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  1. i would like my nuts stir fried before they were fed to me.
  2. ^haha, That's the same thing i did for Diamondback's announcement.
  3. Just by the leaked picture, im willing to bet that this will have a large over-bank/ high speed turnaround like the two other cedar fair gigas have, which to be honest is probably the best way to go on a giga, design wise. With speed stats like 90-100+, it just doesn't make scene to have a big drop and and hop back up into a massive hill if you want to give the impression of insane speed like Millennium and I305 do with their turnarounds. And just personally speaking, the insanely tall drop and speed rush that follows is what sets giga coasters apart from hyper coasters. This is why i tend not to compare Millennium with Steel Dragon 2000 because to me Steel Dragon is basically a giant extended image of the early Arrow and Morgan hyper coaster designs, Whereas Millennium had something strikingly original about it's cable lift, enormous first drop and giant over-bank. With this looking to be B&Ms entry into the giga coaster era , I'm extremely exited to see what will be coming to parks the following 10 years, now that the two biggest players (and competitors) in the coaster manufacturing business are capable of producing reliable solid Giga coasters.
  4. Awesome Pics, that last one, the artsy raptor track, is especially great.
  5. I was using Stumbleupon and RCDB came up. I liked it.
  6. ^ for this brief moment, i actually have more respect for adult swim as an animation source than i do for Disney/Pixar.
  7. I just saw Transformers in IMAX 3D and it was totally awesome. i feel like i just got hit in the head by some rocket-propelled sports vehicle and then fell over and landed on a landmine, that's how bad my headache is. And I love it, its a bitter sweet reminder of those three hours of explosions, totally awesome robo-shiny car hybrid cyborg thingies, Maxim hot chick, Linkin Park and total awesomeness. Anyone who complains about the lack of plot or emotion (which there was this time) needs to have Optimist Prime come and say "Dont be a NEGAtron!!!" and then get blasted off by his lazer cannons to the dark side of the moon where they can complain all they want about how all Michal Bay does is blow stuff up and make movies centered around cool stuff. I mean, seriously. Its 'effing transformers, not some award winning cinematic masterpiece...
  8. During ERT on Intimadatour last year, I was the only person on a whole train on Griffon. It was Zen-like
  9. I'm getting the vibe that Hershey is hinting at some sort of hyper/mega I305 style coaster which will make its way up and back the river which runs down the entrance to the park. Something themed to a constellation similar to Great Bear in the Comet Hollow area, which would make its way up towards chocolate world and back with lots of speed and airtime. I'm only speculating based on the construction so far and a passage in that RIT interview which says " The inversions or lack thereof are....leading many enthusiasts to speculate on the... without having seen the actual blueprints." Seems like "lack of inversions" is a pretty clear pointer to me...
  10. I almost forgot how wonderful it is when every day is a Saturday....
  11. 1) Talon 2) Montu 3) Afterburn 4) Alpineguist 5) Great Bear These are at least the ones which stand out for me, even though Talon is preety straight forward, I just gotta give it props for having great pacing and being the smoothest coaster I've ever been on. All the others just have great layouts or good themeing.
  12. Pendulum is so so good! Their probably my current favorite artist. I can get how their not a prime example of drum and bass anymore, but frankly, what their doing is way more important than exemplifying a certain genre of music. Their truly ground breaking IMO. Pendulum is all through out my top 25 most listened to, along with NIN, Deadmau5 and a whole ton of Gorillaz.
  13. i find the title "I Be The Ciggy You Be The Smoker" to be suggestive...
  14. I didn't realize the world ended... that's a bummer, I give my respects to the world.
  15. It looks to me like this is just another random ridiculous vision for Dubai which i can't see actually being built. I mostly trust this site with anything skyscraper related: http://skyscraperpage.com/ They have amazing illustrations and a great way of displaying facts about skyscrapers, i checked there immediately after reading this and couldn't find anything, even under visions.
  16. I'm at university in Bristol and I love having Banksy's stuff around. I walk past one every day I go to lectures, and you see loads when walking around the city. I think it gives the city personality and something a bit different. The work that he does usually looks better than the dirty walls that it replaces. I would say he has a cause, his work is almost entirely politically liberal and anti-corperation. Dave
  17. I use the drop off zone at SFGAdv all the time, its real easy, theirs a bus and everything. Im not sure how SFNE works with drop offs, but they have lots of trams and a big entry plaza, I can't image they wouldn't have one.
  18. Ive been doing tons of art lately for school but on the side I've been doing street art. Here's a bunch of random stencil things and doodles i made:
  19. Oh god, That part with the clown and the bathtub... (shutter)
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