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  1. Cyber Fiber, That painting is fantastic! especially for something done in hour increments. Have you considered art school? I go to RISD and it's amazing!
  2. But I need TACOS!!!! I need them or I will explode!
  3. Not my photo, not my problem. That's what I always say. Stupid dresses Stupid flowers Watermarks Rule, If you don't like the watermarks then you suck!
  4. What, does this guy think, he's Captain watermark? Captin Watermarkin? Whenever somebody needs some photos watermarked, they go to him!
  5. It's funny, that's actually the exact same thing i first thought when i heard the statistic that the Ferris Wheel is going to be 689 feet tall. Judging by that the center point has to be at least 350" feet in the air, and the peak of the woody, considering the distance behind, looks like it would be roughly 275-310 feet tall. But i know it's just a mock up, I'm probably wayyyyy over thinking it. ...i am such a nerd...hahaha
  6. Someone...please get prince desmond, quick!!! ....SAVE TEH GIANT DIPPER!!!!!!!!
  7. I just realized that Formula Rossa completely erased my acknowledgment of this ride's existence.
  8. I wonder if Six Flags told PARC Management that the sale included the giant lot of coaster parts across the street from the park.
  9. I'm absolutely dying to see Exit Through the Gift Shop. Banksy's work is so amazing, he's definitely one of my favorite modern artists, not to mention the single greatest street artist of all time. As an art school student, Banksy is like a hero to me ( my avatar is my own banksy-inspired stencil art) I can imagine his film is really great, unfortunately i can't find a theater showing it in my area.
  10. Screw Zacspins, What about the 4-D S&S/Arrow coaster people have been claiming is coming to the point for the last decade? Sigh....
  11. Trapperslider looks freaking awesome. That ride looks like the sex. Also, that corkscrew coaster is really strange, but in a good way. It has such an odd, short and compact layout. How does it ride?
  12. Darn, we are such Idiots! We must be mentally deficient to not know the year a random stranger moved to Cleveland Ohio. GOSH!!!
  13. Haha, I also find this hilarious. I love how he starts out by saying Robb is childish and immature, then goes on to call him a "Douchnozzel" and attacks his family life. Really shows the critical thinking abilities of the supporters of this project, AND the professionalism of the effort. I also love how they slam Robb for paying for the .com site, as if he's putting money out there against their cause. For what its worth the whole grand total of nine dollars Robb paid for web hosting has generated enough publicity that it has probably benefited their efforts more than their entire donation amount of 171 dollars has already. And plus, Robb's greatest donation, the lesion he's trying to give them through the satire of the parody site, Is being completely overlooked by the project supporters as if its nothing but mean spirited slander. ...This whole just gets more ridiculous every day.
  14. ^ Wait! I know who these people are and which park the big dipper's going to! This One! It all makes PERFECT sense now!
  15. ^^ The only thing? hahaha But on a serious note, These people really need to step back and look at this entire thing as a whole. They are not "Saving" it like they want to think, they are in fact destroying this ride with their self proposed plan. they're spending a ton of private money (which really should go to a REAL charity) in order to disassemble this ride and move it to a warehouse, then it will be next to impossible to set it back up. These people are essentially PAYING the owners to get rid of the Big Dipper for them, which they've been intending to do for years now so that a shopping complex can be built over the former Geauga Lake. Ok seriously now? Lets think for a second, so a bunch of people want to save the Big Dipper from being destroyed, and the owners want to built a shopping complex. Ok, how about we simply do BOTH. Leave the Big Dipper where it is and keep it as some sort of tourist grab, and build shops around it! What have we come to that we cant do something as simple as this and focus our efforts on real problems this world is facing! Really. This if anything would be an enormous boost to the shopping complex's success, since all the people leaving the water park would come visit to see the big dipper. And really, it may sound far off, but if it really starts to be successful, they could maybe charge people 5 bucks a ride, and ask for some sort of portion of shops income to gather enough funds to hire four opps and have an inspector come and check up on the ride once annually. Is this really such a far off concept? Maybe, but it sure makes allot more sense than paying thousands of dollars to dismantle an 80 year old roller coaster and move it to a warehouse with a bunch of pickup trucks!
  16. Chick Fil-A is better anyway. But pants are the best. ...grapes
  17. I know who the two industry professionals are, U Haul and Mr. Storage!
  18. Haha, what's really funny is that Picasso actually made something almost identical to that:
  19. ^ Blame Napoleon Dynamite. He does whatever he wants, GOSH!
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