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  1. I don't know how I don't rember this, but I guess I just didn't notice. haha Nice Update. I actuly enjoyed CGA too, it was just too easy to make Cedar Fair jokes and come off sounding mean. Looking forward to the next update! You're probably going to pass my crappy PTR, which is preety sad on my part, considering I started almost two months before. haha
  2. Post a picture or tell a story about your most geeky coaster enthusiast moment. I was looking through some old park stuff I have and I found something that HAD to be posted here. It’s written in red crayon on a restaurant kid’s activity book. …I was 15 It might be hard to top this...
  3. Yesterday night my toes turned purple. not kidding
  4. Pittsburgh scares me. Last time I visited Kennywood we spent 3 hours trying to find a hotel. Nice Report though. I always love pictures of Phantom where the background is so far away. The location of that ride is phenominal.
  5. Nice TR. I liked your pictures personally. I couldn't believe how long we waited for that stupid kiddy credit. I felt bad for making you wait while we were whoring.
  6. Nice TRs. I'm not sure if the signs at Hershey are new this year, but they were nice touch to the Halloween makeover.
  7. I guess Bas and I are the only people on the trip who like Hurricane. We're a small and decimated group. And I agree about Rock-O-Plane. It was totally awesome, except I had to ride it alone because nobody else in my group wanted to. The G’s are amazing when you pull the bar at the top and don’t let go the whole cycle.
  8. That was really cool! It went so close to the bridge I could hardly believe it. It was neat to see the Oasis in action finally. I’d been drooling over the computer models for so long… haha. The last cruse I went on docked in Tampa and I stood on the deck as it went under the Bay Bride. It was a truly amazing sensation, it felt like a flying saucer or something had flown over the ship. I also couldn’t believe how close it got, but I’m sure the Oasis was way closer in this video. After all, the ship I was on had been doing it for years…
  9. Yeah, The Bay Area people missed the epicness of Shark Attack 3.
  10. Haha, it's the BFC!!!! Great Update. I hope in the next one you have tons of pictures of me and Matt being pathetic on those two kiddy rides!
  11. I almost steeped on one when I went back Santa Monica to swim. Then I ran out of the water.
  12. Yay! Great update Paul! I was hopeing you would post a PTR because of all your great photos on Facebook! This really remind me how confused all of us "Bonus credit" people were when we walked into the middle of vennice beach and got offered medical marijiana by 400 different people. Looking forward to seeing more! Oh and for the record the octupus is Giant, rather than Mega.
  13. Part Two: An Itamin drop tower, named "Intamin Drop Tower" You just don't see the Intamin part because the name Intamin is copyright. I took this on the way out. We all voted to leave early to get the long drive underway. That drive was awesome. I'll later post some reviews of the footage we watched on the way back, but this is it for now. ceeyah This was were we had lunch. The food was "OK" but they had Vault on tap, and Flinstones pushpops! That was more than enough to get me really hyper to sit on the bus for seven hours. Yay! First riders! How do I know their the first? Well maybe TPR members in the front give me the impression. I took the wait as a photo opp. Trash can joke!!!! Well, I see a train, But no riders. There's only one thing worse to put here than a "cloaking device" joke... Yet, we still had to wait under the sign. They meant "Were going to start testing at noon" We walked over to Gizzly since it was noon. "That's not a trash can, thats my wife!" Sorry... random caption... At the turn of the millennium, there were signs.... ...That this ride would one day be operated by Cedar Fair! Although I actuly put that there... Ive adopted the MF swoop as my signature. Generic Photo. Random After Deck photos. Log Flume. More play stuff. This slide shoots you down a 400 foot drop into this ramp, and then you fly into the wave pool to saftey! That lady in the sunglasses approves. On this slide, you actuly sit in trash cans! Notice those two kids on the side grabbing a new can to get back in line. We felt it was nessesary to take Paul to see the waterpark, just because it was themed to his home country, Australia. He felt right at home and approved Boomerang as being "Sterotype free". It's so simple, yet amazing to kids. I just thought somthing about this setup was so incredible, every park should have stupid things like this. They proably made this for less than a grand, twenty years ago, and now have a low maintence interactive attraction that kids love. I just felt it was nessesary at the exit of the path thing to tell the young woman operator "Whoever thought of this is a genius". She replied "Not Really, because I have to pick up these stupid boats all day". He job was to sit under an umbrella on a stool and pick up the boats with grab arm. High five for Cedar Fair Employment! So Basically, kids are fascinated by putting plastic boats down a little artificial river, getting their hands wet and seeing an occasional Scooby-doo cut out. I personally thought this was one of the simplest, coolest, and most ingenious thing at the whole park. But of course Cedar Fair had nothing to do with it other than now owning and operating it. I will get to my story about that young "Enthusiastic" ride tennet in the booth. We all sortof agreed that this looked more like a waste treatment facility than a water fun thing. The Rugrats was a highlight of my childhood. I never thought it would become a scar of my maturity in the future. It's time to Whore it up! I was actuly the only person in my group who could fit in the car, so the whole ride everyone just pointed and took pictures of me. Are these cars going up or down?! Unscramble this jumble to find out! : TSHAR-NCA "We are HIGH UHP!!!"
  14. Day Four: California's Great America: Roller coasters, pavement, FlightDeck, Drop Tower and Trash cans!!!! The day started with a "huge"drive to the park which was located approximately 25.6 feet from our hotel. Allot of people already got the credits the first hotel night, but I stayed because I didn't have a platinum pass this year. I actually considered paying for a starlight ticket to hang out with people, but in the end I'm glad I didn't, since we had more than enough time at CGA as is and ended up leaving early. The bus ride home was epic. I will probably give an update on just that ride alone, followed by our surprise SFMM ERT that night! So, I guess I could say Great America.... Uhhh.... Had a parking lot.... And roller coasters.....random flats and pavement. Oh yes! And the infamous trash cans!!! There will probably be in this update roughly 25 trashcan jokes. So I'll let the pictures do the talking, but I'll still add my annoying comments to retain this West Coast PTR's consistent low quality! Notice as everyone else is already finished their entire trip report, I'm on day four. Whoooo. Although, really, I'm trying to make as much time as possible for updates, only I've probably whined about how busy this year is for me already. Reality show ride... Ok... Grizzly was closed untill 12. Zooom! This angle was cool. But it also makes my head hurt. When I think about it too long, blood comes out of my ears. YES! Robb videotapes something! Bingo Square! TPR members board the train... "Here we go Loopty-loop. Here we go Loopty-lie" Stop! It's Arrow Time! However the importaint thing to note is that EXACTLY one day after we visted, this ride looked like this only with the train still. Actuly this was probably one of the smoothest boomerangs I've ever been on. What better way to follow up "Old B&M" pain than with Vekoma pain! This was annother stunning name job. Though, personaly, I would have liked "The Crypt Cafe" more These riders are about to have their innocence stolen from them. But I don't blame him... After all it was a Vortex... OF PAIN!!! We also had Vortex ERT. I learned some very interesting Australian vulgar phrases by riding next to Paul! Ok, Well, At least to me it looked like this. (I'm not B.A. enough to break the CF legislature) I got tunnel vision almost every time, getting progressively deeper vision each ride. After the fifth time I decided if I rode it again I would have serious brain damage...Not that that would change anything in me already... Seriously though... This part was freaking INTENSE!!! Shhh... Don't tell anyone...but here's a POV picture of this part below: TopDeck Signage. We got some preety awesome ERT first. I thought I was at SFGA... Yeah... Now I know where I am... There was something really overpowering about the entrance... Here's AfterDeck or whatever. Meh. Prefered parking... I find it funny that Six Flags and Cedar Fair, though copying each other, essentialy switched places in the industry.
  15. South Park just directly mentioned Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!
  16. I sent my deposit for IntimidaTOUR yesterday morning!! I really wanted to do Europe, but I realized that there would be a bigger Europe tour in the futrue when I actuly have the money.
  17. Your photos are totaly awesome, as always. I wish I could have hung out with you guys at CGA the first night, but the next day at SFDK totaly made up for it!
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