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  1. Ok, so me and my friends are trying to go to Disney World for Senior Week, and we're having to decide which is more important, good accommodations or space. Through a conversation, my friend made me remind myself that my guitar teacher is a DVC member. From what I know, it is possible for someone outside the loop to rent the points from a member. I was wondering if it would be kosher to rent points from him and use them towards a week at the Bay Lake Tower? Just have a few questions about the whole thing. We're allowed to use the points where ever even if it's not his "home" resort, right? My friend said we could do a half-point, half-pay thing, but can't we just rent the points that we need and have it all covered? And does timing necessarily matter? Thanks in advance for any help!
  2. I totally miss Disney World. Only... 259 days until graduation and then Disney for Senior week!
  3. The damn fat that just doesn't wanna go. I'd like to get my eyes LASIK'd. And I'm supposed to have a surgery to bring my jaw back an inch and a half because my orthodontist decided to go against medical ethics and screwed my teeth up.
  4. My lucid dreams are infested with haunted boardwalks and amusement fairs. I'm not joking either. My favorite dream, however, it involves a zombie apocalypse and my parents. TL;WW, basically it showed me that I truly do love my parents. Another one of my favorites involves the members of my favoritest band who helped me in a time of need, pushing me past all of the bad habits of my life and allowing me to move on. I think the first one was triggered because I'd been reading World War Z.
  5. So yesterday my friend and I went down to the Gallery after the Red Bull Flugtag. If there is one group of people I can't stand more, it's Spatially Unaware people. I understand that you NEED to get in front of me because the Big K is gonna blow up if you don't shop there but you don't have to push me out of the way when there's NO ONE around me.
  6. That's the flawed logic I received in Freshman year Technology Applications. Then again those computers were running Windows 2000 with IE4... with little effort, I probably could setup a server, and download a virus to the network, and infect the main servers to the point where I would have completely control of it. In theory, I could edit the entire school's information. However, I have no desire to do such a thing, however it would be a fun project.
  7. Anyone else think it's odd at like FYE or Best Buy and you find a band like Cannibal Corpse in the same row as Britney Spears?
  8. Arcade Fire's Google Experiment The indie rock band Arcade Fire joined with Google to participate in one of their "Chrome Experiments" that show cases the use of HTML5. They took their song "We Used to Wait" from their latest album "The Suburbs" and had filmmaker Chris Milk create a sort of "interactive music video". You type your address into the search bar and it obtains pictures, aerial and street level, from Google, and creates a 5-6 window "music video". Yea the pictures aren't the best and if you don't like Arcade Fire you'll want to look for a different soundtrack, but it's a pretty cool way to display the capabilities of HTML5.
  9. Modern Family deserved the win for best comedy. Just sayin'.
  10. My only complaints with Windows 7 is that it causes my laptop to heat up a bit more and it can end up going over 100 degrees celsius. I've found it to be a little bit more user-friendly that XP.
  11. I have this huge fear that one day I won't fit into El Toro's seats. What's the scientific term? Eltoric Fatophobia?
  12. Either Nursing (mostly pediatric) or Mechanical Engineering.
  13. I believe the point of teaching math outside of engineering and science is to build up advance problem solving abilities.
  14. Ok before I get started this isn't a "2012 Conspiracy thread" this was originally a question I'd thought of when me and my friend were discussing the movie "2012" and we asked a few people at work. I think it'd be an interesting discussion topic. However I don't want this to be a discussion of beliefs or morals, just a "What would you do if". So it's almost September 2010, scientists find that the core of the Universe/World will blow up exactly on December 21, 2012. There's no question about it, there's no avoiding it, there's no stopping it, it's going to happen. You have about 2 years and 3 months to do whatever you want, so what would you do? My personal answer is I'd like to do the Tour de France. Not win it, just to finish. I'd just like to do something I never I could DO. EDIT: Let's just say the world is going to end and you and the people close to you are the only ones reacting. While everyone else is chill.
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