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  1. No, I wasn't being bitterly sarcastic, they actually called it "Castle Park's World Famous Log Ride"
  2. ^In short, Yes, but it took allot more than just copying a screenshot. I had to remake it in Photoshop and add effects to make it crisper. It was actually part of an art piece I was doing about coaster track for my AP art concentration. It’s not nearly finished yet, but this will give you an idea of how I made it:
  3. Lol, I don't blame you. I wasn't into my card much either, I should have started earlier. Glad to hear everyone likes my logo though.
  4. That sure is some great "World Famous Log Ride"pictures. I'm surprised you didn't get any pictures of me club swinging in mini golf. I can't actually remember how many how many times I whacked my golf ball into a deep void.
  5. ^ It's good to hear that. Yeah, I originaly planned to fix it and make it less coaster related, but I didn't have too much time and I thought the background represented TPR preety well because it was from a west coast 2009 ERT session.
  6. Ok, last minuet entry... sorry. TPR Logo contest.rar Offical Entry
  8. Linkin Park is an anagram for Karp in Kiln, because the band members enjoy cooking fish with pottery equitment. Just thought you should know.
  9. It baffles me that there are people stupid enough to go see Alivin and the Chipmunks the Squeakqule.
  10. I wouldn't recommend drawing from a photo, but from experience I can tell you that Intamins or B&Ms with tube supports usably work out the best for drawings, and when you study them you can easily pick up the track structure quickly making it realistic. If you have to use a photo, find something good composition wise, or combine parts that look interesting. Remember, anyone can draw a virtual loop or a huge drop in the center of a page, but that don’t make it unique. Think outside the box.
  11. I just ate a Hershey Pie and it was heavenly. But now I'm sad because its gone. I'm going to go post that in the Rant topic.
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