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  1. I've been meaning to post my artwork here for a while but havent got a moment. I figured i should since allot of it is highly TPR related, because i make lots of art about coasters. For AP Art i had to make a concentration of peices centered around a certain idea or concept, so i chose to create designs based on the best elements of roller coasters and it eventualy turned more into depictions of roller coasters as an expeirence. Their had to be 12 pieces which showed development in relation to the theme, so here are my 12 in order: I think i posted this first one here a while ago, This was a self portrait thingy i did about a year ago. I put it first to show room for improvement. This one is about themeing on coasters, spesificaly Terminator Salvation. Done with Pastels This is about airtime (self-explainitory) Acrylic Inversions. Prismacolor markers Revolution. Computer image I made with video stills i took on WestCoast2009 Wheels&Rails. Acrylic Calculated Chaos. Computer Image Hands in the Air, Mixed Media Trackwork, Computer Image. You'll probably recoginize the one track from the Club TPR logo. Launches, Acrylic Fear, Conte Adrenaline, Computer Image If anyone wants to see some of my non-coaster related artwork, i can post that too.
  2. Of course not! It prevents cancer! Medicinal fried chicken!
  3. Stupid bunny, Stix are intended for children!
  4. ^ The way I see it, the more they make the less ouch there will be. I mean, it at least has to be better than Eejanaika. They'll probably manage to make allot of improvements, and this could turn out to be a step forward for the 4-D coaster. The improvements could make it more practical and we might start to see allot more 4-D coasters after this. This type of coaster is basically a hit or miss for most people, but it has the potential to one day make some truly world-class coaters.
  5. I'm actuly really proud of myself that I've never even heard about most of the people on this page but I do know who J. D. Salinger was. ...To tell you the truth. (I hope somebody got that refrence.)
  6. This has to be taken in context:
  7. Here are some more of my favorites:
  8. I don't either! It's just random and hilarious! I laughed out loud at your modern warfare one. Heres annother I did:
  9. Behold! the latest internet craze has arrived! http://www.comedycentral.com/tosh.0/2010/02/05/snooki-meme/#more-11328 It's fairly simple: Download this: http://30.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kxc90xxEcI1qz71h6o1_400.png Then open the file with Photoshop and do whatever you want with Snooki, the classy reality star from MTV's Jersey Shore! Examples.... This was my first attempt: I really can't explain why this is so funny, but I thought it was perfect for a TPR game! Post your own!
  10. It makes me pee allot.
  11. Yo Dawg, I'mma stick my ponytail in your ponytail an we're like, gonna bond and beat up the sky people and shniz.
  12. Oh, man. That REALLY sucks for that place. It's almost like they dug themselves into a hole that was somehow eight stories tall. I guess the best option would be to sell the ride's machinery to someplace with a broken/ repair needing half pipe. I bet probably a decent chunk of the price for a half pipe comes from the trains, motors and computer equipment. If they can’t get rid of the track and can’t open the ride, they should at least sell everything else.
  13. Nice! I really like this final version, It blended together really nice! I actually thought about that, but I decided I liked the sharp razor look better, because it fit well with the "Club" text and gave a more fun and energetic feel to the whole thing. That being said, I really like the way that end fits with the swoops in jcrouse’s design. They really fit well together. Oh, and I want to give a huge thanks to Robb & Elissa, and everyone who voted for my logo. It makes me feel real great that something I designed will be professionally distributed around the world! Once again, HUGE thanks Robb. This makes me feel great, and I’d be more than happy to make more graphic stuff for TPR in the future.
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