put into this! Very nice post, I would like to know who you are and why did you waste to much of your life thinking of this post then not realizing that the park has failed to make money but hell with it lets toss in 20 new attractions, drive teh debt load way up ( which im sure it is already ) and burn all our investors BEFORE we can even get the park reopened? Sounds like Six Flags motto when they thought they could get a ton of money from Astroworld " Ready... FIRE!!!!, oops AIM!!!! "
  22. Wait...does this even make grammatical sense??? Am I the only one that thinks it sounds TERRIBLE? I mean, how would these sound... Disney Epcot Disney The Lion King Disney Wonderful World of Color Knott Berry Farm Paramount Great America Universal Islands of Adventure Why would it NOT be "Disney's" ??? there was eaither a mistake ( I don't see how you can screw this one up like that ) or maybe they want it to become Disney: California Adventure. Knott Berry Farm on the other hand would work because it's NOT a Berry Farm lol...Silent A This park is just a complete mess. It always has been, and I'm not convinced it ever won't be.
  23. ^ your funny, I wouldent mind seeing Deja Vu go, It's a great ride but the capacity is horrible, it often down and seems like it's rare for it to be open an entire day... As for Viper, I love the ride! it has an awesome first loop, and helps draw the lines off some of the other rides as well as being one of the older rides in the park ( got to keep some classics around )
  24. I'm highly surprised to find X2 didn't make the list... That is the best coaster in the world...
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