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  1. I think the name is great. Makes me wonder if there may be a big Flash in the park's future.
  2. ^If you can catch Los Cuates when the carne asada is being freshly grilled, that place is awesome. I love the tortas! However, I went a few hours after lunch once, around 3 or 4pm, and it was very disappointing.
  3. ^^Wow, thanks for taking the time to post that awesome and detailed review. I can't wait to ride ghost galaxy!
  4. Thanks for posting that link. That video is insane and really scary. Definitely glad to hear that both of them escaped intact. If I were 12, that experience would probably have ruined coasters for me. On a side note, read the comments after the video posting on the NBC site. Guy thinks that Supreme Scream is the Parachutes, and that the video is clearly "ancient." Hmmm, nope.
  5. I'm cool with that. It doesn't have to be a RRC clone, I'd just like to see some kind of indoor coaster experience at DCA. Still, the I'm sure the Racers will keep me happy for a while.
  6. I must agree, I'm getting really excited. Interactive characters + drop in the dark + airtime hills = Next level. With WOC coming and the little mermaid dark ride, DCA is going to be off the hook in a few years. Now if we could just get a Rock n' Roller coaster in the Hollywood Backlot section...
  7. Man, I'm so jealous, guys! That empty station brought tears to my eyes. Glad a good time was had by all. I'll definitely have to go next year. Just curious, how long was the wait for Terminator?
  8. ^How about 10 friends for $10.10? But seriously folks, have fun at the annual passhole's event today. I'd be there, but sadly, I have to work. I wish you all walk-ons and re-rides.
  9. Here are some pictures of the swings re-theme. Much less of an eyesore than the giant orange in my opinion, and it will be nice to see the lagoon as you swing.
  10. Oh yeah, the first drop does give some pretty good airtime. Yeah, that's five!
  11. I know you're joking, but I'd much rather see a poorly-themed wild mouse than a Tony Hawk clone. Just my opinion. Later on, I'd love to see a mega-lite, giga, or prefab. More airtime please! As for trading rides with other parks, SFMM hasn't kept any of the rides they were given (RIP Flashback), leading me to believe we should get a freebie! On a side note, on my last couple rides on Terminator, I felt 4 pretty awesome pops of airtime. Anyone else have the same count? Just curious.
  12. ^Holy crap that's insane. I totally tagged a fellow TPR member in the crotch with a water fountain. Thanks for being a good sport about it! Very jealous that you got an X2 marathon. Sadly, my bro had had enough by 5:00, so we called it a day.
  13. I just hit the park today with my bro, and it was totally dead! The air quality wasn't bad at all, but it was pretty hot. We got plenty of free ice water, and though we skipped X2 due to molasses-like one train operation, everything else was pretty much a walk on. Overall a really fun trip. Terminator ran great! Funniest part of the day, some guy was standing right next to the drinking fountains by Terminator, filming something with his camcorder. When I went to take a drink, the water arced up and hit him in the crotch! He was pissed, but my brother and I couldn't stop laughing.
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