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  1. You may not like the Philies but you have to admit that mortars and bottle rockets are the SHIZNIT!
  2. YAY Phillies!!!!!!! I just lit a bunch of mortars and bottle rockets!!!
  3. I'm pretty sure its not a "tire drive" system, but i do know they have a magnetic breaking system that both can work as a trim break but also since it's magnetic it can help push the train over if its stalling, or is slowing down.
  4. Wow, those supports look really weird... haha, its sort of neat to look at how B&M supports change between the years. This looks liek a totally new support concept....but then again it might just be a weird angle of the picture messing with my head.
  5. That's cool, i started that way actually, in fact Ive really been drawing comics with pigs since i was in 6th grade, however i only started drawing in a newspaper style strip a little more than a year ago. When i was in middle school though i was allot like you. I drew in my notebook all the time, and the pigs i drew were not in any way a figure of art, they looked more like a kindergartner drew them ( even though i could draw decent then, i drew them badly to add to the comedy). But i did a few six or seven paneled strips then, but mostly like you it was long adventures with jokes sprinkled over it. When i got to high school though the comic drastically evolved to what it is now. The character with long hair named peter is the original star character, only when he was a simple pig drawing his name was "Hammie" ( Ham.... haha get it?). but as he began to stand upright, he developed the personality of a human, and now almost all the pig characters are exactly like humans only with ears noses and hooves like a pig. Yep, as a matter of fact it's been running for a full year now.
  6. Thanks Eric, Ive thought about doing the text on the computer but i realized it looks much more traditional with all Capps handwriting, and i think i mentioned before, i find it critical to make sure the text is arranged before the figures. But that's cool that you've had a comic strip for 30 years, I'd love to see some if you don't mind!
  7. Hahahaha those people are so lucky, i always remember the 3 seconds on the top of top thrill dragster to be the greatest view Ive ever seen. I could spend a day stuck there. I'm surprised on point covered this though, usually they don't cover "technical problems" like the "magnum bang" last year, or the wild cat thing this year, but then again those were serious accidents..... whatever i enjoyed the blog post. It made me laugh
  8. YES!!!! Ive been waiting for a while for the new trips to be announced! Now that i can see the details i think I'm sold on West Coast already. Now all i need to do is convince my dad this week since he doesn't want to " make important decisions on a relaxed Sunday night"
  9. One time i waited for Kingda Ka for around an hour and a half, and when i was about two trainloads from getting on they announced they had to close because of an approaching thunder storm. Then i waited around 3 to4 hours in the rain inside the station because there really wasn't anywhere else to go, so i just figured I'd wait rather than get all wet and run to another shelter. Then my family called and said they were leaving, so the entire 5 hours of waiting were for nothing.
  10. Thanks for the comments everyone! A little bit of both. The strip really takes its form on paper and then i spice it up via Photoshop. I start by measuring and drawing the panels then i go over it with an ink pen. Then i add pencil lines for the dialogue and arrange it, because its much easier to move characters around than it is to move around dialogue. Then i sketch in figures, and then add more detail with a thinker pencil. Finally i go over the figures with the ink pen and rub an eraser over the entire strip, then i move to the computer by scanning my strip. Recently though, Ive started to only use the computer for Sundays and Ive been shading the dailies with really awesome prisma-color cool Grey markers. It makes the same effect but in half the time!
  11. Pg.4 - I need your help selecting strips for my syndicate package! I draw a comic strip called RibRoast, because all of my characters that act like humans are pigs for no particular reason... But any way I'm currently in the process of putting together my best strips and sending a submission to United Features syndicate, so that it could start appearing in actual newspapers. I write, draw, pen and electronically color and shade all of the comics myself. Ive been working on drawing comics is a comic strip format for more than a year now, and you can probably see the difference between some older and newer strips. One main difference is that the text in older ones is lowercase font and all cartoons have all Capps text. So enjoy! Oh and tell me which strips you thought were the funniest or best that could help me in putting together my syndicate package! These are some of my Sunday comics: And here are some dailies: Thanks for reading!
  12. If you want to hear a serious response about school shootings, Ive got a real story for you. Two years ago in December i came out of my history class to walk up narrow hallway in the corner of our school. As i came to turn into the main hallway of our school people began to push and shove, my first thoughts were that it was some immature people who were pushing and shoving just to be annoying, right until two seniors came sprinting out shouting "get the **** out of here NOW!". I was really confused and i only backed up a little, however as the crowd began to clear i saw about 300 feet in front of me there was a kid with a gym bag by his side holding a LOADED AK-47. He had just shot two rounds into a cinder block wall, which i hadn't hear since i was just rounding the corner. I flat out ran faster than i had ever before back down the hallway, then immediately smashed through the front doors of our school and ran out to the middle of the soccer field where i could see a couple of my classmates were gathering. There were people everywhere, and they were running in every direction, right until the police shouted for everyone to get clear off the school property. We all ran again all the way behind the football stadium and into the back neighborhoods. i ran into the street when this car of seniors rounded the corner at like 50 MPH, swerved around me and my friends and then continued to make a full u-turn, and drove off at highway speeds down the neighborhood street. My friends and I peered into someones back yard at the school, and we could see that the SWAT team and the bomb squad had already arrived and there were men with snipers perched at areas around the school. An entire helicopter had landed in our stadium. At this point i just decided to split up and i ran all the way to my house. By then there was more than 9 helicopters if i can remember right. We had off the entire next day, then only had an hour of school the next ,followed by just a half day. In the end the only person who died was the gunman, because he only had the intention of killing himself. People in my school said before he took the gun out of his gym bag he declared " if you can hear me, I'm not going to heart you. This is just no place for you to be right now." In the end, even though nobody else was killed or harmed, this was still way too close a call for everyone in my school, and everyone was paranoid for the rest of the year. Even though our school is back to normal again, and the faculty and students try to pretend nothing ever happened, we still all remember. I will always remember December 12, 2006 as begin one of the most shocking experiences of my entire life.
  13. I'm really glad to see another awesome GCI being put in a Six Flags park, but i still think the themeing is going to be really ridiculous. I mean, every time i think of the oxymoron that a wooden Terminator coaster is i just being to laugh.
  14. I agree with you about it being partially the parks fault, but still most of the time i rode Medusa this year the crew was rude and lazy. This one day i hung out with some of the park workers my age who just ran the food vendors and games, and they also noted that the entire park staff dislikes Medusa's ride crew. But whatever, that's behind us now. We can hopefully look forward to a really awesome new experience on Medusa next year and hopefully a new management standard for the ride.
  15. It's good to see Medusa getting attention. Its entire ride crew was awful this year and it seemed to be lacking a lot of care, and there was that weird thing about it only opening at 12. I'm glad to see this happening, even though Gadv really need more flats before coaster rehabs. The part in the announcement i find funny though is the "removing the Greek theme" part. Uhhhhh... i thought it was themed to "Medusa Mining Company" hahahahaha
  16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vM5iROY3ubs
  17. August is fine for CP. Besides even if a MF line looks intimidating you shouldn't be fooled, it has amassing capacity
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