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Coasters you have been on that are gone now

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Texas Tornado - Frontierland UK

Cyclone - Pleasureland UK

Scenic Railway - Margate UK

King Solomons Mines - Pleasureland UK

Runaway Coaster - Rotunda UK

Hercules - Dorney

Big Dipper - Geauga

Raging Wolf Bobs - Geauga

Zingo - Bells

Hurricane - Circus World

Texas Cyclone - Astroworld



Errr... a lot

S'pose most notable for me Orient Express - Worlds of Fun

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Batman: The Ride (Relocated to SFFT as Goliath)

MegaZeph - SBNO

The Jester - SBNO

Zydeco Scream - SBNO

Muskrat Scrambler - SBNO

The Vekoma Rollerskater - SBNO


From other places...

Minor Mike at a Celebration Station that shut down.

Old Space Mountain at WDW

Big Bad Wolf

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Laser at Dorney-I know it's still operating but i count it as a closed ride lol

Nightmare at The Great Escape- Last I heard it is taken apart but still sitting in it's building.


As far as just rides.


A bunch of flats from SFNE and the Rapids ride from Hersheypark

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This doesn't count rides that have been relocated or are in storage.


Space Mountain - Disneyland

High Speed Thrill Coaster - Knoebels

Wacky Soap Box Racers - Knott's Berry Farm

Windjammer - Knott's Better Farm

XLR-8 - Six Flags AstroWorld

Texas Cyclone - Six Flags AstroWorld

Flashback - Six flags Magic Mountain

Psyclone - Six Flags Magic Mountain

Bobsled - Santa's Village (Skyforest,CA)

High Roller - Stratosphere Tower

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Windstorm, Fun Forest

Rainbow Chaser, Fun Forest

Invertigo, California's Great America


Windstorm went to the State Fair of Texas (not sure if it travels). It even got a makeover!

Rainbow Chaser is for sale for the very low price of $18,000, so snatch it up! (Fun Forest closed after 1/2/11.)

Invertigo is headed to Dorney.

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Big Bad Wolf- BGW

Batman and Robin: Chiller, Batman and Robin- SFGadv

Thunder express (I don't remember going on it, but my mom said I did.)- Dollywood

Python- BGT

High Roller Coaster- Stratosphere

Dragon Wagon- Old Town

Great American Scream Machine- SFGadv


The only ones I somewhat miss are Big Bad Wolf and Python, but both were and will be replaced wisely.

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Big Bad Wolf-Gone

Wild Maus-Relocated

Psyclone(I dont know hoe to spell it, lol) SFMM

Windjammer-Knotts Berry Farm

Ghostrider...the rides still there, but its not the same ride

I guess technically Disneyland's original Space Mountain as well, since none of the track is from the original, but the layout is the same.

Also I have been told I went to Santa's Village, and I do vaguely remember the place, but I don't know if I rode the coaster or not, but my mom says probably, so I guess that goes hear as well.

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