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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Okay, so thanks to my handy little CoasterCounter list, I have realized I've only ridden 3 defunct coasters:


-Python (BGA)

-Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (KI)

-Rockin' Roller (SFStL)


I guess this is a positive sign that not many coasters around here have closed over the past decade?

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Adding to my list (both newly closed/removed, and ones I forgot to add before:








V2 (Original Version)





Greased Lightnin



Laser - Dorney Park

Big Apple - Astroland

Flying Coaster - Elitch Gardens

Space Mountain (Original) - Disneyland

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Viper, SF Gadv


Batman and Robin: The Chiller, SF Gadv


Lazer: Dorney Park


Dominator, X-flight, Head Spin, Villan, Double Loop, Big Dipper, Geauga Lake ( ok some are relocated, or still standing or whatever. I know, but they are still closed)

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Yes, I am a nerd.


int main()
for (i = 0; CoasterTable[i].name != 0; i++)
	if (CoasterTable[i].status == STAT_DEFUNCT)
		printf("%s (%s)\n", CoasterTable[i].name, ParkTable[CoasterTable[i].prk].name);
return 0;


7 Picos (Parque de Atracciones de Madrid)

Aska (Nara Dreamland)

Bat Coaster (Nigloland)

Bat Flyer (Lightwater Valley)

Batman and Robin - The Chiller (Six Flags Great Adventure)

Batman The Escape (Six Flags Astroworld)

Beaver Land Mine Ride (Geauga Lake)

Big Apple (Astroland)

Big Dipper (Geauga Lake)

Black Hole (Alton Towers)

Blue Coaster (Dreamland)

BMRX (Kobe Portopialand)

Boa Squeeze (Wonderpark)

Bobsleigh (Nara Dreamland)

Buffalo Stampede (American Adventure)

Bullet (Flamingo Land)

Coleoz'Arbres (Bagatelle)

Cop Car Chase [2] (Movie Park Germany)

Corkscrew (Alton Towers)

Crazy Mouse (Steel Pier)

Cyclone (Pleasureland Southport)

Deja Vu (Six Flags Great America)

Deja Vu (Six Flags Over Georgia)

Dive to Atlantis (Mount Olympus Theme Park)

Dolphin Coaster (Hakkeijima Sea Paradise)

Dominator (Geauga Lake)

Double Loop (Geauga Lake)

Double Loop (Kobe Portopialand)

Dragon de Bei Hai (Mer de Sable)

Dragon Wagon (Old Town)

Eurostar (German Fairs)

Family Coaster (Parc Saint Paul)

Fantasy Coaster (Nara Dreamland)

Fiesta Express (Cypress Gardens)

Flying Fish (Thorpe Park)

Flying Super Saturator (Carowinds)

Fujin Raijin II (Expoland)

Galaxi (Riverview Park and Waterworld)

Galaxy Spin (Cypress Gardens)

Grand Huit (Euro Park)

Greezed Lightnin' (Six Flags Astroworld)

Head Spin (Geauga Lake)

High Roller (Stratosphere Tower)

Hurricane (Myrtle Beach Pavillion)

Hvin & Hyl Rutsch (BonBon-Land)

Hypersonic XLC (Kings Dominion)

Jet Stream (Ocean Beach Amusement Park)

Kids Coaster (Nara Dreamland)

King Cobra (Kings Island)

King Solomon's Mines (Pleasureland Southport)

Klondike Gold Mine (Drayton Manor)

Little Eagle (Myrtle Beach Pavillion)

Little Leaper (Steel Pier)

Little Ripper (Thrill-Ville USA)

Log Ride (Ocean Beach Amusement Park)

Looping Star (Dreamland)

Looping (Parc Saint Paul)

Mad Mouse (Myrtle Beach Pavillion)

Magic Mouse (Rotunda)

Magnum Force (Flamingo Land)

Mayan Mindbender (Six Flags Astroworld)

Missile (American Adventure)

Munich Autobahn (Kobe Portopialand)

Nessi (Ocean Beach Amusement Park)

New Roller Coaster (New MetroLand)

Okeechobee Rampage (Cypress Gardens)

Orient Express (Worlds of Fun)

Pepsi-Cola Loop (Ocean Beach Amusement Park)

Psyclone (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

Python (Busch Gardens Africa)

Raging Wolf Bobs (Geauga Lake)

Ripper (Thrill-Ville USA)

Runaway Coaster (Rotunda)

Runaway Train (American Adventure)

Scenic Railway (Dreamland)

Scooby's Ghoster Coaster (Kings Island)

Screw Coaster (Nara Dreamland)

Serial Thriller (Six Flags Astroworld)

Serpent (Six Flags Astroworld)

Sierra Tonante (Mirabilandia)

Sky Ways Roller Coaster (Brean Leisure Park)

Speed (Nascar Cafe)

Star World (German Fairs)

Starliner (Cypress Gardens)

Steel Venom (Geauga Lake)

Storm (Bottons Pleasure Beach)

Super Dragon (Drayton Manor)

Swamp Thing (Cypress Gardens)

Texas Cyclone (Six Flags Astroworld)

Thunder Mountain (Flamingo Land)

Thunderhawk (Geauga Lake)

Traumatizer (Pleasureland Southport)

Tren Bravo (Terra Mitica)

Triple Hurricane (Cypress Gardens)

Twin Looper (American Adventure)

Ultra Twister (Six Flags Astroworld)

Villain (Geauga Lake)

Viper (Six Flags Astroworld)

Wacky Worm (Myrtle Beach Grand Prix)

Wacky Worm (Seaburn Fun Park)

Wild Cat (Pleasureland Southport)

Wild Maus (Busch Gardens Europe)

Wild Mouse (Dreamland)

Wild Mouse (Jolly Roger Amusement Park)

Wild West Mine Train (Primrose Valley Holiday Park)

X-Flight (Geauga Lake)

XLR-8 (Six Flags Astroworld)

Xtreme (Drievliet)

Zingo (Bells Amusement Park)

Zonga (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

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I went on that lame little childrens coaster at Santa's Village in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Anybody remember that place? LOL


Other than that though, Im kind of lame and my list consists of Flashback, Psyclone, Windjammer, aaaaand thats it


Oh! And Drachen Fire! That too



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Busch Gardens Tampa: Python

Dorney Park: Laser

King's Dominion: Hypersonic XLC

Six Flags America: Two Face

Six Flags Astroworld: Batman: The Escape

Six Flags Astroworld: Greased Lightning

Six Flags Astroworld: Mayan Mindbender

Six Flags Astroworld: Serial Thriller

Six Flags Astroworld: Texas Cyclone

Six Flags Astroworld: Ultra Twister

Six Flags Astroworld: Viper

Six Flags Great Adventure: Batman And Robin: The Chiller

Six Flags Magic Mountain: Psyclone

Elitch Gardens: Flying Coaster

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Rockin' Rider - Canobie

Hypersonic XLC - Kings Dominion

Galaxi - Riverview

Dive to Atlantis - Mt Olympus

Big Apple - Astroland (?)


Deja at GAM is the only relocated I've ridden that I know of, and Twisted Twins are my only SBNO but they're expected to reopen I believe.

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Quantam Loop (The "Q") - Seabreeze

Nightmare (Jet Star) - Darien Lake

Jet Star - Knoebels

Whirlwind - Knoebels

City Jet - Gilligan's (Ocean City, NJ)

Hercules - Dorney Park

Lazer - Dorney Park

Steel Phantom - Kennywood

Double Loop - Geauga Lake

Raging Wolf Bobs - Geauga Lake

Big Dipper - Geauga Lake

Batman the Chiller, Robin Side - SFGAdv

Deja Vu - SFOG

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Jack Rabbit-Clementon Park

Viper- GADV

Python-Busch Gardens Africa

Batman & Robin: The Chiller-GADV

Hurricane-Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Mad Mouse-Myrtle Beach Pavilion

Big Apple-Astroland

City Jet-Gillian's Wonderland Pier

RC-48-Morey's Piers

Doo Wopper-Morey's Piers (was relocated & changed from one pier to another)

Mighty Mouse-Playland's Castaway Cove

Hypersonic XLC-Kings Dominion


*If Hard Rock Park doesn't reopen the 5 credits there.


Does Medusa count at GADV since it is getting a make over & getting the name changed


Here are some videos I took of some defuncted coasters that I've ridden.






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Yeah, so after compiling this list, I'm feeling rather defunct myself...


Black Hole - Alton Towers

Corkscrew - Alton Towers

Wildcat - Bell's

Zingo - Bell's

Python - Busch Gardens Africa

Drachen Fire - Busch Gardens Europe

Wild Maus - Busch Gardens Europe

Space Mountain (the original ride) - Disneyland

Klondike Gold Mine - Drayton Manor

Mr Twister - Elitch Gardens

Sidewinder - Elitch Gardens

Wildcat - Elitch Gardens

Galaxi - Funtown Splashtown USA

Big Dipper - Geauga Lake

Corkscrew - Geauga Lake

Double Loop - Geauga Lake

Raging Wolf Bobs - Geauga Lake

Firecracker - Holiday World

Whirlwind - Knoebel's

Windjammer Surf Racers 1 - Knott's Berry Farm

Windjammer Surf Racers 2 - Knott's Berry Farm

Lightning Bolt - MGM Grand Adventures

Buzzsaw Falls - Silver Dollar City

Batman The Escape - Six Flags AstroWorld

Excalibur - Six Flags AstroWorld

Greezed Lightnin' - Six Flags AstroWorld

Mayan Mindbender - Six Flags AstroWorld

Serial Thriller - Six Flags AstroWorld

Serpent - Six Flags AstroWorld

Swamp Buggy - Six Flags AstroWorld

Texas Cyclone - Six Flags AstroWorld

Texas Tornado - Six Flags AstroWorld

Ultra Twister - Six Flags AstroWorld

Viper - Six Flags AstroWorld

XLR-8 - Six Flags AstroWorld

Joker's Revenge - Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Rolling Thunder - Six Flags Great America

Shockwave - Six Flags Great America

Starchaser - Kentucky Kingdom

Vampire - Kentucky Kingdom

Flashback - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Psyclone - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Mini Mine Train- Six Flags Over Georgia

Viper - Six Flags Over Georgia

Z-Force - Six Flags Over Georgia

Big Bend - Six Flags Over Texas

High Roller - Stratosphere Tower

Flying Unicorn - Universal Studios Islands Of Adventure

Orient Express - Worlds Of Fun

Zambezi Zinger - Worlds Of Fun


The following are questionable, as they are Standing But Not Operating:

Mega Zeph - Six Flags New Orleans

Speed - NASCAR Cafe

Nightmare - Joyland

Nightmare Mine - Frontier City

Jack Rabbit - Celebration City

Ozark Wildcat - Celebration City



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