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  1. I find this question intriguing and like you, i desire an answer.
  2. I went to the beach yesterday and parked under a lamp post, and when i got back there was seagull crap all over the car.
  3. i think i just threw up in my mouth a little
  4. I like it when the moon gets bigger! YAAAAY!!!
  5. I always try to take advantage of empty seats on rides, it just makes complete sense. Not just because it's more convenient for myself, but because it benefits basically everyone in line, even if it only saves a couple seconds of wait time. When you multiply the few seconds to a minute or so of wait time filling saves by the amount of opportunities to fill seats, it could add up to ten to twenty minuets of queuing time saved, just by doing something so minuscule. The problem is that allot of people simply don't understand this, and I don't blame them either (since I realize coaster nerds barely account for a tiny percentage of the population. ) The point is that parks need to inform people better, simply by putting signs up that tell people to try and fill all available seats, and teaching the operating crew to realize the importance of seat filling, Since it's their job to be coaster experts weather they like it or not. This really shouldn't be a big deal, it should just be like clockwork for well operated parks. The social aspect is a complexly different problem, however. Decent people shouldn't make a huge deal about it, and if they aren't sure a short, simple explanation is all that's really necessary. The problem is that just about anywhere you go your bound to run into stupid people, that's just the way life works. Allot of stupid people are either too rude or ignorant to listen to others and they think that after they've waited long enough to get on the ride, it's basically their turn to be as selfish with it as they want. If you run into rude people who won't listen just let the ride operators know and hopefully they will fix everything.
  6. This Masterpiece blows my mind every time I see it:
  7. Quite the true statement, but Pixar is releasing a sequel to Cars next year. I'm actually quite nervous for this one, because Cars was by far their worst movie (not that I'm saying the movie was bad, it just wasn't Pixar's best). I'm keeping my fingers crossed and spirits hopeful. they're already working on Monsters Inc. 2, also.
  8. I think the markings are so they can build a 500 foot construction stake on the beach! That would make all the fanboys loose their minds!!!
  9. Lean the dips at Lakemount! Can't get any older than that...
  10. I was thinking that Obama went to see WOC because he was considering building a giant one in the Gulf of Mexico to fix the oil spill.
  11. Haha, thanks. I'm heavily involved with art because i'm going to Rhode Island School of Design next year. I'd be happy to upload some zip files of my concentration pieces if you would like, I assume the revolution and X2 ones would make the best backgrounds because their digital, but if you want any else just tell me. And heres some more of my work: My submission for RISD's famous application "Bike Drawing" I drew my Lacrosse gloves during the off season. My attempt at Hyperrealism, done in Acrylic paint Computer Altered double sided Graphite drawing thingy. Long story... I like this one because all i did was flip a picture of a staircase and it looks totaly abstract and trippy. Random Computer thing Self portrait in pencil that i computerized Finally here's some bizarre cartoony ink and water color piece: It's not finished here, but i never got to photograph the final before i had to send it away for AP art. Oh yeah, and i almost forgot. If anyone remembers my cartoons/comic strip i last posted here about a year ago, Here is my most recent work. after i realized that having a syndicated strip was impossible at my age i decided to make a longer story so in december i basically spent the entire month churning out panels to make a black friday satire. If any one is intrested you can check it out here: http://www.sdst.org/shs/ribroast/index.php Once again, thanks for all the compliments! I really appreciate the support, I'm planing on going further with art at RISD and majoring in animation so i can pursue making an animated series based off of my cartoon characters! -Josh
  12. I just watched Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman and my brain exploded.
  13. Nope. Six months later the capitalists who run Dreamworks animation are pitching out a Puss in Boots spin off. Not even kidding. I wish i was...
  14. ^ It's probably a conspiracy, just like 9/11.
  15. I think we should throw Jordan Von Vandersloot into the Oil Spill so everyone will pay attention to it again.
  16. Haha, that one is one of my favorites. Over-Enthusiastic FTW
  17. Great Pictures! B&W photos are really refreshing when your so used to trip reports in color. Really artsy and nice, great job. I have yet to see all wheels extreme, but it seems like they must be getting better each year! Even if the stage gets worse... (glug, haha, jang, zap...) I think "Wah--?!" pretty much sums that up. Also, i've had Bosco Sticks and theirs cheese inside. Not really sure why that's such a big mystery...
  18. My season started today, as I am typeing this inside the Cyber Cafe at SFGADV. First park (odviously): SFGADV First coaster: El Toro First season to not start untill june: this one.
  19. ^ Haha, i was just about to post something just like that!
  20. Haha, Thanks. I actuly made the airtime painting with Expedition G-force in mind, but it's really not based off anything- Just what I remeber Intamin hyper trains looking like.
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