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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHH5EZsLpFs www.imdb.com/title/tt2187884/ http://escapefromtomorrow.com/ So apparently a hit indie film going around festivals was secretly shot inside Disneyland without permission, and is some kind of twisted, dark horror flick shot in black and white. Apparently Disney is deciding not to take any legal action out of fear that it would cause too much publicity for the film, although I'm sure their not happy about it at all Has anyone seen this yet? http://entertainment.time.com/2013/10/11/disneys-strategy-against-a-controversial-indie-film-ignore-it/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+time%2Fentertainment+%28TIME%3A+Entertainment%29 http://www.slate.com/articles/arts/movies/2013/10/escape_from_tomorrow_shot_surreptitiously_at_disney_world_reviewed.html
  2. Yeeeeesss!!!! 3-D modeling! that's how you get a job in today's art world!
  3. Im so glad im only 20. Now i get to see how many other huge things Cedar Point can blows up in my lifetime!
  4. I go to art school where if you like Anime you'll be eaten alive by angry hipster Illistration majors.
  5. I really like your attention to the the track and support structure. Id love to see a whole series of those actually, make like ten and they'd probably get better each time you finish. Then at the end you should pick the one your most proud of and make a watercolor out of it. Also, your signature looks delicious.
  6. I finally realized its just as weird as being obsessed with roller coasters.
  7. Habbo Style!!!!! Now that is sexy!!! Mega props to Alton Towers on that one! Hopefully parks will start doing creative things with their maps. Six Flags maps are usualy confusing disasters that look like they were done in Microsoft paint by a volunteer graphic design intern, and Although Cedar Fair is a little better and has an established Illustrative style in their maps which works fine, having about 15 maps in the same style is as redundant and boring as watching Dreamworks sequels.
  8. I dont know why, but seeing the Taj Mahal in the middle of all those modern buildings made me laugh.
  9. Quoted for epic win. Fallingwater is a masterpiece by every meaning of the word.
  10. The Milwaukee Art Museum, Everything about this building is magnificent: Also, The Shanghai World Financial Center is incredibly sexy:
  11. I can kind of see this, but only in a very basic sense, as in " We were hoping to add a "Milennium" to our collection in a few years, now that we have a hyper". Other than that, i think the specifics of how cooperate went about fulfilling that were more like Robb said, otherwise we probably wouldn't be looking at this whole "Behemoth 2" debate. I highly doubt the management would be able to say " we want a bigger, faster version of the last ride, please give us 28 million dollars, kthxbia" Clearly a ride of this scale was mostly a cooperate plan, aided by input by park management over how the last ride went. And judging by how well Behemoth went over at the park, i could see management making plans for a Giga coaster in the future, and after CF made I305 they were obviously one of the possible parks CF was looking at for the next giga. What probably happened was Cedar Fair was pleased with i305 but happier with their past three installations of B&M mega coasters, so they approached B&M to make their next Giga coaster and B&M worked with this request while cooperate figured out which of several parks needed it most.
  12. ^ haha. that makes sense though. I can remember waiting HOURS for dumbo when i was 8.
  13. Shouldn't that be reason enough? Knot's needs an enormous signature ride like this more than any other park in the chain.
  14. That's actually a really good example. Even though the launch vs lift clearly distinguishes both rides, The fact that they have similar colors, the exact same train and track and both feature an eye catching vertical up, vertical down top hat type element as a signature cause allot of GP to get confused because of the similarities. plus they were also four years apart
  15. Touché.............VF would have been a good choice. Dorney is getting a quality Vekoma....they shouldn't need for much more If it weren't for the noise problems, Dorney would be far and away the best location for this ride, simply because of it's proximity to two major US cities (NY and Philly) and it's park competitors, Gadv and Hershey. With Gadv's world class coaster selection, Dorney cant compete when new yorkers look for the park with the "biggest baddest" coasters. Also with Hershey getting Skyrush, i can't image people will be flocking to try Dorney's relocated Vekoma boomerang next year. Ive always pictured Dorney getting a world class giga coaster on the top of the hill at the end of the midway, so that it both dominated the skyline as you enter, and could pull a Hercules and have the drop extend over the hill and have a lake turnaround. If B&Ms weren't so loud, id say a B&M giga would be the perfect ride to pull that off.
  16. Riddler's Revenge 1998 B&M Standup Length: 4370' Height: 156' Drop: 146' Inversions: 6 Speed: 65 mph Duration: 3:00 Elements: 124' tall Loop Dive Loop Dive Loop Inclined Loop Corkscrew Corkscrew Scream 2003 B&M Floorless Length: 3985' Height: 150' Drop: 141' Inversions: 7 Speed: 63 mph Duration: 3:00 Elements: 128' tall Loop 96' tall Dive Loop Zero-G Roll 78' tall Cobra Roll Interlocking Corkscrews Also, for what it's worth, Scream and Leviathan are both parking lot coasters.
  17. I'm also amazed by this, not even Millennium cost that much! This ride is really going to have to haul ass to justify a price tag like that, I had a feeling a B&M giga would be pretty expensive because of how heavy it would be. Im starting to think that they should have just stuck with Intamin, saved the cash and avoid the whole Behemoth confusion. Not that my opinion actually matters now, im just glad im not paying for it.
  18. While I don't want to jump on the bitching wagon that says "I am disappoint! MER!!!" i will say im pleased with all the speed maneuvers and the giant camel back, but i was kindof shocked with the height cop out. Come last night i was sure that since they were going with a giga again, they would have to be insane not to grab the height record since its only a mere 20 feet or so higher. I really hate to come to this conclusion, but is CF seriously so proud of Cedar Point that they wont build a coaster which surpasses Millennium's "Not-even-a-record-anymore" Height stat?
  19. It won't be pleasant for the woman either. LaviABORTION
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