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  1. Hahah, Great update! I look like I'm coming out of a comma in this picture: That would make sense as I imagine a experiencing comma would be similar to riding “It’s a small world”
  2. WARNING! THIS ACCOUNT IS EXTREEMLY RANDOM!!! This is me and my brother's account. He acts stupid while I film and edit it, although I add a decent ammount to the retartedness with the editing. Actuly, I tell him what to say most of the time, so were both really retared.... Non of our videos have any context, direction or purpose. It is just countiniuos nonsesnce and randomness. Enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/user/ProblemChild223
  3. ^ I literaly laughed out loud at that! "How much tax payer dollars can you waste?"
  4. I just saw Zombieland. I thought it was pretty good, although I felt like such a nerd when I laughed because it went from a clip of Magic Mountain to wild adventures.
  5. That video was freaking hysterical!!!! It was so funny the way the dad jumped and the family was going nuts but the interviewer kept talking like nothing happened. This whole news story is begging to be made into a South Park episode!!!
  6. That was really, really awesome! I'm not going to lie, those photos were terrific!
  7. ^^ That's so awesome, It creates a logic wormhole!
  8. Oh, God!!! Treetop racers was a DEATH TRAP!!!! Nice update, Matt!
  9. ^ is it really the "Scariest movie of all time"?
  10. I thought the chat was awesome, and it was really cool to be able to call in! Oh and I got my first bag of crap! It would be really cool to do that again in the future where we get to ask totaly random and off topic questions!
  11. I remember we were all disappointed on the shot tower after the first launch, then the second shot scared the crap out of everyone because of it's awesome airtime!
  12. I really wish I could go, but I doubt I can get a ride and I have SAT's in the morning. However, I am wondering just out of curiosity, would a "Take the Tunnel" shirt get even more crap since it is appropriate for both Knoebel's woodies?
  13. Confussious sez... He who go to sleep with itchy butthole wake up with stinky finger
  14. Nice update. I find it kind of funny that the two other people reading this topic at the momment were the people I was wandering around the parking lot with. I got so desperate I eneded up walking across the street to Quzino's and buying a drink at a quarter of the price sold anywhere in the park.
  15. Nice Ride. The top hat is preety cool looking, but i'm still sorf of baffled how that actuly works as a shuttle. Whats the MCBR for?
  16. Part two: Santa Cruz Beach Boarwalk That's it for this update! Next up is Califorina's Great America. Coming whenever I feel like it! (altough I wouln't reccomend reading it) One last view of dipper at night. "You are not allowed to skateboard while carrying roller skates" To allot of the trip participants over 21, the park after our beach party looked something like this. This ride had very strict rules. No Smoking food, meaning the cooking of beef jerky or other smoked treats while riding is strictly prohibited! I hated this ride. It smelled like old latex or parts of detroit mixed with grandma perfume. We see you dipper! Whoosh! I didn't even feel bad about this one, after the apple and worm! Kiddy Kredit. (no comment) I love this ride! Stop all the hate! This is one of my favorite pictures from the trip. Alright, now were all leaving Dipper. NOTED!!!! Now that's a big weel!!! main power motor. Motor room! Que the angelic chorus! This, however has nothing to do with soft drinks. These are soft drinks. They have nothing to do with the big dipper other than being next to it's moter room. It was even nerdier when we all waited for the train to catch on and then gasped in amasement as the chain wiggled. NERD SHOT!!! We are currently looking up the skirt of the big dipper. Ahhhhhh Blurry picture!!! Sorry, Video files don't reder into pictures too well. Now it's time for a dipper walk back! Shaws is probably a greek resturaunt on boardwalk or something and this must be where the meat for their gyros come from. This is the machine which brings the brass rings up to the riders. I always thought carosles were spun by magical unicorns. If you've ever wondered what the underside of a carosel looks like, well, here you go. Going down.... After Dinner we got an awesome backstage tour of the Brass ring carosel and the Giant Dipper. Success!!!! Tyler and mayo square complete! This is where we had our first TPR beach party of the trip! Paul and I got a really good laugh out of this. zoom! The station is inclosed. This ride is really photogenic. There was a caveman on the gondola... Logger's revenge. I don't know what I did to the logger that pissed him off so much. The darkride section of the park was under the log flume. Rock-o-Plane was amazing. I was the only one in my group who did it, and I nearly puked because I keapt pulling the bar real hard. This was a nice Boarwalk park. Crowded, but nice.
  17. Update: Gilroy Gardens, circus trees, produce themed rides, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk& Coaster and carousel walk back. Day two started with Gilroy Gardens, which I thought was pretty bizarre, but at the same time pretty awesome too for a park of its size. Robb told everyone that the parks designer, Michal Bonfante, was a complete maniac or something, which I thought was totally awesome as all great theme parks should be designed by maniacs. The main credit we had ERT on and the most memorable part of the ride was on the first drop there was a palm tree that was honestly less than three feet from the train. That was disturbing. They had one other credit, excluding the moral credit dilemma Matt and I debated (which I will discuss the patheticness of later) Other than that, The park was really nice looking and well designed, and the circus tree thingies were disturbing. Michal Bonfante said he talked to them. There were also lots of spinning flats themed to produce and lots of garlic stuff. My non-coaster highlight was the rock maze. That was awesome, well at least to me, because I am easily amused by mazes, playgrounds, IKEA and other random things in no way intended for my age group. That being said, the maze was AWESOME!!!! Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk was nice, I wouldn't say it's better than Blackpool like the golden (biased) tickets claim, but it was still a great boardwalk park. I thought the Giant Dipper was totally awesome, and was amazingly smooth for a ride of its age. Oh yeah, and Matt broke the screen of his phone on our first ride. I was also the only one on the entire trip who loved the Hurricane, because it's fast, curvy and intense, or in other words everything you wouldn't expect from a tiny boardwalk clone. Everyone else trashed it. The park treated us really nice, and we had a great meal and beach party, as well as a photo walk back of the brass ring carousel and the Giant dipper. That was really cool. Other than that, the park had a kiddy credit, lots of random flats and allot of annoying dark rides. I say annoying because I hate dark rides unless their really well done, or not like the kind that smell like weird latex and paste. I got dragged on the haunted house by Matt and Paul. For me, the scariest part was at the end of the ride when the ride opp was screwing with me and told me that the security was going to take me away because I was carrying my camcorder on the ride. I was really glad he ended up joking. Ok, that was better. I think I'm getting better at not wasting my time writing a bunch of stuff. Now I just have to find a way to update more often, and work on my videos. BTW, I have in the works videos for all of the parks so far, I am just really slow and meticulous with video editing. I'll post some as I finish, but I have virtually no free time with applying to college and SATs and boring stuff like that. Meh. Next Up! Santa Cruz! I tired talking to this tree on the way out, but it didn't say anything back. Maybe because I'm only a sycopath when I'm around IKEA or Disney stuff. There's no end to funky trees Look! Annother waterfall! Pink flowers Not only can you walk through the garden and go through it in the monorail, The train even goes through it! Now that's creative! But it was real awesome how it went through the butterfly garden greenhouse. They also had a sketchy monorail thing. It was made of plastic and shook allot. Ok... Maybe it's not THAT great... BUT it's still awesome to me. Parks need more non-opp attractions like this to keep guests occupied. It's like happiness inside a pipe bomb or something!!! This almost arouses me. This is a POV shot. After lunch there was a TPR takeover of the rock maze! We had a box lunch of sandwhiches. The Cookies inside were heavenly. Ooohhh! look a waterfall!!! Matt is filming me, fliming him fliming me filming uhhhh...... While we were on the ride, Matt, Paul and I had an interesting conversation about "Birdwatching". Long Story. The rafts go close to the lake. Dinosaurs in a theme park! Someone call John Hammond!!! Oh wait... I just realized that's a bird. This is the Rainbow Garden. It is NOT a slow raft ride for families. The purpose of the ride is to spin the raft as fast as you can!!! That's part of the mushroom swing. More Produce flats. Now THAT, is what I call unique!!! As whorish as it may be, It's still worlds away from what Matt and I just did. Ok, Now it's time for an ACTUAL credit. Here's Matt in the front. This is my backwards POV of the Apple and Worm. Just thinking about this makes me want to cut myslef or something. Robb's review was "It makes an Awesome Noise" He was right. It went EEERRRREEEEERRREEEEERRRRHHH!!!! Matt and I saw Robb and KT riding the Apple&Worm, which Robb gave us the notion that it could be a credit. So I don't exactly know what was going threw my head, but after Robb and KidTumms got off, me and Matt decided to ride and debate weather it was a credit later. Looking back, I can't belive I even concidered counting that as a credit. Maybe I was too distracted by waterfalls or retarded looking trees. Oh boy... This is the sad and pathetic part of our visit.... Garlic Spin. It was more like "slowly turn inside a twelve ton concreete cage." They had some sort of water play thing that made toad noises. This is a picture of...something. oooooooooooooohhh....Ahhhhhhhhhh And it was surrounded by mountains. There's a big lake in the middle of the park. The water kindof looks like green Jell-O There were also waterfalls in the middle of the park. I took lots of pictures as a stared in awe. They had this one really big waterfall thing at one end of the park. Bird. Birdy Birdy Bird. This was a water playground or something. This park had lots of nice things like this for kids. I loved all the streams and ponds around the park. Critter Bushes... Yeah... I am facinated by waterfalls. I forgot to add that to my list of things which distory my attention span. Dr. Susse wuz hear Time to check out the rest of the park. Shweet. No lines. Praise thee, ERT. XXX is for PORNO!!!! this is not a family theme park!!! Oooooooooh Track. "Everyone Clench and Squish!" Yeah, screw the trees, there's a credit ahead, ZMOG!!!! It's the Roller Coaster Tycoon trees!!! Alright, enough landscaping. Lets head to Mine Train Roller Coaster One. Shrooms. This represents the tension of a fragile society and is stunning work of moder art. I made that up. Kill me. Cube thing. Just warning you now, incase your religion opposes pictures of circus trees or something. When you make a GG PTR, half of the pictures are of the circus trees. It's a rule. Empty parking lot. Yes that's right. No cheesy "cars with cloaking devices" jokes.
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